December 1st Box: What, why and ideas for your Dec 1 Box

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December 1st Box: What is it and why should you start it?
December 1 Box Tradition: What is it and how can your family start it?

I had seen this December 1st Box Tradition popping up on the internet here and there over the past few years and decided to give it a whirl last year.  It ended up being an incredible new tradition that we are going to do every single year.

Our kids love it and it’s a way to celebrate the coming of the holiday season. It’s ok that my Christmas Tree is already up, right? See How to Decorate a Christmas Tree With Ribbon for more information.

What is a December 1st Box?

Basically on December 1st, you kick off the Christmas season with a box that has items for some quality family time, Christmas activities and maybe a few holiday-themed goodies for the kiddos. 

Here is my plan for our December 1st celebration! Also, if you are reading this after December 1st, but still want to have a little holiday kick-off, you could do it on December 15th or whatever day works best for you! 

There’s simply no wrong day to start spreading Christmas Cheer!

Don’t the December 1 Box is something that has to cost a lot of money. Just think of it as a sweet way to start the holidays in your family.

Our December 1st Box Tradition Plan

We put together this YouTube Video explaining our December 1st Box Tradition and how we used it last year. Enjoy our new favorite tradition!

Watch our December 1st Box Tradition Video.

Invite your special December 1 Box Guest

Our Elf on the Shelf, Alvin, will make his special appearance on December 1st.

This year, Alvin is getting a Reindeer, too.

Of course, we hide Alvin the Elf every single day.

How to start your December 1 Box Party

Start the party by saying, “Alexa, play a Christmas Song playlist from Spotify!”

What to wear

Put on our new family Christmas PJs!

What to drink at your December 1 Party

Make some hot chocolate and warm milk for the baby.

chocolate advent calendars dec 1 box

First Activity for Dec 1 Party

Do day 1 of the advent calendars! We got chocolate ones and a Little People Nativity Advent Calendar this year.

We have already set up our family Christmas tree (see my tutorial on how to decorate your Christmas tree with ribbon). Our kids are actually not allowed to touch the tree (because I don’t want the baby hurting herself), so I am going to set up this felt tree for them to decorate in their playroom.

After Dinner Activity

After dinner, I picked up this cute little Mini Gingerbread House Village for us to decorate at Target. 

End the night with Christmas Books

Lastly, we will read their new Christmas books. We got this sweet little board book about the First Christmas and a very cute personalized book from Wonderbly (check out Wonderbly Book Review – and Wonderbly coupon code here) called, “Teddy The Elf Who Saved Christmas.”

December 1st Box Tradition: What else you need to know

I think this will be a really fun way to kick off the Christmas Season in our house! With two toddlers, the Christmas excitement will be at an all-time high this year!

We even started watching Christmas Movies right after Halloween. I know – it’s a bit nutty, but we love Christmas at our house.

Another new, fun Holiday Tradition!

We also just purchased Jimmy Fallon’s new Book, 5 Sleeps to Christmas. It’s a good, fun book!

How are you getting your family into the Christmas Mood? Have you started a December 1 Box Tradition? What would you like to put in your December 1st Box?

Let us know what you think about our December 1st Box Tradition and if there are any other Christmas tips and tricks you’d like to know. That’s what we are here for!

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