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I could have written you a simple Righteous Felon Biltong Review, but instead, I decided to write you a love letter. I hope that’s ok for some of the best jerky I’ve tasted in a while.

Our new favorite
Keto Biltong - Righteous Felon Craft Jerky

Seriously... where has this jerky, I mean, Biltong been my whole life? While technically it's Biltong, it's an awesome take on jerky. Seriously, check it out! Save 10% with promo code WETRIEDIT10.

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Dear Righteous Felon Biltong Jerky,

I love you. I love your all-natural, bold flavors. I love your minimalist ingredients. I love your high-powered protein. I love your razor-thin prosciutto-like texture. You are everything I’ve ever wanted in a snack food and more.

Let’s talk about the Flavors, first.

Flavors, flavors everywhere. Their delicious flavors run the spectrum from the familia to the exotic, like Darth Garlic. And each flavor is more Righteous than the last.

The only downside, it makes it more difficult to decide on your favorite.

Darth Garlic Flavor: YES!

Black Garlic Biltong? Yes, please! Great Flavor incoming!

First, you: Darth Garlic. Why do I love you? I love you because you are the first graduate of Righteous Felon’s Research & Development Program.

I love you because the heavy dose of black garlic gives this amazingly tender meat snack a strong umami flavor.

We all want to slim down without sacrificing our favorite flavors. That’s why we love the way these biltong snacks pack a punch with 32g of protein and still have 0 grams of sugar or carbs per bag!

Nelson Mandilla Flavor – get it, Dilla?

Second, there’s: Nelson Mandilla. Why do I love you? First of all, the name is amazing. But then there’s the taste.

It tastes like a pickle, but better. A truly unique union of South African and American culinary cultures. Nelson Mandilla takes the tried and true method of South African biltong making and infuses it with a blend of dill, black garlic, red wine vinegar, and peppercorn that will change your perspective on life – or at least pickles.

Ancho Villa – A flavor on a whole ‘notha level

And last but not least, there’s: Ancho Villa. Ancho Villa, what can I say about you? This isn’t your momma’s Biltong here.

You take the Righteous Felon’s staple Darth Garlic recipe as your base and supercharge it with a spicy blend ancho, chipotle, cayenne, and habanero peppers. The result is a mouth-watering, flavor-packed experience that will leave you wanting more.

Another reason I love you: You are Keto Friendly

Eating Keto can be hard, especially when it comes to jerky. Many other jerky brands are full of sugar. But not you, Righteous Felon Biltong. You don’t have any sugar and less than 1 carb per bag.

Seriously, why can’t more meat snacks be like you? I love that I can feel good about eating you because you’re all-natural, locally sourced, and healthy. Thank you for being everything I’ve ever wanted in a meat snack and more.

I’ve even tested your Keto-ness with my Keyto Device (check out our Keyto Review for more information). And – BOO-YAH: still in Keto after eating your wonderful dried meat.

So there it is, Righteous Felon Biltong. A love letter from me to you. I hope you know how much I appreciate you and everything you do for me. Thank you for being the best biltong around.


So there you have it. Righteous Felon Biltong Jerky, I love you.

Wait a second here… if you are just coming to this page, do you even know what biltong is?

What is biltong?

Biltong is a type of dried, cured meat that comes from South Africa. It is a bit like beef jerky, but it is made differently. Biltong is made by slicing the meat thinly and then curing it with vinegar and spices. The meat is then air-dried, which gives it a unique flavor and texture.

There are many different types of biltong, but the most common type is made with beef.

How is Righteous Felon Different?

Righteous Felon Biltong Jerky uses only the finest cuts of beef and their beef is simply awesome. It’s super thin and retains moisture in addition to the delicious flavor.

This makes their thin slices of biltong knock the lights out of other brands and jerky.

I even reached out to them to ask what made them different.

Straight from the Felon’s Mouth

In their marketing, they say that the texture of their Biltong is like prosciutto. I couldn’t believe it. But it’s actually super moist.

Regular beef jerky (and frankly, most biltong that I’ve tried before) had a texture more like leather. Righteous Felon’s Biltong is much more like prosciutto. It almost melts in your mouth when you eat it.

Righteous Felon says they use higher quality, domestic meat unlike a lot of other biltong brands. That’s pretty sweet.

Who is Righteous Felon?

When Righteous Felon’s founder received a food dehydrator for his 12th birthday, he had no idea that this simple gift would spark a revolution in the world of underground snacking.

He quickly recruited some friends from school to help him run his fledgling snack business, and they began selling bags of jerky to their classmates, pocketing the profits and using it to fund their operations.

Unfortunately, their illegal snack sales eventually attracted the attention of school authorities, who promptly shut them down and sentenced them to a number of days’ detention and hard labor. But despite this setback, Righteous Felon’s passion for drying meat never died.

Today, Righteous Felon’s jerky is still made in small batches with only the finest ingredients, offering customers fantastic taste and quality at an unbeatable price. So if you’re looking for something delicious and satisfying, look no further than Righteous Felon’s jerky! You won’t be disappointed.

What else do they offer?

Besides their amazing Biltong, they also offer some great jerky (some also of their jerky does have some sugar in it – just an FYI) and some great meat sticks.

I really like meat sticks, but they can be so hit or miss. Fortunately, their meat sticks are a giant hit!

And honestly, I’ve tried these products myself – but let me tell you something: food photography is really hard. I tried taking my own pictures of these biltong packs and meat snacks, but they looked terrible. So, hug your local food photographer and give them a high five.

Righteous Felon Biltong and Jerky Review: The Final Verdict

So there you have it. Righteous Felon Biltong Jerky is my new favorite snack food, and I think you’ll love it too.

Get you some, today!
Keto Biltong - Righteous Felon Craft Jerky

Seriously... where has this jerky, I mean, Biltong been my whole life? While technically it's Biltong, it's an awesome take on jerky. Seriously, check it out! Save 10% with promo code WETRIEDIT10.

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We might earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Check them out at RighteousFelon.com and use the coupon code “WeTriedIt10” to get 10% off your order. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

I hope this Righteous Felon Biltong Review has helped you see how much I love you. I really do. You’re the best biltong I’ve ever had and I’ll never snack on anything else again. Thank you for being in my life, Righteous Felon. I can safely say that the righteous felon jerky cartel is the closest I’ll come to a felony and you should commit your first felony today.

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