How to apply Red Aspen Nail Dashes – 1 missing trick for 2 weeks of wear

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Read the full step-by-step guide to applying Red Aspen Nail Dashes in order to get two weeks of wear out of them without a single one falling off. Yes! It’s possible if you read my guide on how to apply Red Aspen Nails. If your nails don’t grow out as fast as mine you could wear them for even longer. Be sure to follow the 8 simple steps I’ve outlined in the Red Aspen Nail Application Guide below.

If you aren’t familiar with the Red Aspen Nail Dash Sets see our full Nail Dashes Review and read about the difference between the lengths and shapes in the red Aspen Nail Dashes.

How to Apply Red Aspen Nail Dashes: Video Tutorial

How to Apply Red Aspen Nails that last for 2+ weeks. Yes, it’s possible to have glue on nails that really last 2 weeks. Read our full Red Aspen Nail Dashes application guide.

Total Time 8 minutes

Step 1: Start with clean fingernails

Be sure to remove any nail polish or other Red Aspen Nail Dashes.

Step 2: Clip natural fingernails as short as possible.

Don’t go crazy, but make your natural nails as short as they can comfortably go.

Step 3: Remove Cuticles

I like to apply this Blue Cross Cuticle Remover to my nails along the cuticles over the bathroom sink and let them sit for a minute.
Then I take the orange stick included in the Red Aspen Nail Dash set and push the cuticles back. This will ensure you stick the Red Aspen Nail Dash directly to your nail and not on your cuticle – which would make it pull up on the edges as it grew out.

Step 4: Use a nail brush to rough up the nails.

Use a nail brush, like this one, to scrub your nails.
I like to do this in combination with Dove Beauty Bar because I think it is the best at removing the dirt without leaving a residue like liquid soap does.

Step 5: Dry hands very well

Before your apply Red Aspen Nail Dashes, make sure to leave no water behind and dry your hands VERY WELL.
Now, take an alcohol prep pad like this one and clean off each nail to make sure the water and oils are completely removed from the nail.
The key is to remove all the oil (and it also helps reduce any bacteria that could potentially grow under the nail 🤢).

Step 6: Match the Red Aspen Nail Dashes to each nail

Match the Red Aspen Nail Dashes to each nail and make sure that they fit well without leaving the nail dash hanging off the edge or your natural nail exposed.
If they do not fit perfectly you may have to do a little bit of filing to the nail dash, but that is why they come in so many sizes (and yes they have numbers on the underside!)
Red Aspen provides this handy guide to write down the number of the nail size for you

Step 7: Apply the Red Aspen Nail Dashes

I prefer to use this nail glue over the nail glue that comes in the Red Apsen Nail Dases package. This glue varies in price -sometimes it’s $1.99 and sometimes it’s $15. I just check on it frequently on Amazon and stock up when it’s on the cheaper side.
To apply the Red Aspen Nail Dashes nails, put one drop of glue on the Nail Dash and one drop of glue on your natural nail then hold it down for 15-30 seconds.
Immediately after applying the glue, pull back your skin from the nail dash on the underside of your finger. It is okay if you get glue everywhere, it washes off in a day!

Step 8: Don’t wash your hands the rest of the day

Last, but not least: don’t wash your hands for the rest of the day!
The best time to apply your Red Aspen Nail Dasher nails is right before bed… after you have washed your face and won’t be using any more water on your hand. That’s because the nail glue sets much better if it does not get wet.

Enjoy your nails for 2 weeks!

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Estimated Cost: 20 USD


  • Red Aspen Nail Dash Set


  • Nail Clippers
  • Blue Cross Cuticle Remover
  • Nail Brush
  • Alcohol prep pad


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  2. I know this video is over a year old, but I’m looking for some help. How do I get the glue off the top of the dash? I used a lot of glue too and some of it squishes out and gets on my fingers that are pressing the dash and glue gets on the shiny surface of the dash. I’ve tried non acetone fingernail polish remover and it doesn’t come off. I’ve waited and used my hands like normal and normal use and washing does not wear off the excess glue. Another Red Aspen site said to just buff it off with an emery board. Well that was a disaster as now I have dull scratched up dash. How do I get my dashes shiny and smooth again free of excess glue?

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