Hari Mari Review: Are the premium sandals worth the price? 1

Hari Mari Review: Are the premium sandals worth the price?

Hari Mari Sandals Review: Are these premium sandals really worth the price? We tried the best selling Hari Mari Pier Sandals (and more!) to give you our honest Hari Mari Sandals review. 

Hari Mari Review
Hari Mari Review: The Pier Sandal pictured ($75)

Har Mari Review: What is Hari Mari? 

Hari Mari is taken from an indodesian word and a latin word.

Hari (indonesian) for “Of the Sun”
Mari (latin) for “of the sea.”

Hari Mari = Of the Sun and Of The Sea. 

Hari Mari Review: Are the premium sandals worth the price? 2

It actually has a pretty great ring to it!

Hari Mari was started by a husband and wife team when they moved back to the United State after living in Indonesia for a couple years. So, “after years of continuously disappointing our feet, we did what any normal couple with an unhealthy obsession for flip flops would do, we decided to build our own!”

Hari Mari Review: Are the premium sandals worth the price? 3

And that’s exactly what they did when they started Hari Mari. They decided to create the ultimate sandal (flip flop). Did they succeed? Keep reading our honest Hari Mari Review to find out. 

What did we try?

Hari Mari Review: Are the premium sandals worth the price? 4
The Hari Mari Pier Sandal ($75)

We tried two styles from Hari Mari: their best selling Pier Sandal ($75) and the Brazos Sandal (on sale for $36). 

My wife (Mrs. We Tried it) immediately liked the classic-looks of the Pier Sandal, but didn’t care for the Brazos style. I simply got two pairs to compare and the Brazos Sandal was on super sale. I don’t know if you’re like me, but I always have a “nicer” pair of flip flops and a pair that I wear around the house, playing with the kids, etc. 

Hari Mari Review: Are the premium sandals worth the price? 5
The Hari Mari Brazos Sandal (Final Sale $36)

My wife had an invested relationship in the sandals, as I was finally replacing the Rainbow Sandals she bought me many years ago. For more information, see Rainbows vs. Hari Mari or the video comparison. We dive into the big differences. 

Hari Mari Review: what we love

The one thing you need to know about Hari Mari is that they are instantly comfortable. Incredibly comfortable. Some flip flops, like Rainbows have a bit of a break-in period. Hari Mari does not! Put them on and BAM! Instant comfort. 

Hari Mari says the difference is in their Memory Toe Foam. It sounds like a funny name and their website doesn’t explain a lot about it but here’s what their website does say about Memory Foam Toe:

Each Hari Mari flip flop is built with our super comfortable & seamless Memory Foam Toe™, a formidable cylinder of memory foam encased in soft nylon to help grip toes, reduce abrasion & do away with painful break-in periods.

Hari Mari Review: Are the premium sandals worth the price? 6
Look at all the padding!

The straps also have memory foam in the straps. This makes them instantly comfortable, too! Hari Mari says that their straps are also moisture wicking, which is a bonus on hot days. 

The sandals are also made with water-resistant leather. This was a huge priority for me, as I frequently wear flip flops to and from the pool or while out in the yard. My original Rainbows cracked from too much moisture. 

Hari Mari Review: Sizing and Fit

Overall, I’d size up a half size on Hari Mari Sandals. I typically wear a 9.5 size athletic shoe and a size 10 fits me perfectly in Hari Mari Sandals. 

Many reviews on the website make the same point: round up your size to make sure they fit. It’s tough to have flip flops that are too small, and more common to have some that are slightly larger – and it’s not that big of a deal. 

Hari Mari also has a generous exchange policy, especially if you haven’t worn them. 

Flops fighting cancer

We are always looking for brands that do good: from giving back part of their profits to sustainable business practices. That’s incredibly important to us. Hari Mari donates a portion of their proceeds to help pay for medical treatments for kids and teens fighting cancer. That’s pretty cool and something you can feel good supporting! 

Hari Mari Review: What we didn’t love

Hari Maris Sandals are premium products. They instantly feel more comfortable from the instant you put them on – and they support great causes. As a result: they are more expensive. 

If you are looking for the best deal, check out their last chance page. They’ve got some great deals on high quality sandals. That’s where I found the Brazos Sandals for $36 – a great price on a great pair of flip flops.

A quick word of warning: the final sale items are just that – final sale. No refunds or exchanges. So, make sure you know the sizing. 

Hari Mari Warranty

Hari Mari Review: Are the premium sandals worth the price? 7
These Rainbows are cracked (showing water damage) – neither Hari Mari or Rainbow would cover these being replaced.

We talked about this in great detail in our Hari Mari vs. Rainbows debate. The long story short: both Hari Mari and Rainbows make great products that they stand behind. 

Here’s what their website states as their 1-year warranty:

Hari Mari’s one-year guarantee protects against any manufacturing defects in our footwear and gear, welcoming customers to return defective items for up to one-year from date of purchase for exchange. 

Hari Mari’s guarantee only covers manufacturing defects such as stitching, strap or material defects present at time of sale, and does not protect against normal wear & tear, or damage caused by weather, water, heat, animals, etc. 

This is fairly similar to Rainbow’s “Lifetime” Warranty in that it’s not really a lifetime warranty. If your dog chews it or you wear them out, they aren’t going to be accepted as a return – ever. Both basically say that their products won’t crap out on you. 🙂

Hari Mari Review: The Final Verdict

Hari Mari Review: Are the premium sandals worth the price? 8

Overall, we loved Hari Mari. Their products are incredibly well made and even more comfortable. If you’re looking for a great pair of high quality, premium flip flops. Look no further than Hari Mari.

You can’t go wrong with their flip flops (even if you call them sandals or thongs – I’ve never understood the later). But check out Hari Mari today

We Tried It Approved

We're happy to give Hari Mari Sandals the We Tried It Seal of approval. Check out where we've found the best deals on Hari Mari Sandals.


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