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Have you heard of Freebird? We recently saw a promo for Freebird on Instagram and thought we’d try it out. Freebird connects to your Uber and Lyft accounts and allows you to get your rides paid for by visiting restaurants and using it to get home safe. For example, right now, Don Julio will pay $5 of your ride to get home safely. That’s awesome! Read on to get our exclusive Freebird Promo Code.

Freebird Promo Code
Freebird Promo Code: Some of the great deals you can use on Freebird.

We’ll post our full review shortly but wanted to get some extra special promo codes in your hands.

Here’s how to get up to $35 in ride credits:

  1. Sign up with our Freebird Promo Code: x1e56. You get $10 and we get $10 in credits.
  2. For a limited time also add promo code 5for5 to get an additional $5 off your first 5 rides for a total of $25.
  3. Combine both to get $35 in credits!

Let us know if you have any questions or issues with our Freebird promo code.

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