Pact Promo Code - Updated Frequently 1

Pact Promo Code – Updated Frequently

We’ve had our eyes on Pact for some time now and finally decided to pull the trigger trying Pact with their new Kids line of clothes. We love simple kids clothes without a lot of crazy patterns and you can mix and match. Use our special Pact Promo Code to get $20 off now.

Pact Promo Code
Pact Promo Code: Use on their new Kids Clothing

Pact also has great clothes for men, women and even sheets.

Pact Promo Code for women's clothes
Pact Promo Code: Use on best-sellers like the Shelf Bra Camisole.

Pact is a cool company (based near us in Boulder, CO) that promises extremely comfortable cotton clothes. We’ll post our full review of the kids clothes shortly. Until then: feel free to use our $20 off coupon here.

What do we like about Pact? Here’s what they say:

  • So soft you’ll (almost) cry: Our long-staple cotton is touchable softness that you’ll want on every layer.
  • Fair Trade Factory Certified: We believe fair trade is the right way to be good to the people who make our clothes.
  • Certified Organic Cotton: We source only 100% organic cotton: because it’s better for our planet.

You can find our Pact Review for more information before using our Pact Promo Code.


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