Movemate Standing Desk Balance Board: The Surfer’s Dream for Desk Jockeys

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Movemate Review: Any GOOD?!

There are a ton of Standing Desk accessories, but have you ever heard of the Movemate Standing Desk Balance Board? Read our 100% honest Movemate Review to find out more.

Attention everyone who works at a desk!

Let’s discuss how to make your workspace more exciting.

Whether you’re fantasizing about surfing or simply trying to avoid sitting for too long, I have a solution for you. Meet Movemate, the standing desk balance board designed to make your workday more enjoyable than racing in spinning chairs.

Our favorite standing desk board
Movemate - Active Standing Board

A great option for anyone that stands all day at work.

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What is the Movemate Active Standing Board?

Movemate Review

The Movemate Active Standing Board is essentially a balance board engineered specifically for use at standing desks.

This innovative tool is designed not only to increase your physical activity during the day but also to enhance your overall posture and core strength. By incorporating subtle movements and balance challenges, Movemate turns the static act of standing into an active, engaging experience.

Its design promotes micro-movements, helping to reduce the strain on your legs and back commonly associated with prolonged standing. Whether you’re dialing into a conference call or brainstorming for your next big project, Movemate keeps you moving, making it an excellent addition to any dynamic workspace.

The Deets: More than Just Standing

Made with eco-friendly materials that are gentle on Mother Earth (bless her heart), this bad boy can support up to a respectable 300 lbs without breaking a sweat. The anti-slip surface ensures you won’t pull any unplanned gymnastics maneuvers, so your dignity (and your coccyx) is safe. It’s compact, portable, and best of all, comes in a “can’t-kill-the-vibe” natural wood color that’ll make your workspace look like a beachfront surf shop.

Ready to tell your office chair to take a hike? With Movemate, you don’t just stand, you groove. It’s not just a balance board; it’s an interactive dance floor for your feet. And for my fellow desk-anchored shipmates, I assure you, Movemate’s sleek design and built-in handle mean you can carry your sea-legged adventure from boardroom to living room without breaking a sweat.

Wait… why should I use an active standing board?

The surge in remote work and the increasing awareness of health issues related to prolonged sitting have sparked an interest in alternative ways to stay productive and healthy.

An active standing desk board, like Movemate, addresses these concerns head-on. Such boards aren’t merely tools for standing; they’re catalysts for enhancing workplace wellness. By engaging your core and encouraging constant movement, they make sedentarism a thing of the past. Read all about the best Balance Boards for Standing Desks.

The balance required to stand on these boards not only burns more calories compared to sitting but also combats the lethargy that creeps in during long hours of work. Furthermore, the subtle yet constant shifts in posture improve circulation and reduce the risk of the musculoskeletal disorders often associated with traditional desk jobs.

In essence, integrating an active standing board into your work setup is a step towards a healthier, more dynamic work life, balancing the line between productivity and staying physically active.

Why is the Movemate Active Standing Board Different?

Unlike other standing boards on the market, the Movemate Active Standing Board distinguishes itself through its unique blend of functionality, design, and sustainability.

A Variety of Movements

While most balance boards focus solely on the act of balancing, Movemate integrates elements that promote a more comprehensive range of motion, encouraging users to engage in lateral, forward, and backward movements. This not only enhances the core strengthening aspect but also adds a layer of fun and variety to the standing experience.


Additionally, Movemate’s commitment to sustainability sets it apart. By using eco-friendly materials, it appeals to environmentally conscious consumers looking for products that align with their values. The natural wood finish doesn’t just contribute to a product that’s easier on the planet; it also adds an aesthetic appeal that transforms any workspace into a more inviting and warm environment.

In essence, the Movemate Active Standing Board is more than just a tool for maintaining balance; it’s a comprehensive platform for improving health, increasing productivity, and promoting sustainability in the office or home workspace.

User Revelations: A Sea Change in Workday Wellness

I delved into genuine user testimonials and discovered something fascinating. People are transforming their cubicles into centers of calisthenics. They experienced a significant increase in the time spent standing, because, honestly, who wants to sit when you’re mastering the art of balance?

Our favorite standing desk board
Movemate - Active Standing Board

A great option for anyone that stands all day at work.

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We might earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Users of Movemate highlight the sheer enjoyment factor and rate it off the charts. It’s not just about fun; it’s about improved balance, better posture, and, somehow, magic that boosts focus and overall well-being. While I’m not a scientist, these benefits sound incredibly impressive.

When I first glanced at this nifty gadget, I thought, “That’s too light to handle this groove-thang,” but holy core strength, Batman! This thing delivers. It’s like the silent ninja of office fitness.

Comparing Waves: Other Balance Boards are All Wipeouts, Dude!

My Previous #1 pick
Yes4All Wobble Balance Board

Our favorite balance board to use with a standing desk. It's sturdy and allows you to be more active or more passive in standing. Plus, we love the exra unique pressure points.

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We might earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/17/2024 09:16 pm GMT

I once was lost at sea with the ‘Yes4All Wobble Balance Board,’ and while it did keep me afloat, it didn’t provide the dynamic flexibility Movemate effortlessly dishes out. If you want a full comparison, check out our other post Best Standing Desk Balance Boards, but spoiler alert: Movemate’s like an all-inclusive resort, while other balance boards are the local watering hole because they just can’t compete.

LeanRite being used as a sitting stool

I still, however, use my LeanRite Pro on most days and have the Movemate Avtive Standing Board nearby.

I sometime even lean on the LeanRite Elite and give a little foot massage while I’m doing some work.

Our #1 Pick for Standing Desks
LeanRite Elite

While more expensive than the other options, this LeanRite is PERFECT for anyone with a standing desk. Unless you're Superman and can stand all day without a break, you need this standing desk companion.

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We might earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Movemate: Ride how you like it

So, why do I think Movemate is worth every penny? Because I danced my way through this very article on it. Yes, it’s that cool and that well-structured to use for the good solid 8 hours. I didn’t have to worry about back pain or the awkward “I’ve-been-sitting-too-long” shuffle when I stood up – cause, let’s face it, we all do that.

Whether you’re an avid surfer looking for a way to emulate your love for the waves while at work, or just someone who wants to add a little more movement and fun to their workday, Movemate is for you. It’s the perfect balance of work and play, making your workspace an adventure instead of a chore. So why wait? Grab your own Movemate today and start riding your way to a healthier and happier work life! Cowabunga!

Unique Selling Points: Because Who Wants to Be Basic

Movemate isn’t just any balance board. It’s a siren call for your feet, with a 3D design that encourages you to twist, turn, and tango with gravity. Plus, it’s as lightweight as a beach ball (well, maybe not that light weight, but it’s not heavy at all) and comes with a guarantee that says, “If you and your feet aren’t stoked, we’ve got your back.”

And speaking of backs, Movemate is like a chiropractor’s dream, teaching you to stand like a proud peacock, minus the pomp. So if you’re planning on being productive, might as well be active too, right?

Worried? Movemate’s got your back

Movemate Review: any good at all?

Understandably, trying something new often comes with its hesitations. But, with Movemate, there’s absolutely zero risk on your end, thanks to their 30-day 100% risk-free trial.

That’s right – you get to test drive this game-changing balance board in the very comfort of your own workspace, with no strings attached. If, for any reason, your romance with Movemate doesn’t blossom into the love story we believe it can be, simply return it within those 30 days.

You’ll have spent nothing, not even a penny. We’re that confident in the value and satisfaction Movemate brings. It’s our way of ensuring you can step, twist, and lean into this new way of working with complete peace of mind.

The Final Verdict for our Movemate Review: Hangin’ Loose on the Job

Our favorite standing desk board
Movemate - Active Standing Board

A great option for anyone that stands all day at work.

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We might earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Look, working at a desk doesn’t always scream “excitement” unless you’ve got a balance board like Movemate.

A standing desk alone still doesn’t cut it to move standing desk users, but the healthy movement of the active standing board is much better than your typical anti-fatigue mat.

It’s the secret to “staying stoked” according to healthcare practitioners, workplace wellness gurus, and a couple of folks who probably spend more time typing than breathing. It’ll reinvent your work-from-home vibes, make you the envy of every Zoom call, and maybe even spark joy in spreadsheet management.

So, do I recommend Movemate? As much as I recommend wearing sunscreen on beach day – absolutely! It’s all about making the move from sedentary to straight-up exhilarating. Grab one, and who knows, maybe you’ll be the one teaching your pets to surfboard next. 🐶🏄‍♀️

Order now, and let your workday ride the waves of productivity and pizazz with Movemate, your new desk-side matey.

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