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Best Keto Snacks on Amazon

If you are anything like me, Mr. We Tried It, you eat the Keto Diet (Reddit has a good primer on the Keto Diet). However, snacks on Keto always come hard. What do you want if you want to eat something crunchy AND keto? Or what about savory AND Keto? Or the ultimate keto stumbling block: sweets. We take a look at the best keto snacks on Amazon. You can satisfy your cravings – and get them on the very next day with Amazon Prime.

Best Sweet Keto Snacks On Amazon

Let’s start with the hardest: the top sweet Keto snacks you can find on Amazon.

Best Keto Snacks on Amazon Smartsweet-Sweedish-Fish--Perfect-Sweet-Keto
The perfect sweet keto snack – available on Amazon.

Almost everyone on Keto struggles at first with sweets. How do you find Keto snacks that satisfy the sweet tooth AND keep you in ketosis AND don’t make you run to the bathroom? Let’s dive into the #1 sweet Keto snack on Amazon.

Keto-friendly sweets: watch out for sugar alcohols

One quick note: be wary of items with sugar alcohols. You don’t have to look any further than these hilarious reviews of these sugar-free gummy bears. Common sugar alcohols are xylitol, maltitol, maltitol syrup, lactitol, erythritol, and isomalt. Be careful of anything with a lot of sugar alcohols, anything more than a couple of grams is a lot. They can make it not fun in the bathroom – and spend a lot of time in there.

Here’s one quick review from about Sugar-free gummy bears:

“I ate half of a 6 oz bag I picked up at CVS. They changed the color of the bag – I didn’t know. I spent 24 hours in the fetal position on my bathroom floor repeating “please God, why?” I still don’t have an answer.”

Best Keto Snacks on Amazon source
Don’t be like Scooby-Doo.

15 Haribo Sugar-Free Gummy bears have about 30 grams of sugar alcohols. To put that into perspective, anything with more than 5 Grams of Sugar alcohols, make my stomach gurgle.

Don’t worry, despite the name Sugar Alcohol, it won’t make you drunk. Sugar Alcohols actually occur naturally in some fruit and vegetables. However, the Sugar Alcohols in most snacks are derived from other processed sugars.

Best Keto-Friendly Gummy Snacks

The very greatest sweet Keto-friendly snacks I’ve found on Amazon are SmartSweets. They are available in classic Gummy Bears, Sour Gummies, Red Fish, Peach O’s and are continually adding more flavors and varieties. They test very similarly to the real thing. The best news? These sweet Keto treats don’t have any sugar alcohols.

Best Keto Snacks on Amazon Smartsweets-Fruity-Gummy-Bears-Nutrition-Facts-
Look at this – only 5 net carbs!

Watch our update on the new SmartSweet 3.0 formula to see if it is still Keto Friendly.

You can see from the SmartSweet Nutritional information, there are only 5 net carbs. Most of that comes from the “Prebiotic Soluble Fiber from Tapioca.” The other flavors have very similar nutrition facts.

Best Keto Snacks on Amazon smartsweet-rings
Amazing, keto-friendly Peach Rings available on Amazon!

The only bad news? They are a bit expensive. However, if you sign up for subscribe and save, you can save 15%.

Runners up for top sweet keto snack available on Amazon

One other favorite of mine in the sweet snacks category is from a familiar brand: SlimFast. Yes, that Slimfast! They now have a keto line of products.

I’ve tried their Keto Fat Bombs and really like them.

Best Keto Snacks on Amazon Slimfast-Keto-Fat-Bombs--Snack-for-keto
Slim Fast Keto Fat Bomb: Another great keto snack.

They do have a little bit of Erythritol, which is a Sugar Alcohol, but nothing to be super scared about. Just limit these bad guys to 1-2 at a time.

Best Keto Snacks on Amazon Keto-Slim-Fast-Nutrition-Facts--Low-net
Keto Slim Fast Bombs

You can make your own fat bombs at home. These Fat Bombs are great if you have the time, but on the road and go, these things are perfect. I really like the little bit of MCT Oil in the Slimfast Fat bombs.

You can also make your own sugar-free gummy bears. I tried this recipe once and it was good – but took way too much time to make.

Crunchy Keto Snacks on Amazon

I love something crunchy on Keto. They are a couple of staples that I always tend to have. One is Moon Cheese, these easy to eat snacks are simply dried-out cheese.

I love Moon Cheese because it is almost 100% Cheese. There is only 1 total carb in each serving. Be warned, a serving is only 6-7 pieces! But it doesn’t take much of this salty, crunchy snack to satisfy your crunchy needs.

Best Keto Snacks on Amazon Moon-Cheese-Nutritional-Facts-Only-1-total-carb
Moon Cheese: Only 1 carb – perfect for Keto!

The other is Catalina Crunch. Catalina Crunch (full review coming soon) is a eco-friendly cereal. It is REALLY crunchy and can satisfy that need for something crunchy perfectly.

Even better? I make Catalina Crunch with a little bit of Splenda and heavy cream. You get the crunch and some fat. On top of all of that, it’s simply delicious.

They don’t offer all of their flavors on Amazon, but this is a good substitute.

Best Keto Snacks on Amazon Keto-Cereal-A-good
Keto Cereal: A good alternative to Catalina Crunch

Another great Crunchy Keto Snack is the Quest Chips. The same Quest company that makes the now-famous Quest Protein Bars also makes an amazing Protein Chip. You get the crunch from a Chip – without all of the carbs. The protein chips are great!

Best Keto Snacks on Amazon Quest-Keto-friendly-chips--low-in-carbs-high-in
Quest Protein Chips: Another great keto snack that”s available on Amazon.

These Quest “Protein” Chips come in a variety of flavors. My two favorite are the BBQ and Ranch. The BBQ Chips are more for a “Lays” style – very thin. The Ranch Chips are more of a Dorito style – much thicker. They both are good and it just depends upon what you are looking for.

Pro tip: you can make Nachos with Quest Protein Chips. I like to use the Ranch Chips (another one of the Dorito-style chips) and cheese. I then use my Tovala Oven (read our full Tovala Review here)

Runner up for top crunchy keto snack on amazon

Another really great crunchy keto snack are these amazing Keto Farms Trail Mix.

Best Keto Snacks on Amazon Amazing-Keto-Trail-Mix-Low-in-net-carbs-and-high
Keto Farms Keto Trail Mix: The perfect keto crunchy snack.

The Keto Farms Trail Mix is awesome! If you want something spicier, try the Spicy Jalapeno Mix. Warning: it is VERY Spicy!

The Sweet Strawberry Keto Farms Trail Mix is also good if you want something a little sweet. If you don’t know what you want – try the variety pack.

Best Keto Protein Bars on Amazon

Best Keto Snacks on Amazon Quest--Keto-Friendly-Protein-Bars--Only-4-net
Quest is one of the most popular keto-friendly protein bars available. And for good reason: at only 4 net carbs, they are perfect as a snack for keto dieters.

This is a tough one. You have tons of choices! One of the most popular is Quest Protein Bars. They come in a variety of flavors, from the most popular (Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough) to more obscure flavors like Pumpkin Pie.

Another favorite is FitCrunch Protein Bars. These protein and fairly keto friendly bars (around 9 Net Carbs – but 380 Calories) are from celebrity chef Robert Irvine. Yes, Robert Irvine from Restaurant: Impossible.

I could spend a full review on the top Keto Protein Bars (and I probably will). Between Quest and FitCrunch – 95% of people will be happy!

Best Keto Snacks: The Verdict

Amazon has a ton of great keto snacks. Ranging from SmartSweets to Keto Cereal, Amazon has a ton of great snacks for anyone on the Keto Diet. Is there anything else that is missing?

You might also have heard of exogenous ketones. Pruvit is a popular brand, but super expensive. Check out our recommendations on cheaper alternatives to Pruvit.


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