BASEIN Portable Air Conditioner Review: How To Cool Off This Summer

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What to buy before your local weatherman says there’s a heat wave coming.

Basein Portable Air Conditioner Review
Meet the BASEIN Portable Air Cooler

If you are looking for a way to cool off this summer, but don’t want the hassle of a large and expensive air conditioner, then an evaporative cooler might be just what you need. Evaporative air conditioning is a great solution for cooling your home without using a ton of electricity – in fact, the portable unit we are reviewing today can be run off of a battery (like the one you use for your phone charging).

If you have been thinking about purchasing an evaporative cooler for a small space in your home or office, take a look at our honest review of BASEIN Portable Air Conditioner Fan!

What is Evaporative Cooling?

Cheesy stock photo, but you get the idea!

Evaporative cooling is a process of removing heat from an area by the evaporation or absorption of water. The BASEIN evaporator cooler uses this principle to cool air and add moisture, which can be used in any room with low levels. Evaporative Cooling works best when there are no windows that will let hot outside temperatures come inside – so it’s perfect for homes without AC or even in our case, when we don’t want to cool the whole house.

Evaporative cooling also doesn’t use much electricity like traditional A/C units do because you are cooling just the space you need – and you don’t need to move air throughout the home.

The BASEIN evaporative cooler is a great option for people who want to cool one room, or even just their bed at night. You can also use it in your office on hot days when you need some relief from the heat!

How does this portable air conditoner unit work?

As you may have seen in our NexFan Ultra Review, this BASEIN cooler is similar – but larger and has some unique features.

Just like the NexFan Ultra, You can use the BASEIN cooler as a basic fan OR you can add water (even ice) to the top water tank to help cool the air around you.

Other Cool Features of the BASEIN Cooler:

Cooling effect: The BASEIN evaporative air cooler feature an efficient heating and filtering system that pulls heat out of the air fast. It is highly effective, lasts a long time when used properly, and provides cool windy breezes whenever you want them.

Double Water Tank: Unlike the NexFan Ultra, the BASEIN air cooler is equipped with a condensate water tank at the bottom of the machine. The top water tank is totally enclosed and features 700ml (or about 23 ounces) capacity. When the water tank is short of water, the machine will automatically switch to the normal fan mode.

Small Size: The Basein evaporative cooler has a handle and weighs only 31.7 ounces, making it compact and portable. It’s suitable for various places such as the bedroom, study, office, couch, bed or even a food table. You could even take it to somewhere like the drive-in movies or camping by attaching it to a portable charger.

How well does the BASEIN Cooler work?

Granted, it is not super warm in Colorado yet, but it is dry! In about 30 minutes, the cooler was able to cool my office by 1 degree – pretty impressive!

I would not recommend the BASEIN cooler for anyone that lives in a humid area, like Florida. Evaporative coolers don’t work as well where it is humid.

The BASEIN cooler is perfect for anyone that lives in a dry area, like Colorado. It’s also great if you want to save money on your electric bill by not running the AC all day long or to cool a small area of the home.

BASEIN Cooler vs. NexFan Ultra

The BASEIN Evaporative cooler (and any other portable evaporative AC unit) will get instantly compared to the NexFan – especially after their massive Kickstarter campaign.

However, the BASEIN Evaporative Cooler is superior in almost every way. A couple of highlights:

  • They both make about the same amount of noise – not very loud at all
  • They both feature LED lights – however, the NexFan you can change to a variety of colors – not that big of deal as ours is always off
  • The BASEIN Cooler holds more water.
  • The BASEIN Cooler also has a tray to capture any additional condensation, the NexFan kinda-sorta does.
  • The handle on the BASEIN Cooler is a REALLY nice touch, especially if moving the fan while it has water in it.
  • The NexFan was designed to use essential oils (see more in our best Capri Blue Dupes), too, but the execution wasn’t great.
  • The NexFan about half as tall, but neither unit is very big and both are very light.
  • They are the same price – $50

Unless space is an issue, then I would go with the BASEIN Cooler without hesitation.

The BASEIN Portable Air Conditioner Review: the final Verdict

The best part about this unit? It’s only $50 and has an automatic timer. We love how easy-to light up with LED lights (and turn it off if that is distracting).

This portable air conditioner fan doesn’t require any installation either; simply plug into outlet near you (or plug into a battery, like this one), fill it up with ice-cold water and you’ve got instant coolness.

We recommend this product to anyone that wants a quick, easy way of cooling down their space. It’s perfect for dorm rooms and small apartments with limited AC options or people who live in dry climates like Colorado!

Also, pair this with a Pura (And our Pura Promo Code) for a super fresh room!

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