Red Aspen Nail Dashes Lengths – What are the differences in nail lengths?

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If you are new to the Red Aspen Nail Dash then check out our full Red Aspen Nail Dash review.  However, if you are familiar with them and trying to determine which length and shape to purchase, here is the ultimate guide to Nail Dashes Lengths. As of this post, the Red Aspen Nail Dash sets come in five different lengths (minus the pedicure which I did not try).  Here is my ultimate guide on Nail Dash Lengths.

Red Aspen Nail Dash Petite Length

The Petite Red Aspen Nail Dash Set is very short!

Nail Dashes Lengths - Petite

They are so short that they barely fit over my natural nail beds. I would say that I have average nail beds, so if you have long nail beds then these probably would be too short for you.  I loved that these are so short because I think they would stay very well and be very easy for everyday wear! 

Red Aspen Nail Dash Square Length

The Square Red Aspen Nail Dash Set is your typical “squoval” shape that has been so popular the last few years!

Nail Dash Lengths - Square

They are a good length and came a couple of millimeters past my natural nail bed. They were very wearable and gave my nails a little length and a lot of polish!

Red Aspen Nail Dash Round Length

The Round Red Aspen Nail Dash Set is a little bit more pointy and very feminine!

These have a very nice rounded point to them and I think of all of them they are the most feminine looking.  They are a little bit more old fashioned in their shape, but I felt very glamorous wearing them! I loved the length of these- the longest point was about 3-4 millimeters past my natural nail bed but they didn’t have the square edges that the square style has so they were still very wearable! 

Almond Red Aspen Nail Dash Set

The Almond Red Aspen Nail Dash Set is quite dramatic! With more length than the last three styles, they looked much more dramatic and they also came to a squared-off point.

Nail Dashes Lengths - Almond

Almost like the Round and the Coffin Red Aspen Nail Dashes had a baby! I could see these being an excellent choice for a special occasion, but after wearing them for two weeks I will say that they were still quite wearable for everyday use for a busy Mama!

Red Aspen Nail Dash Coffin Length

The Coffin Red Aspen Nail Dash Set is the most dramatic of all the sets! These are VERY long!

Coffin Nail Aspen Lengths

They immediately made me feel like a Kardashian-HA! These would not be my choice for everyday wear, but I will definitely keep some on hand to wear for special events in the future! I felt incredibly dramatic and glamorous in these and I love that while they last for two weeks, you would not feel horrible for only wearing them for a special event because of the price point!

Red Aspen Nail Dash Length Comparison: TLDR

Petite Length – very short, might not work for people with long nail beds, but very easy to wear.

Square Length – typical “squoval” shape and great length, very wearable!

Round Length – medium length with rounded point, very feminie and still quite wearable. 

Almond Length – round and coffin had a baby, wearable but a little longer with a slightly squared point. 

Coffin Length – the most dramatic length, incredible for special events or people who don’t use their hands much.

Have any questions or comments about the different Red Aspen Nail Dashes Lengths? Let us know in the comments below! Also, be sure to check out our full Red Aspen Nail Dashes Review and the current Red Aspen Promo Codes.


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