Pact Clothing Review

Pact Clothing Review pact-clothing-review

Pact Clothing Review: We've had our eyes on Pact Clothes for some time now. With our children growing and the seasons changing, we felt like it was the perfect chance to test out Pact. 

What is pact?

Pact is a relatively new clothing coming based in Boulder, Colorado - just down the road from us. Here's what makes Pact different than your average clothing brand.

  1. Certified Organic Cotton: No "technical" fabric here. Just good, ole fashioned cotton. Well, not actually old fashioned - it's certified organic cotton...more on than in a second. 
  2. Super Soft: Since everything is cotton, their clothes are super, duper soft. Think about your favorite soft t-shirt. That's what you'll be working with all of the Pact clothes. 
  3. Promise "To Not Be Gross": Pact promises not use toxic dyes and clean materials - that goes back to the organic cotton. As the Pact website says, "Certified Organic Cotton consumes very little water compared to conventional cotton. As we don’t use harmful inorganic pesticides and fertilizers, there is little to no water pollution, so you conserve water every time you choose organic."
  4. Simple Designs: One thing we love above Pact is the simple, classic designs. No crazy patterns or catching saying on the shirts, just simple design. 

Pact Clothes: What we love

Here's what we love the most about Pact Clothes: They are dead simple. High quality, organic cotton in well-made garmets. We talk a lot on this blog about the highly technical fabrics in modern clothing (like Lululemon ABC Pants...or our review of the best jean alternatives). Pact features simple organic cotton that is just soft and comfortable.

We also love that the designs are very simple. There's no catchy sayings like, "Pretty Fly on the Fourth of July" (yes, that's a real t-shirt on Carter's right now). We hate some of the cheesy sayings and graphics on some of the kid's clothes these days. Some of their products have some patterns (see below), but overally, the designs are dead simple.

Pact Clothing Review pact-clothes-review-kids-845x1024

We just tested out the children's clothes in this round, so we won't pretent to be experts on their whole line - but we've been following Pact for a long time! Here's one thing we really love about Pact: It's a very fair price. For example:

Pact Slim Polo- $35

Pact Clothing Review pact-polo-review

This great polo from Pact can be yours for only $35. Some other companies charge much, much more for something very similar!

Pact Leggings - $25

Pact Clothing Review pact-review-leggings

These great leggings are one of Pact's best sellers on their website. For $25, you can't beat 'em. Bonus tip: Get more than 1 pair and get a discount. 

Pact: What we don't love

We really like Pact Clothes. There's not much to NOT love. But here are a couple things:

  1. Sizing: This isn't just a problem with Pact, this is a growing problem, especially in kid's clothes. Our almost 3-year-old is too big for most 2T Shirts. Pact Shirts are in the 2T/3T Size and fit him great! Children's sizing is just a little bit off sometimes. 
  2. Price: You won't find the cheapest clothes in the universe on Pact, but that's not what Pact is going for! They are are looking to create a reasonably priced product that is an incredible value. It's tough to pay $15 for a pair of shorts when you can get a pair of shorts much less at Carter's or Old Navy. 

As we said, you will never get the quality of Pact (and the high-quality, fair-trade cotton) for the price of Old Navy or Carter's. You just have to be OK with paying a bit more for a high quality product. 


Pact Clothing Review pact-review-baby-1024x768

Pact Review: We loved the Pact Onsie for our 6-month old (at time of publication). The onsie is super soft and feels really nice to the touch. 

Pact Clothing: We test the claims 

  • "So soft you’ll (almost) cry"

    Well, we’ve never cried over something because it was soft, but their cotton is very soft!

  • "We promise to not be gross."

    Simple clothes without crazy colors or dyes. Check!

  • Our “Fit Happens” Guarantee

    Pact has great customer service. We’ve reached out a couple of times and get a quick, friendly response.

Pact Review: The Verdict

Pact simply makes great clothes that are high quality. They are a great value - not the cheapest, but one of the best bangs for your buck and we can find in today's clothing world.

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