Cheaper Pruvit Alternative – 3 Cheaper, Better Ketone Drink Options

Looking for a cheaper pruvit ketone source? Read on for the full story about how to find a cheaper alternative to pruvit ketones and some ketones comparable (AKA NAT Ketone Dupes) Don’t want to read anymore? Here are the cheaper pruvit ketones we recommend.

The best Cheaper Pruvit Alternative
Perfect Keto Exogenous Ketones

Our biggest gripe about Pruvit isn’t that it’s a multi-level marketing company, is that the ingredient list is proprietary (you know what you’re getting – but not the exact amounts), Know exactly what you are getting with Perfect Keto (and pay a lot less.)

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A Cheaper Alternative to Pruvit Keto OS? Check out this keto drink mix!

You’ve probably heard about being on the “Keto” Diet. It’s all the rage these days. What is the Keto Diet? Long story short, it’s an ultra-low carbohydrate diet that forces your body to produce ketones to use fat as fuel. Reddit has a great primer on keto.

Because the keto diet is so popular, you may even have friends that are trying to sell Pruvit (aka “Keto OS”) through their social media. That’s because it’s a multi-level marketing play (think Mary Kay, Beach Body, etc.). However, their products are SUPER expensive, the KETO//OS NAT clocks in at $130 for 20 servings ($6.50 a serving for you non-math majors here) Yikes! You are probably wondering: is there a cheaper alternative to Pruvit KETO OS or just a cheaper alternative in general?

Ketones: More than just eating steak.

What is Pruvit KETO OS?

First, you should know what Pruvit KETO OS is: it’s (mostly) an exogenous ketone combined with other ingredients (most notably, caffeine). Keto OS is mostly a ketone salt.

What is a Ketone Salt?
beta-hydroxybutyrate (AKA BHB) — is one of the three ketone bodies (energy molecules) your body produces when it’s running on fat instead of carbs. There are two ways to make your body run off ketones: by going on the Keto Diet (eating a very low amount of carbs) or by taking exogenous ketones (like BHB).

A different kind of Salt: Ketone Salts.

The reason why BHB is so popular in keto supplements is that BHB is one of the three main ketones your body produces from fatty acids. BHB is by far the most prevalent of the three ketones, making up to 78% of total ketones in the blood.

Let’s look at exactly what is in one of Pruvit KETO OS’s most popular products: KETO//OS® NAT™ – what a mouthful:

Facts for the NAT drink mix, AKA a keto drink mix.

N8 Max NAT Blend – 12.6 g
This should be your first red flag: a proprietary blend. I’m very cautious whenever I see this simply because you have no idea what you are actually getting. This blend lists: Keto NAT (r-beta hydroxybutyrate), L-Taurine, Fermented L-Leucine and C-Med 100 (Inner Bark of Uncaria Tomentosa)

There are also some other vitamins (B6, B12, Calcium and Sodium). Additionally, there are also some vegetable colors and caffeine (if you picked the “charged” variety).

Here’s the biggest concern: you have no idea how much of the ingredients in the proprietary blend you are getting. Are you getting 10 grams of r-beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB)? Or 1 gram? The difference is huge. As you’ll see in the alternative below, they list out there is 11.4 g of BHB in their product. How much of the 12.6 g listed in Pruvit’s NAT Blend is BHB? You simply don’t know.

To make things even more complicated, they now have “pruvit mexican ketones” – which are the same thing, just without sodium.

pruvit mexican ketones

My opinion only: I think it’s shady when companies don’t provide the true amount of the substance in the nutritional information. To me, it seems like they are hiding something! I’m not accusing anyone of this, but that’s just what it means to me.

Nat lite ketones vs Nat ketones – what is comparable?

nat lite ketones vs nat ketones – lite ketones don’t have caffeine in them.

If you’re trying to compare nat lite vs nat – the regular NAT version has caffeine. We don’t recommend getting something with caffeine in it, as you can always supplement with that separately. Our pick for the best NAT Lite alternative is the same: Perfect Keto Ketones.

Team Keto Fuel vs Pruvit

A new contender has entered the great ketones supplement battle: Team Keto Fuel. Team Keto Fuel is similar to Pruvit, but is not part of a multi-level marketing program.

You can get Team Keto Fuel (when in stock) for about $59 for 20 servings. Not a terrible value, but cheaper ketone options are below.

What is KETO Nat?

One thing Pruvit does that is brilliant is marketing. They brand everything! They have labeled their BHB has NAT. What does NAT stand for?

Nutritionally Advanced Technology™
Utilizing our N8 MAX NAT™ BLEND featuring C-Med 100®, KETO//OS® NAT™ supports healthy cell function, rapidly repairs DNA, boosts immune function, and elevates essential amino acids necessary for optimizing body composition.

Pruvit says that it is a First of its kind all-natural pure therapeutic ketones with an All-natural fermentation process. It also claims better bioavailability/Quicker Ketosis.

Here’s the tricky part about Pruvit (and many supplements, for that matter), this disclaimer on every page: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

Also, this little disclaimer was interesting, too: Under no circumstance is the information contained within such third-party research to be used or considered as a direct or indirect study of any Prüvit product.

So, in other words, none of this has been validated by the FDA or a third party. Even if everything is 100% true, there’s no validated proof.

What about NAT lite?

Keto nat lite is simply the caffeine-free version of the regular ketone drink mix.

While they do offer some unique formulations that might be better, it’s tough for me to justify the price. So, where do you find a cheaper alternative to Pruvit Keto OS?

Cheaper Pruvit Alternatives

Just like Tylenol is a brand-name for acetaminophen, you can find a cheaper alternative to Pruvit.

Can you save money using a “generic” cheaper alternative to Pruvit Keto OS and still have fat loss?

The best, cheaper alternatives to Pruvit Keto OS – the best ketones drink

The best Cheaper Pruvit Alternative
Perfect Keto Exogenous Ketones

Our biggest gripe about Pruvit isn’t that it’s a multi-level marketing company, is that the ingredient list is proprietary (you know what you’re getting – but not the exact amounts), Know exactly what you are getting with Perfect Keto (and pay a lot less.)

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There are many cheaper alternatives to Pruvit Keto OS. Many can even be found on Amazon – which is awesome! Two-day shipping and no auto-ship that is a pain to get out of.

One of the Best alternatives to Pruvit, and our best ketones drink is called Perfect Keto. It comes in a wide variety of flavors (from Chocolate to Peach to Coffee), but here’s what I love most about Perfect Keto (and read our full Perfect Keto Review and get our exclusive Perfect Keto Promo Code):

Cheaper Pruvit Alternative - Chocolate
Why this is a better, cheaper alternative to Pruvit: no proprietary blends!!!! A great way to lose weight while drinking chocolate and burn fat.

The Perfect Keto shows you exactly how much beta-hydroxybutyrate is in each serving! It also is about half the price of Pruvit. It’s a great alternative to Keto OS. Each serving is about $3.13. Perfect Keto also has great flavors like Strawberry Lemonade, too.

Pruvit Cheaper Alternative: Perfect Keto

The Cheapest Pruvit Alternative

The cheapest alternative to Keto OS is this simple BHB Power from Bulk Supplements.

Cheapest Pruvit Alternative: Bulk Supplements BHB – but we don’t recommend it! But could be perfect if you want to save money and experience weight loss.

I’ll warn you: keto salts by themselves taste TERRIBLE. I wouldn’t recommend getting this unless you want the cheapest version possible. This is also, technically, a different keto salt called HMB (Beta-Hydroxy Beta-Methylbutyrate).

For some reason, many of the keto salts are only available as drinks or drink mixes, however, if you look on Amazon, you’ll see some Keto Salts with BHB as pills, too.

Cheaper Pruvit Alternative in Ketone Pill Form

I recently tried these Ketone Pills and also really enjoyed them! At $16.19 for 30 servings, they make these to be about 54 cents, yes, cents, per serving. A much better deal than Pruvit!

Be sure to look at the Best Keto Products on Amazon and our Genius Gourmet Review, too!

Have questions about alternatives to Pruvit Keto OS? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Thankyou for your honesty. I live in Australia and got immersed in this keto OS Nat. Way way too expensive and basically its pyramid selling. I should of known better as I once was involved in herbal life. To be honest I think Pruvit is all about making money and their very good at doing it. So thankyou for your alternative as being on a low income makes it alot easier.

    Cheers Sharee

    1. This is incorrect and you shouldn’t spread lies. if you do it right the supplements are free. and that is better than any company. if you fail at a job you dont bad month the boss. right?

      1. dont see where you see they are free, theres nothing for free, the cost of NAT is outragious. show me where there free ?

      2. Your comment has just solidified my view that Pruvit is an MLM. The only way someone can get a product for free is if other people are paying too much for it.

  2. If you guys aren’t sure how this site works, it’s an affiliate marketer site. He puts products on his page that pay the most commission. That makes it really hard to believe any real results or reviews.

    1. Author

      You are exactly right, we do make a small commission. But we only recommend items we love. We told to post positive reviews because we’d rather talk about the things we love vs the things we hate. Occasionally we get a product that we don’t like and we write about it : even if that means we miss out on a commission.

  3. Ketones work and I can Pruvit. Its the only thing that worked for me. I have been drinking this for 2.6 years and I can tell you I could not achieve the energy and focus I have with diet and exercise alone (Olympic lifting and wake surfing) and my productivity is much higher and I dont pay to drink it. the science is there as fasting is very healthy and a low carb diet with it leverages your health as the BC cancer foundation said a low carb diet reduces your chances of cancer by 90% and CBC news posted that drinking ketone is neuroprotective.

  4. We only see in ourselves what we see in others. Clearly you must be shady to think that that company is shady that’s been around for five years personally I’ve been drinking for 2 1/2 years and I’ve had amazing results and I couldn’t achieve the same energy and focus with diet and exercise alone and it’s based on science if you actually looked at the science say for instance from the BC Cancer foundation or the CBC news or southern Florida they say it’s a Nuroprotective anti-cancer all that kind of stuff so this is a bullshit

    1. Author

      I don’t think that Pruvit is shady at all. I just don’t care for any company that does proprietary formulas.

      1. No I think your shady to interpret it that way. Why the heck would someone want to give away their recipe. That’s not shady that’s smart. But your leading people to believe that since they can’t think for themselves.

        1. Author

          That’s the great thing about a free market. You can chose what you want and what you don’t. I just prefer to know exactly what I’m getting in supplements. It’s true with Ketones and true with every other supplement I take. But if that’s not important to you, no worries at all.

  5. Are you see your filtering what people are saying on here so even if somebody had something positive to say you wouldn’t except the comment

  6. Thank you for the review. I found it quite informative. I did not get the impression that Pruvit was shady. You simply noted other options available that are less expensive. Again, thank you.\


    1. Author

      Thanks! I think some of the other comments are people selling it, which I don’t have a problem with – but seemed to anger them for some reason…

  7. I also just found out about this company through a friend who has been grilling me to try it and keeps on telling me I can get it for free but yet they never tell you HAL and this is why I am not really interested in MLM. I asked her to explain to me how on earth do I get something that is so expensive for free and she said you just have to have two people signed up so it is such a pyramid scheme that is complete BS however my friendship mean 12 samples and is constantly telling me to buy the promoters package and I’m like no like I don’t fall for crap I try something if I like it I buy it I have tried half of a package and I can feel the caffeine but we’ll see if it’s really worth it in Canada cost $12 a package

  8. Interesting read. I am currently using the Pruvit products but I am not a sales person and I am not going to recruit anyone to save money. I am up to different options as I can not afford the price.

    1. Unfortunately there are no other options as Prüvit has 9 patents on the product. By getting to people you actually get it for free they are costly to produce this quality and anything else out there taste terrible. Just share it with some people that really want it and you’ll have yours for free it’s genius I’m not sure there’s ever other company that has done this and if it was a business than all your stuff to write off it’s so

    2. Agree with you Ricki, I have used Purvit now for 1+ year. It has helped me with joint pain, night sweats and have lost 12 lbs. Very, very expensive!! I did not recruit anyone either. The only other perk for me was the 1 free mystery product on the 4th month, of after 3 months of smart-ship.
      I actually just cancelled my smart-ship membership as I look for the ingredients in other pocketbook friendly products.
      I have not tried other products as I’m new to supplemental use. Hopefully I can find a great product not related to MLM products.

    3. I have been using Pruvit products for a couple of years, and really do feel like they have improved my health. However, I really don’t like the company, or their corporate philosophy. Have you found a good alternative?

  9. I really liked the Pruvit products a lot and we’re very effective. Though they are way out of my budget at the moment so I’m looking for cheaper alternatives. Thank you for this page.

  10. I think we can all agree that “Dorothy”, “Rick” and “Sarah” are all the same person. Does Pruvit actually hire trolls to post defensive comments about Pruvit?? I have tried both and for the money, I’d choose Perfect Keto every time. It tastes better than Pruvit and does a decent job. I would say that Pruvit is slightly more effective, but not a big enough difference to make the cost difference worth it, and Perfect Keto tastes better.

  11. I appreciate the article, as it gives suggestive alternatives that I will consider. I like the Pruvit products, as they have honestly worked for me, but they are frankly too pricey. Twenty servings for $130 is ridiculous (plus shipping), and I hope that in the near future, someone is able to invent a cheaper replica. I did not take what I read as a cut to Pruvit; but then again, I understand that they may want to keep their information proprietary. Therefore buyers have a choice to purchase or not, based on their own review–right? All the same, I am going to try some of the alternatives, and hope that they will work for me; taste will be a deciding factor since the cost is less. Thank you for the information.

  12. Thank you so much for the insightful reviews and suggested alternatives. I have also tried Pruvit ketones, liked them a lot and cannot justify their high price. I’m certainly not interested in getting others to spend the same amount I did to try them neither.
    I also totally agree with you on the shadiness of not showing whats exactly in the blend. It’s not about giving up ingredients “secrets”, it’s about being open and honest with consumers with what’s being offered and potentially putting into their body’s. It’s what put me off trying them for a long time, but got my arm twisted to eventually.
    I shall be trying other alternatives. Thank you again and keep up the great work.

  13. I appreciate the article and other options. I tried Pruvit–but didn’t see any results. I’m looking for other less expensive alternatives.

    1. I was on Pruvit for a couple of years. Absolutely hate the taste. All the NAT flavors taste the same. Makes me gag, but it works. Expensive tho.

      Would love to find a more palatable drink that works as well as Pruvit, at a lower cost.

  14. Upon research Pruvit and MCM Nutrition operate out of the same exact address in Melissa, TX. Identical products and vastly different prices. Any additional info on this bombshell news?

  15. Thank you for this article. I asked about a price to get started and was quoted $484 for the first month. My car payment isn’t even that much! I appreciate you helping us find other alternative products that work just as well!

  16. Appreciate your reviews. I tried Pruvit as much from hype as wanting a change for myself. I liked the immediate results, mostly less cravings and more energy (could be caffeine as well). Either way I now have something to compare myself for results and since I spent a lot of money had a high expectation. The product delivered. However, long term and with rates of exchange, it might not be economically viable and for someone to do the research for me as to what compares is really useful. In the end, it’s my choice. I know what I will try next, I will also continue to use pruvit a few times a year. Thanks.

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  21. Thanks for helping us find cheaper products that also result in having amazing results. I have been taking the pills you suggested and they work great and are affordable!
    PS I didn’t feel like you were bashing Pruvit at all. No one can deny the price is high and most of us found your review by looking for alternatives.

  22. Thank you for your view on Keto vs NAT Pruvit. I have tried NAT. I was looking for reviews and alternatives. What I see is alot of reviews and pointing fingers. The funny part is you gave a review and Pruvit customer or salespeople pointed fingers. Honesty and opinions can bring out the worst in people. Giving products a bad name. I will be trying the alternatives. Not just because of the price. Also a huge reason is the demeanor I have found from pointing fingers by their affiliates and or customers. Thanks again!!!

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