Native Water Shoes Review: A quick review

We were on the search for some easy summer shoes to wear to the pool. We love our Rainbow Sandals, but they can be a little slow to dry and feel weird when wet. We tried Native Shoes – the Miles Water Shoe for Mr. WeTriedIt and the Jefferson Slip-On Sneaker for the almost two-year-old. This summer has already been full of pool trips – at least one trip a day. So finding the right pools shoes is critical.

Native Water Shoe Review

First of all, the men’s shoe looks more like a casual shoe than any other water shoe we’ve seen.

Native Shoe Review

However, they are made of a material that feels like he ugly but oh-so-comfortable Crocs that everyone loves to hate. They also have little holes in the upper to help your feet breath. Here’s a closer look:

The kid’s Native Shoes look exactly the same, just smaller:

Kid’s Native Review

Do Native Shoes Run Big or Small?

Overall, these shoes were really comfortable for the first couple of seconds. However, we had the same problem with both the men’s shoe and the kid’s shoe: the width. The shoes felt true to side at first. But after wearing for a couple of minutes it was clear that the width of the shoes was too small – smaller than normal.

Do we recommend Native Shoes?

Overall, we like the idea and overall look of Native Shoes, but we must have wide feet in our gene pool. If you don’t have fat feet, check out Native Shoes to wear to the pool!

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  3. can you go for walks and runs in them all day?
    I like how they are water proof and they breath too

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