The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly: An Honest Beam Sleep Review

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Buckle up for a rocky review because I have a complicated relationship with this product! Have you seen Beam Dream for Better Sleep all over TikTok? (Am I the only one who watches way too much Tik Tok? What will I do if they take it away? Be way more productive? Ugh!) Okay, side note over, but I had seen this sleep drink all over Tik Tok, so naturally being the sleep obsessed person that I am I had to try it! 

A great sleep aid
Beam Sleep Powder

A great sleeping aid, if you pick the right flavors and get the right price.

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My review is complicated, like most relationships, so buckle up and let’s get into the tea- I  mean cocoa!

The Essentials of Zzz’s: Why Good Sleep Matters

Before we test the waters of the powdery sleep sea, we must remind ourselves why chasing the elusive dream is more than a nursery rhyme; it’s a health imperative.

Quality sleep plays a crucial role in immune function, memory consolidation, mental wellness, and more. Much like how oxygen fuels our days, sleep is the nocturnal nourishment that sets our health compass right.

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What Is Beam Sleeping Powder?

First things first, what the nightlight is Beam Sleeping Powder? Unlike traditional sleep aids, Beam’s formula for unparalleled shutdown doesn’t rely on pharmaceutical giants’ miracles. Instead, Beam’s blend consists of Mother Nature’s own sedatives — melatonin, L-Theanine, and our dear friend, Reishi mushroom, to name a few.

This concoction swears to tackle sleep like a pro, weaving a tapestry of tranquility with every sip. Targeting the sleep enthusiasts and those desperate-for-sleep moms (with empathy and compassion aplenty), Beam seems to embody the ‘Sleep with me’ charm of a friendly local bartender — if, you know, our bartenders gave out dreamy drinks instead of boozy ones.

Ingredient Spotlight

Breaking down Beam’s sleeping spell, it’s imperative to investigate the cast of characters.

  • Melatonin, the Sleep Superstar: Nature’s alarm clock, promising the Sandman’s services and on time.
  • L-Theanine, the Calming Companion: Found in green tea, it’s like a spa day for your neurons.
  • Reishi Mushroom, the Unlikely Hero: A fungi that fancies fighting stress and fatigue.

But here’s the kicker, none of these alone are a recipe for sleep; it’s the symphony of these elements that Beam claims to orchestrate so well.

Pour Yourself a Dream: Unpacking the Beam Experience

You might think all supplements are the same. Not true. Unlike others, Beam stands out not just for its main benefits but also for its preparation and follow-up. Leveraging its community’s insights, Beam crafts a unique experience. Mixing ‘Sleepy Dust,’ as some fans call it, becomes almost a bedtime ritual, part of your personalized sleep routine.

What we tested from Beam

We tested the Beam Sleep Powder in the tantalizing Original (no-hemp) Cinnamon Cocoa flavor. Now, before you ask, yes, it sounds like something you’d want to curl up with in a giant mug while wearing your favorite socks, and honestly, that’s not too far off the mark.

Imagine the warmth of cinnamon meeting the rich, comforting hug of cocoa, all promising to tuck you into bed without the buzz. It’s like holiday cheer met sleep science, and they decided to go steady. Stay tuned as we share whether this snuggly, spicy concoction delivered more than just delightful sips.

What we love about Beam Sleep Powder

The Original (no-hemp) Cinnamon Cocoa Beam Sleep Powder genuinely helps me fall asleep! Its effectiveness, I believe, stems not only from the active ingredients—which we’ll discuss—but also from my preparation with warm milk!

Better than other competitors

There are other sleep powders, pills, gummies, patches, you name it, but there is just something about having a warm glass of hot coaco before bed that is both soothing and sleep inducing.

I have seen people using magnesium and tart cherry juice with ice, but the last thing I want right before bed is a freezing cold cocktail! I want the hygge, I want that warms, I want a big cup of chocolatey milk. This is the only product I have found that is what it is and tastes good, so for that it gets a million points. 

Great ingredients

The combination of ingredients is just magic for some reason- 50 mg Apigenin, 3 mg Melatonin, 300 mg L-Theanine, 60 mg Magnesium and 350 mg Reishi is some magic combination!

Let me tell you why, I am so averse to so many sleep aids. Benadryl makes me hyper and gives me restless leg syndrome, so many things are out right away because of that. Typically, things like melatonin make me fall asleep fast, but have me in that weird half awake state and I hate it.

This combination for some reason, is magical! It puts me to sleep, it keeps me asleep and it tastes delicious- so seriously all the boxes are checked.

So, it can’t be all perfect, right? Next up, we dive into the not-so-glamorous side of Beam Sleep Powder.

A quick aside… Why does warm milk make you sleepy?

Ah, the timeless tale of warm milk sending folks off to dreamland. Is it just an old wives’ tale or is there a science-backed snooze button in that mug? Let’s pour over the facts, shall we?

First up, there’s tryptophan. Yes, the same stuff that’s blamed for your post-Thanksgiving nap. Milk contains this amino acid, which plays a cozy little role in sleep. Tryptophan is like the VIP pass to the serotonin production party—a key hormone that gets the mood right for sleep.

But it doesn’t have enough tryptophan

But here’s where it gets interesting: the amount of tryptophan in milk isn’t really enough to knock you out on its own. It’s like showing up to a concert with one speaker—it’ll play the tunes, but it’s not going to rock the stadium. So, what else is at play?

Enter the psychological snuggle blanket: routine and comfort. Sipping on warm milk can be a soothing ritual that signals to your brain, “Hey, it’s time to wind down.” It’s the warmth and comfort that cradle you into a state of relaxation, making it easier to fall asleep.

And then there’s the small matter of calcium. Milk’s got it, and it helps the brain use that tryptophan to manufacture sleep-inducing melatonin. It’s like having backstage passes to the Serotonin concert, ensuring you get the full experience.

So, while warm milk might not be a magical sleep potion, it’s a blend of science and comfort that can guide you gently to the land of nod. Whether it’s the tryptophan, the calcium, or the cozy ritual, if a warm mug does the trick for you, who’s to argue with a good night’s sleep?

What we don’t love about Beam Dream Sleep Powder 

I told you that I have a complicated relationship with this product, and here is why. 

The Ever-Changing Price

It is incredibly expensive!  That would be okay if that were just legitimately the price of this perfect concoction of ingredients, but depending on the day you start your subscription- the price will be different. 

The price changes constantly, and then you are locked into the subscription price! I had signed up when the product was about $100 per month, but then the price dropped to something absurdly low- like $35 per month.

I emailed and asked to have the updated subscription price, but they said no.  The new price was only for new subscribers, and it stays that price every month, so it’s not like a welcome deal. So I am being punished for being a continuous subscriber? 

I just can’t do business with companies like that, so I canceled my subscription.  Let’s say this price fluctuation doesn’t bother you in regards to the company’s morals, just wait until the price gets really low and subscribe then.  It is still a great product. 

The Flavors… and hemp?

The other thing I don’t love about Beam Dream is any of the flavors that have the nano hemp- it is seriously so disgusting!

As someone who has never tried things with hemp or CBD, maybe this is a common occurrence with these products.  I was originally sent the wrong product and had the one with nano-hemp so I decided to try it.  GROSS!!! Like seriously, undrinkable.


The aftertaste was potent and absolutely disgusting! It also made me fall asleep too fast and in that weird half-awake state.  If you are going to give Beam Dream a try, you must order the original flavor without the nano-hemp, just trust me on this!

Is it a big deal?

In a nutshell, Beam’s Sleep Powder, especially the Original (no-hemp) Cinnamon Cocoa flavor, is like a lullaby in a cup – minus the actual singing.

It’s a concoction that not only promises but delivers a snooze-worthy adventure, blending science with the cozy comfort of a warm drink. Sure, it’s a financial commitment akin to adopting a small unicorn due to its price tag, and the flavor adventures with nano-hemp could be likened to daring culinary experiments gone awry.

But, if your wallet’s feeling plucky and your taste buds are in for the non-hemp tour, you might just find your sleep transformed. Now, as we’ve cozied up to the good, the bad, and the potentially budget-busting, it’s time to turn the page. What lies ahead? Keep reading to unveil how Beam’s Sleep Powder stacks up against the restless nights and whether it truly is the dreamy solution to our collective insomnia. Spoiler alert: warm socks and favorite mugs are highly recommended for the upcoming chapters of this nighttime narrative.

Who is this product for?

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Beam Dream is an incredible solution tailored for individuals who find it challenging to calm their minds and ease into sleep. With its uniquely soothing effects, Beam Dream has personally left me feeling deeply relaxed and comforted, making the often difficult transition into sleep not just possible, but effortless.

This product ensures that I not only fall asleep quickly but also enjoy a deeply peaceful night’s rest, waking up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Its ability to naturally support the body’s relaxation process without any adverse side effects is what truly sets Beam Dream apart in the realm of sleep aids.

What’s included

In the Beam Dream packet, you have 30 servings of Beam Dream that you can portion out with the included scoop.  You can mix this with milk, which is my preference, microwave and use a frothing wand for a great evening hot cocoa. 


Honestly, there are so many alternatives out there, but nothing that tastes as good or works as well as Beam Dream. The warm cocoa is really just the perfect way too wind down and get ready for bed. 

Beam Dream Review: The Final Verdict.

A great sleep aid
Beam Sleep Powder

A great sleeping aid, if you pick the right flavors and get the right price.

Buy Now
We might earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Like I said, it’s complicated.

On one hand, I love Beam Dream Original- the taste, the warm cocoa, and the way it puts me to sleep and keeps me asleep. However, the Nano-Hemp Beam Dream is seriously undrinkable due to the bitter flavor and horrible aftertaste and I don’t like a company that plays games with its loyal subscribers and constantly changes the price point. 

I am currently not a subscriber, but I will say I miss it as part of my evening routine.  With all that said, I just can’t give this product the WE TRIED IT approval, at this time. 

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