xSuit 4.0: The Most Comfortable Suit You’ll Ever Wear?

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xSuit 4.0 Review

The xSuit 4.0 is the latest version of the revolutionary travel suit that has taken the fashion world by storm. It combines cutting-edge design and technology with superior comfort to make it a must-have for anyone who wants to look their best without compromising on style or functionality.

The latest stretch suit
xSuit 4.0

A great suit at a great price. Even better? You'll save tons by machine washing it.

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Key Take Aways

  1. Revolutionary Travel Suit: The xSuit 4.0 offers cutting-edge design, wrinkle resistance, and comfort, ideal for frequent travelers.
  2. Upgrades Over xSuit 3.0: Enhanced with two jacket buttons, better sizing, hemmed pants, and expanded color choices.
  3. Unique Features: Machine washable, anti-stain, and wrinkle-resistant, the xSuit 4.0 stands out for its convenience and durability.
  1. Tailoring Is Key: Personal tailoring can significantly enhance the suit’s fit and appearance.
  2. Style It Right: Complement the xSuit 4.0 with performance dress shirts and comfortable, stylish shoes for a complete look.
  3. Minor Drawbacks: Some issues like the suit’s weight and branded buttons may not appeal to everyone.

Why the upgrade? Differences between the xSuit 3.0 and xSuit 4.0

Look familiar? This is the xSuit 3.0.

The xSuit 4.0, the latest innovation in travel suits, strikes a perfect balance between style, technology, and comfort. Marking a significant upgrade from its predecessor, the xSuit 3.0, this new version introduces a two-button jacket, refined sizing based on customer feedback, pre-hemmed pants for convenience, and comes in five colors, including a trendy light blue.

This suit is more than just a piece of clothing; it’s a statement of efficiency and style. Its proprietary 8-way stretch fabric not only ensures a snug fit but also imparts wrinkle resistance and machine washability. Say goodbye to tedious ironing and expensive dry cleaning!

What’s different?

The xSuit 4.0 has been upgraded in several ways compared to its predecessor, the xSuit 3.0. It features two jacket buttons instead of one, as well as adjusted sizing based on customer feedback.

Additionally, there are three different sleeve lengths, three pant lengths, and five colors available – giving you plenty of options to customize your look. The pants also come pre-hemmed for convenience, which wasn’t available with the older models.

xSuit 3.0: Quick review

A surprisingly-capable suit
xSuit 3.0

Super stretchy, machine washable and wrinkle-resistant. This suit is a great pick for anyone that hates traditional suits.

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As we mentioned in our xSuit 3.0 Review, the xSuit 3.0 is a revolutionary suit that offers the perfect combination of comfort and style. With its lightweight fabric, stretchy material, and machine-washable design, it’s an excellent choice for anyone looking to look sharp without sacrificing comfort.

Overall, we found that the xSuit 3.0 is an excellent choice for those looking for a stylish yet comfortable suit that won’t break the bank. While it may not be as breathable as some of its competitors, its lightweight fabric and machine-washable design make it an excellent option for anyone looking to stay cool while looking sharp at any occasion!

Features of the xSuit 4.0

The xSuit 4.0 is made with proprietary 8-way stretch fabric that provides comfort, unlike any other suit you’ve worn before.

This eight-way stretch material makes it wrinkle-resistant and machine washable, allowing you to look your best at all times with minimal effort. In addition, its anti-stain and anti-wrinkle properties make it perfect for long days on the go or traveling, as you can simply throw it into a suitcase, gym bag, or backpack without a second thought – no ironing, steaming, or suit bag required.

The xSuit 4.0: What we loved

There’s a lot to love about the xSuit 4.0. We love any product that can really define a category and offer something else that no one else can.

The xSuit 4.0 is only $499. That’s not a typo.

Sure, you may be able to find a cheaper suit somewhere else, but the xSuit 4.0 is made with 8-way stretch fabric, wrinkle resistance, and machine washable properties that you won’t find anywhere else.

I remember buying my first suit for about $300 at a Kenneth Cole Reaction Outlet Mall store. I still have the suit, and looking back at it, I had no idea what I was doing. I knew nothing about comfortable suits, how they should fit, or the fact that almost all of them were dry-clean-only.

The main thing I didn’t know about was super simple: tailoring a suit.

The Key to Any Suit: Tailoring

While the xSuit 4.0 is impressive off the rack, tailoring adds that custom-fit magic. Tailoring ensures that your suit contours perfectly to your body, enhancing both comfort and style. Remember, a well-tailored suit is a wardrobe staple that transcends time and trends.

Historically, custom tailoring has been associated with luxury and status. In the past, only wealthy people could afford bespoke clothing because it was expensive and time-consuming to create. However, today’s technology has made it easier and more affordable for everyone to have access to perfectly tailored garments. Notable celebrities such as David Beckham and Ryan Gosling have become known for their impeccably tailored suits, which have helped popularize this trend among men’s fashion circles.

I have a longer torso and shorter legs, so I always have to tailor my suits – and the xSuit is no different.

How to style the xSuit 4.0

To get the most out of your xSuit, complement it with a high-performance dress shirt and a pair of comfortable yet fashionable shoes. Pair it with one of our picks for best performance dress shirts and Wolf & Shepherd Shoes (or Amberjack Shoes), for a perfect blend of fashion and comfort.

When selecting a dress shirt, brands like Mizzen + Main (read our Mizzen + Main Review), Ministry of Supply (read our Ministry of Supply Review), or Bluffworks Review offer performance dress shirts designed to keep you looking sharp all day long. These shirts are made from high-performance fabrics that are breathable, moisture-wicking, and wrinkle-resistant, so you can look your best no matter what the occasion.

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Lenox Dress Shirt

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When it comes to shoes, brands like Amberjack or Wolf and Shepherd offer stylish yet comfortable options that will complete your look while still keeping you comfortable throughout the day. With these brands, you can find shoes in a variety of colors and styles so you can match them perfectly with your xSuit.

Our Top Dress Shoe Pick

While slightly more expensive than Cole Haan Zerogrand, these shoes are much better made and even more comfortable.

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For a cohesive and polished look, choose a belt that matches the color scheme and style of your dress shirt and shoes. This will help bring your entire outfit together seamlessly. If you’re having difficulty finding the right belt, many websites offer suggestions and links to belts that match perfectly and are available online.

By following these tips on styling the xSuit 4.0 with performance dress shirts from brands like Mizzen + Main, Ministry of Supply, or Bluffworks paired with shoes from Amberjack or Wolf and Shepherd, you can create an effortlessly polished look for any occasion! Don’t forget to pick out a belt that matches both the color scheme and style of your dress shirt and shoes for an added touch of uniformity in your outfit!

What we didn’t love about the xSuit

Of course, no product is perfect and perfect for every application.

Though the xSuit 4.0 sets a high standard, there are areas where it could improve. The suit’s overall weight, though similar to its predecessor, feels slightly heavier due to its structured design. Additionally, the branded buttons, while not a dealbreaker, might not suit everyone’s taste.

The seams

Once again, I had no idea what I was doing, but I took my xSuit 3.0 to the tailor to get fitted before an event. The seamstress explained to me the suit’s seams, at least at the sleeve length, were glued together. There’s no pesky seams or thread to get in the way of the sleek look. The seams are glued together, so there’s no need to worry about them coming undone or fraying over time.

However, this does make it harder for a tailor to alter the sleeve length of the xSuit since they would have to cut and re-glue it back together. While it’s not a deal-killer but any stretch of the imagination, it is something to know when you tailor the xSuit for your needs.

The Overall Weight

The xSuit 4.0 feels a little heavier than the 3.0.

I think this is a minor annoyance for me, and I would prefer if the suit felt just a bit lighter on my body. That being said, it’s not an issue that’s going to stop me from wearing this suit – I still love it!

The Buttons

Once again, a super small thing, but I don’t care for the branded “x” buttons on the xSuit 4.0. They aren’t super obnoxious, but I do think it takes away from the otherwise very classy and timeless look of the xSuit.

I get that they want to add a bit of branding, but I don’t think this is the right way to go about it.

xSuit 4.0 vs Ministry of Supply Velocity Suit: A Detailed Comparison

The best technical suit we've tested
Velocity Suit

This suit does it all: no dry cleaning, lightweight and super comfortable. Also, it's not super expensive. It's a great value.

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In the world of travel suits, two contenders often come up in conversation: the xSuit 4.0 and the Ministry of Supply Velocity Suit. Both have been designed with the frequent traveler in mind, but which one is the better choice? In this comparison, we’ll take a closer look at the features, materials, and functionality of each suit, to help you make an informed decision.

We, personally, have picked the Ministry of Supply Velocity Suit (read our 100% honest Velocity Suit Review) our #1 best travel suit. So, how does it compare? Let’s dive in.

Wrinkle Resistance

xSuit 4.0: One of the key selling points of the xSuit 4.0 is its wrinkle resistance. The fabric is made from a blend of polyamide, elastane, and viscose, which allows it to bounce back quickly after being packed in a suitcase or worn for a long day of travel.

Ministry of Supply Velocity Suit: The Velocity Suit also boasts wrinkle resistance, thanks to its Warp-Knit Kinetic fabric. This fabric is a blend of polyester and elastane, giving it wrinkle-resistant properties similar to the xSuit 4.0.

Verdict: Both suits offer excellent wrinkle resistance, making them ideal for travelers who want to look sharp on arrival.


xSuit 4.0: The xSuit 4.0 is designed to be lightweight and comfortable, without compromising on style or durability. Its fabric blend ensures that it’s not too heavy, making it a good choice for those who want a travel suit that won’t weigh them down.

Ministry of Supply Velocity Suit: The Velocity Suit is similarly lightweight, thanks to its use of Warp-Knit Kinetic fabric. This material is designed to be breathable and lightweight, ensuring that wearers stay comfortable throughout their journey.

Verdict: Both suits are lightweight and suitable for travel, but I’d have to give the slight nod to the Velocity Suit, just because it’s slightly lighter.


xSuit 4.0: The xSuit 4.0 is designed to be highly durable, with features like liquid and stain repellency, as well as odor resistance. This makes it a great choice for travelers who want a suit that can withstand the rigors of frequent travel.

Ministry of Supply Velocity Suit: The Velocity Suit is also built for durability, with its Warp-Knit Kinetic fabric offering excellent stretch and recovery, which helps maintain the suit’s shape over time. Additionally, the suit is machine washable, making it easy to keep clean and fresh.

Verdict: Both suits are designed with durability in mind, but the xSuit 4.0’s liquid and stain repellency give it a slight edge in this category.


xSuit 4.0: The xSuit 4.0 features breathable fabric that helps regulate body temperature, ensuring that wearers stay comfortable even during long journeys or in warm climates.

Ministry of Supply Velocity Suit: The Velocity Suit’s Warp-Knit Kinetic fabric is designed to be highly breathable, allowing for excellent airflow and moisture-wicking properties, which help to keep wearers cool and dry.

Verdict: Both suits offer excellent breathability, making them suitable for travel in a variety of climates.

Design and Materials

xSuit 4.0: The xSuit 4.0 features a modern, slim-fit design and is made from a blend of polyester, elastane, and viscose. This combination of materials ensures that the suit is comfortable, lightweight, and wrinkle-resistant.

Ministry of Supply Velocity Suit: The Velocity Suit has a contemporary, tailored fit and is made from Warp-Knit Kinetic fabric, which is a blend of polyester and elastane. This fabric provides the suit with its wrinkle resistance, breathability, and durability.

Verdict: Both suits have modern designs and are made from high-quality materials, so the choice between them will largely come down to personal preference.


xSuit 4.0: The xSuit 4.0 offers a range of functional features, such as liquid and stain repellency, odor resistance, and multiple pockets for storage. These features make it a practical choice for travelers who need a suit that can handle the demands of life on the road.

Ministry of Supply Velocity Suit: The Velocity Suit also offers functional features, including machine washability and excellent stretch and recovery. However, it lacks the liquid and stain repellency of the xSuit 4.0.

Verdict: The xSuit 4.0 has a slight edge in terms of functionality, thanks to its additional features like liquid and stain repellency.


Both the xSuit 4.0 and Ministry of Supply Velocity Suit are excellent options for frequent travelers who want a stylish, comfortable, and durable suit. While both suits offer wrinkle resistance, lightweight design, and breathability, the xSuit 4.0’s additional features like liquid and stain repellency give it a slight advantage in terms of overall functionality.

We, personally, like the Ministry of Supply Velocity Suit a little bit better in terms of overall styling. But that’s a personal opinion. It’s also more expensive.

If you want a similar suit and an even cheaper price, check out the Twillory Suit (and our Twillory Suit Review).

Another great pick!
Twillory Performance Suit
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Ultimately, the choice between these two suits will come down to personal preference and which features are most important to you as a traveler.

Final Thoughts: xSuit 4.0 Review

The latest stretch suit
xSuit 4.0

A great suit at a great price. Even better? You'll save tons by machine washing it.

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We might earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The xSuit 4.0 emerges as an excellent choice for travelers and style-conscious individuals. It represents a seamless blend of modern design, practical technology, and user comfort. This suit guarantees to keep you looking sharp and feeling comfortable, whether you’re in a boardroom or at an airport lounge.

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