Nakto Santa Monica Review: An eBike where Comfort Meets Affordability

Nakto Santa Monica Review

Today, we’re taking a deep dive into the world of the Nakto Santa Monica electric bike, in our Nakto Santa Monica Review.

This isn’t your average eBike; it’s a sleek, high-performance cruiser capturing attention for all the right reasons. It’s wide and robust 26” x 3” treads offer a remarkable 50% more grip than similar bikes on the market. And remember its upgraded 750W Peak Rear Hub Motor and a powerful 48V 10A battery, providing up to 60 miles of pedal-assisted travel. But the features don’t stop there.

The Nakto Santa Monica also boasts a large, comfortable seat and a big crankset for a smooth and easy pedaling experience. Amidst a sea of eBikes, the Nakto Santa Monica stands tall as a beacon of style and comfort. Keep reading to learn more in our Nakto Santa Monica review.

A take on the classic cruiser
Nakto Santa Monica
A great take on the classic cruiser. The Santa Monica boosts eye-popping good looks and pretty good performance. All that for less than $1,200. That's a steal.
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It’s a cruiser, baby… but what does that mean?

The new version of this – a Cruiser Electric Bike!

A cruiser bike, or beach cruiser as it’s often called, is like the laid-back cousin in the bicycle family. It’s that comfy, no-frills buddy that says, “Hey, why rush? Let’s take it easy.” And the Santa Monica fits this timeless cruiser style frame perfectly.

With its balloon tires, upright seating, single-speed drivetrain, and sturdy steel construction, it’s got a style that screams simplicity and comfort. It’s like riding on a cloud, making it a fan-favorite for those chilled-out, leisurely rides.

Now, other bikes might have you hunched over like you’re solving a difficult crossword puzzle, but not a cruiser. Oh no! It’s all about that upright posture, keeping you comfy and reducing strain. Ideal for neighborhood cruises, beach jaunts, or any low-speed, mellow cycling.

But hold up! If you’re thinking of going on a long-haul ride or breaking any speed records, then the cruiser might not be your first pick. Its relaxed vibe comes with a bit of extra weight and a lack of multiple gears. But hey, it’s not in a hurry, and neither should you be! Enjoy the ride!

Nakto Santa Monica Review: Specifications + Features

  • Top speed: 20 miles per hour.
  • Weighs 70 pounds
  • 40+ Mile Range
  • 500-watt (750W MAX) motor
  • 48V 10ah Lithium Battery
  • Aluminum Alloy Frame
  • Front suspension fork
  • Front light
  • Electric Horn
  • 5 Level of Pedal Assist
  • No Rear Rack

In terms of specifications, the Nakto Santa Monica can reach speeds of up to 20 miles per hour and weighs 70 pounds – although its big tires make it feel much lighter when riding.

The range of this bike is limited to about 60 miles maximum with pedal assist, but you’ll still get plenty out of each charge thanks to its efficient motor. You’ll also enjoy features such as front suspension, horn and light for added safety while cruising around town. Unfortunately, however, the bike does not come with a rear rack for extra storage space.

Aesthetics and Comfort

Let’s take a minute to chat about two key things – aesthetics and comfort. We’ve had our fair share of e-bikes roll through here, but the Nakto Santa Monica?

It’s like that cool kid at school who doesn’t even have to try. It’s just naturally eye-catching. Whenever we have visitors, it’s the first thing they bee-line for in our garage. Can you blame them? With its sleek design and smooth lines, it’s a real treat for the eyes.

Comfort: YES!

Now, onto comfort. The cruising handlebar on this baby is designed for pure riding pleasure. Sure, the trip computer could be placed somewhere a bit more accessible, but hey, it’s not a deal-breaker. The real star of the show is the extra-large seat. Not only does it look like it belongs on a bike twice the price, but it also offers incredible support and cushioning for those long, exploratory rides. So, saddle up without fear of discomfort!

Performance of the Nakto Santa Monica

This beauty is designed with comfort as its top priority, but don’t let that fool you—it’s got performance chops to (almost) match. It’s a breeze to ride and won’t feel like you’re lugging around a ton of bricks, making it your perfect partner for those leisurely town cruises.

The Santa Monica Motor

Now, let’s peek under the hood. The bike boasts an upgraded 750W Peak Rear Hub Motor that packs enough punch to tackle those pesky hills without breaking a sweat. And the cherry on top? It’s a tad lighter than other e-bikes we’ve put through the wringer, meaning you can clock in more miles without feeling like you’ve just finished a triathlon.

The 65Nm of torque mean you can climb any hill with ease. Pair that with the motor pedal assist levels and you’ve got a bike that can conquer any hill (as long as it’s on a paved road and not off-road paths).


As we mentioned in our guide to eBikes, most electric bike options have similar batteries. This 48v 10ah lithium battery is a little smaller than some other batteries, but doesn’t really need to be a lot bigger.

We haven’t had the bike long enough to do a full battery test, but will update this review if we find anything else out!


First things first, let’s talk about rideability. Whether you’re an eBike veteran or just getting your feet wet, this cruiser electric bike is as user-friendly as they come. Simply hop on and let the good times roll!

While the bike won’t win any awards for performance, it’s the blend of comfort with adequate performance that makes it a hit with riders. It’s a great electric city bike that will make you smile (if you live in Santa Monica or anywhere else with paved roads).

Santa Monica: Quality and Durability

Two essential things when picking an electric bike, besides having the ideal ride: quality and reliability. If you’re on the hunt for a ride that’s easy on the wallet without skimping on quality (too much) this take on the timeless cruiser-style frame, might be right for you.


First up, quality. The Nakto Santa Monica isn’t just a pretty face – it’s got some decent quality, too. Its frame is crafted from tough-as-nails aluminum alloy and can handle up to 400 pounds of payload without breaking a sweat (well, with 400 pounds of payload, it may make a little sweat).

However, it’s tough to picture a big guy riding this as a new bike. There are many other big bike options available, that’s for sure! See our best Fat Tire eBikes for more information.

A small issue we had

Our Nakto Santa Monica Cruiser arrived with a broken shifter. No problem, I just reached out to Nakto and they sent one right away. I’m honestly surprised that more eBikes don’t arrive with broken parts.

Battery Design Helps Durability

It also has an integrated battery design for added security and weatherproofing. Sure, they’ve cut corners in a few places (or, more accurately, made design choices) like the smaller battery size and mechanical disc brakes. Overall, it’s a pretty good value, especially at $1,199.

If this bike cost $2,000, I’d have room for concern. However, a less-expensive bike almost always means there are some lower-quality components.


Now, let’s talk durability. While it might not outlast some of the more high-end models (don’t expect it to be your trusty steed for the next decade), it’s still a decently-reliable choice for those not looking to splurge on an eBike. So if you’re just dipping your toes into the eBike world or simply want a dependable ride that won’t have you eating ramen for a month, the Nakto Santa Monica is your guy (or girl). But remember, it’s not built for off-roading, and some parts might need a little more TLC than pricier models.

Who is Nakto Santa Monica bike best for?

I call the Nakto Santa Monica one of the best brewery bikes for a simple reason: it’s perfect for 3-5 mile trips to the brewery.

It’s a great all-rounder, reliable, and won’t shoot your budget. It’s a beautiful electric road bike and one of the best cruiser electric bikes we’ve tested.

The Nakto Santa Monica electric bike is ideal for those who want a dependable ride without breaking the bank.

At $1,199 it offers an attractive option with decent performance and features such as front suspension, horn and light for added safety while cruising around town. It also boasts an upgraded 750W Peak Rear Hub Motor that packs enough punch to tackle those pesky hills without breaking a sweat. With its sleek design and smooth lines, this e-bike is sure to turnsome heads as you cruise around town in style!

Who is the Nakto Santa Monica NOT for?

If you’re the type of person that loves to take the off-road paths, this bike isn’t for you. If you are, check out our Haoqi Rhino Review and RadRover 6 Plus Review.

It’s more designed for paved roads, city paths and navigating the congested streets and city dwellers. If you want to travel long distances or want an exciting ride, then you should probably pass on this electric bike.

If you’re the type to obsess over bicycle components or have a favorite derailleur type, this bike is probably not the best for you.

Other small things we didn’t care for

There are a couple of other small things we didn’t care for.

As I mentioned in our YouTube Review of the Santa Monica, the bike arrived with a busted shifter. I let Nakto know and they sent me a new one right away.

I also don’t care for the placement of the LCD display. I like the fact that it’s an LCD Display (and not a full-color LED display), but it was just in a bit of an awkward spot for me to use.

I swear I saw Nakto advertise a 22 mile range at first, and that may have been a previous version, but while I love riding this bike, it’s just not designed for long distances.

I was pleasantly surprised that this Nakto bike handled the hills great and provided a stylish ride for the congested streets.

Final Thoughts: Nakto Santa Monica

After everything is said and done, the Santa Monica electric bike is a good bike for anyone looking to get into electric biking without breaking the bank.

A take on the classic cruiser
Nakto Santa Monica
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It has a sleek design, 750W Peak rear hub motor, and some decent components make it an attractive option for those on a budget. It also has front suspension, horn and light for added safety while cruising around town. And if you’re not planning any wild off-road excursions, this one should suit your needs just fine.

Overall, the Nakto Santa Monica is a great all-around bike with plenty of bang for your buck! So if you’re looking to cruise around in style without emptying your wallet, this one’s got your name written all over it!

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