Buck Mason T-Shirt Review: Are Buck Mason Tees Worth it?

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Buck Mason Tees Review
One of our go-to t-shirts: the buck mason t shirt.

Buck Mason T-Shirt Review: We love Buck Mason (see our full Buck Mason Review). We first heard about Buck Mason from Shark Tank and loved the overall idea: classic men’s staples that didn’t require a whole lot of thinking. On top of that, they were made in the USA – even better.

The Buck Mason Tee Shirt has become one of my go-to shirts in my closet. Why? Let’s dive into our full Buck Mason Tee Shirt Review to find out more.

“Hey, what T-Shirt are you wearing in your videos?”

Now, we’ve had a couple of people comment on our videos and review before and asked, “Hey, what shirt is that you’re wearing all the time?”

I’m usually wearing the Buck Mason Vintage Tri-Blend Tee. I wear it in a lot of videos because it’s nice, easy, and comfortable. Sadly, they no longer make this t-shirt. Have no fear, we’ve got a great alternative!

In many reviews, I can be seen wearing the Buck Mason Tri-Blend T-Shirt. Sadly, they no longer make this t-shirt.
A good alternative to the tri-blend tee
Buck Mason Pima Curved Hem Tee

While they no longer make our favorite Tri-Blend Tee, this is almost an exact duplicate. And, it's made in America!

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It’s decent looking – but not distracting. It’s also really high quality. In my Fresh Clean Threads Review and my True Classic Tees Review, I said they made a decent Buck Mason Tee alternative. It still is a good, cheaper option to Buck Mason.

This shouldn’t surprise you, as Buck Mason is featured several times in our Best Men’s Products Guide.

Keep reading our honest Buck Mason T-Shirt Review guide to find out why.

All about the Buck Mason brand

Buck Mason T-Shirt Review: A great brand beyond t-shirts.

Buck Mason was founded in 2013 by Sasha Koehn and Erik Allen, who were neighbors in Venice, California. Many of their clothes are made in the USA, including many Buck Mason Tees.

Buck Mason Tees Review: What we tried – and loved

To be honest, we’ve tried almost EVERY single Buck Mason Shirt. Let’s start with our most favorite Buck Mason Shirts and work our way down to the ones we don’t like the most in our Buck Mason Tees review.

Our absolute favorite Buck Mason Tee: Anything Pima

Here’s what Buck Mason says about their PimaTees:

Classic fit short sleeve crewneck tee with our signature curved hem, cut from USA-grown and milled 140 GSM jersey knit from long-staple Supima cotton with a soft, smooth hand and sewn at BM Knitting Mills in Mohnton, PA. Constructed with self-neck binding and a flat stitch finish for comfort. Garment washed with enzymes and softener for a lived-in feel.

Anything, honestly, especially the darker colors. These shirts are the perfect blend of softness and looks. I really like the Pima Tees for a couple of different reasons:

  • The variation in color (black, speckled with white) looks nice.
  • It hides anything that may get on your shirt (dust, dog hair, etc.)
  • It’s super soft and gets even softer over time.
  • It keeps its shape.
  • It doesn’t shrink in the wash.

Buck Mason Tees Review – What Colors to Avoid

Pro Tip: Don’t buy the lighter color Buck Mason Tees. The biggest reason is that chest hair can poke through, especially because it is so breathable – the fabric is a bit loosely woven, which makes it comfortable.

It’s got a good, nice shape. Overall, it’s our go-to tee.

Buck Mason now makes some great long-sleeve and Henley versions of these tees that we really like.

We love the variation on this tee. While it’s not exactly like our Tri-Blend Tee that they no longer make, it’s a very close second!

Buck Mason T-Shirt Review: The Slub

Buck Mason Slub Tees are another one of Buck Mason’s signature offerings. At first glance, the Buck Mason Slub Tees look like a “normal” t-shirt.

Buck Mason Slub T-Shirt Review: Looks normal, right?

Well, if you look a little closer (or in the right light), you can see that the “slub” is very textured and not uniform.

Slub is a bit “textured” looking – not uniform.

It’s really tough to capture how the Buck Mason Slub Looks in a photo, but you can see the “Slub” part in some of the lighter colors easier. The Slub in this photo is the variations in the color:

Buck Mason Slub

Can you see the slight variations in the color? That is the slub texture. It helps keep the shirt super soft and super breathable. On a warm summer day, I’m almost always wearing one of these.

Buck Mason also has a great overview on their website:

Buck Mason Slub T-Shirt Review: Look at all of these great features!

Another great feature: made in the USA!

Buck Mason T-Shirt Review: The Buck Mason Pima Review

If you like your t-shirts to look nice and clean: then check out the Buck Mason Pima T-Shirts.

Buck Mason Pima Tee: More uniform than the Slub tee.

The Black color is tough to tell the difference, but you can see how smooth the shirt is in the white version:

Buck Mason T-Shirt Review: The White Color

As you can see, the shirt is more “uniform” – in other words, there is less variation in the threading. That’s because it is more tightly woven than the Slub Tee:

But, don’t worry. The Buck Mason Pima Tee still has all the great features of the Slub Tee (I’ll talk about the difference between the two shortly).

Buck Mason T-Shirts: What’s the difference between Pima + Slub + Tri-Blend

Here’s the best way I can describe the difference between Buck Mason Pima Tees, Buck Mason Slub Tees and Tri-Bend T-Shirts: Uniformity.

The Pima T-Shirt is VERY uniform. It looks exactly the same throughout the whole shirt. Slub has little bunches of fabrics and isn’t super uniform. Vintage Tri-Blend is also a super random, but it’s ok. It doesn’t look like tie-die or anything crazy.

Here is what Buck Masons says about the difference between Slub and Pima:

Pima and Slub are the most similar, both being made of 100% cotton. A Slub is a build up of cotton along the fabric, resulting in the tiny horizontal stripes that you will notice throughout our slub fabric. There’s a nice texture when it comes to slub fabrics that you can really feel. The thickness and loosely knitted nature of slub tee subtly varies throughout the shirt, allowing it to really drape over your body when you put it on.

Alternatively, there’s Pima. Pima tees are more of a modern type of manufactured cotton. Pima tees have essentially eliminated slubs from appearing on the fabric. Instead of texture, you get a smooth hand feel. The fabric is wound tighter and more evenly compared to slubs, so these garments will hang off your body. Also, it’s worth a mention that the colors available for Pima tees are arguably a bit more saturated than our Slub tees.

Buck Mason Tees: How to style

Buck Mason Tees are perfect to style when you want to be a little more elevated casual. Think James Dean. I, personally, wear my Buck Mason Tees usually with my lululemon tech canvas pants (read our lululemon tech canvas review), Myles Tour Pants (read our Myles Tour Pants Review) or even Duer Jeans (read our Duer Jeans Review) and Allbirds (read our Allbirds review). Here’s a quick guide of how to style Buck Mason Tees.

Also, check out our best ABC Pant Alternatives.

Buck Mason T-Shirts: What we hated

To be honest with you: nothing.

These shirts, at about $25 – $35 dollars are not the cheapest shirts, I know. However, I’ve been rocking these shirts for a good 4+ years with no problems. One wash, that they no longer make, started to tear after about a year – however, I emailed them and said that I only washed it about 3-4 times (100% true) and they replaced it right away.

I’m OK with spending a little bit more and having a product that lasts a long time!

Besides, these aren’t the crazy $60+ Goodlife tees (read our Goodlife Review and check out a decent competitor in our Robert Barakett Review) I’ve seen around. I would never pay that for a t-shirt!

Buck Mason T-Shirt Review: Sizing

I wear a size medium in just about every single t-shirt and every single polo shirt that I own. I also wear a size medium in Buck Mason. They run true to size before and AFTER washing. They don’t shrink, so no worries there.

The curved hemmed is a nice touch, especially for guys like me that have shorter legs and a longer torso. The curved hem is so subtle, I doubt you would even notice it.

Buck Mason T-Sirt Review: The Final Verdict

Simply put, the Buck Mason T-Shirts are the go-to in my closet. Sure, the price is a little more than I expected, but you can’t beat the quality. As we mention in our full Buck Mason Review, there are some clothes that we don’t like with Buck Mason, but overall – they are a great company that stands behind their product.

If you had to get 1 shirt, we’d recommend starting out with the Pima Curved Hem Tee. It’s the cheapest of the bunch and is a good entrance to the brand!

Do you have any questions or comments about our Buck Mason T-Shirt Review? Let us know in the comments below! Also, be sure to check out our Best Performance Dress Shirts.

FAQs about Buck Mason T-Shirts

Who Owns Buck Mason?

Buck Mason is an American men’s clothing brand founded in Los Angeles in 2013 by Erik Allen Ford and Sasha Koehn. The two friends had a vision to create a modern American brand that would make fashion less complicated, inspired by the laid back California ethos of easy living, quality, and simplicity.

Where is Buck Mason made?

Buck Mason is proudly made in the USA!

Are Buck Mason shirts preshrunk?

Their shirts are preshrunk, so you can rest assured that your shirt will fit perfectly after each wash. Whether you’re looking for a classic crewneck or a curved hem, Buck Mason has something to fit your style.