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Name Stories Review: Name Stories offers personalized, affordable art that captures the unique story behind a child’s name. These customizable prints, perfect for gifting, provide a lasting keepsake with accurate and personality-tailored descriptions.

A gift that will last decades
Name Stories

We love Name Stories for so many reasons, but they are an affordable gift that is actually personal. And not in a cheesy way. We were incredibly shocked at how accurate our Name Stories were for our kids.

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Name Stories Review: What’s the big idea?

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One of the most exciting things about expecting a baby is naming him or her. 

Sometimes people know what name they will give their child before they are even conceived – whether that is a family name or they have thought of it for a long time. Other times, the baby is named days after being born with lots of back and forth and lists of contenders.

No matter how the baby is named, there is always a story behind how the parents chose that name. The name they choose also tells a story. All of these stories are ones that the child will have at the beginning of their life and will enjoy hearing. 

Name stories are a great way of capturing the story of a child’s name for a one-of-a-kind keepsake that the child will have to cherish forever.  

a child walking on a path in a grassy area with houses in the background
He just looks like a “Teddy” doesn’t he?

We ordered personalized name art from Name Stories for both of our kids, Theodore and Scarlett, for their birthdays. We wanted to give them something besides toys and a gift that they would treasure for years to come. 

Our son, Theodore, has been asking lots of questions about his name lately, so this seemed like the perfect gift. 

a child holding a present
Theodore got a Name Stories for his birthday.

Name Stories Review – Name Stories personalized art

Name stories is a business that specializes in creating personalized Name Art for babies and kids.  Name Stories has been featured on several national news shows as well as having thousands of happy customers.

If you’ve got a name, there is a good chance that Name Stories has it covered.

How accurate are Name Stories?

Name Stories Review
Scarlett’s Name Story
a girl in sunglasses standing in front of a pool
This is Scarlett.

The crazy thing was that both of our children’s Name Stories were so PERFECTLY them.  It was crazy actually. Our children could not be more different. 

We loved the background of their names and the history behind the name, but we really especially loved the adjectives that described them. The adjectives could not have been more accurate and more perfect for their individual personalities. This made the Name Stories name art so special! 

a blue card with white text
Theodore’s Name Story
a boy and girl standing in grass
This is Theodore – just a sweetie.

What we love about Name Stories:

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  • Name Stories make fantastic gifts – whether for your child, a family member, or even a baby shower. Personalized gifts are always more special and Name Stories are both personalized and timeless.
  • Little ones can keep them forever as a reminder of the thought and love poured into choosing their names. We also love that this gift isn’t another toy or temporary item in the child’s life.  On holidays, children receive so many toys and this is a different gift that is really something special.
  • The price – at $25 for an unframed print on high-quality paper, this makes an affordable gift!
  • We absolutely loved how accurate the Name Stories were! The adjectives on both of our children’s names were so incredibly accurate to their personalities and both of our kids have very different personalities! 
  • The customized colors: we were able to get both of our kids’ Name Stories printed to match their rooms!  We did our son’s in black and our daughter’s in pink. This made the Name Stories a great addition to their bedroom decor. 

What we don’t love about Name Stories:

  • We were truly so excited when we received these to gift them to our kids on their upcoming birthdays- I didn’t have anything that I didn’t absolutely LOVE about the Name Stories we received! 
  • We choose to frame them ourselves with inexpensive IKEA frames to cut back on the cost, but you can have them frame them for an additional $75. This might make the gift a little bit more than you may have to spend, but an unframed option is available and the IKEA frames were like $10 each!
  • I can see someone not loving the Name Stories as much if they didn’t feel that they were accurate for their child, but I love that all the adjectives are positive so you really can’t go wrong!

Who is Names Stories for?

Name Stories make fantastic gifts for kids’ birthdays, Christmas, baby showers, baptisms, or births! They could also make great unique gifts for adults!

We are going to add this to our best list of kid’s gifts! Another great personalized children’s gift is Wonderbly, if you haven’t checked them out. Read our Wonderbly Review.

What’s included with Name Stories

The Name Stories Name Art includes a print on very high-quality paper that includes your child’s name, the history behind their name, and adjectives that describe them based on their name.

You can also customize the Name Stories Name Art by choosing the color of the print.  For an additional $75 they will also send you your Name Stories Name Art in a frame. 

What if I don’t see a name in Name Stories?

If you are unable to find your name, Name Stories is continually updating the names and they even have a form on their website where you can request a new name.

They currently have almost 4,000 names on the website, so there’s a good chance they have the name you’re looking for.

Name Stories Review: The Final Verdict

A gift that will last decades
Name Stories

We love Name Stories for so many reasons, but they are an affordable gift that is actually personal. And not in a cheesy way. We were incredibly shocked at how accurate our Name Stories were for our kids.

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We might earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

We were so touched by the Name Stories Name Art for Theodore and Scarlett! We are so excited to give it to them on their upcoming birthday! We think it will be a nice change from the toys and will be something that they both treasure and keep!

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