Perfect Jean Review: Is the perfect jean - THE perfect Jean? 1

Perfect Jean Review: Is the perfect jean – THE perfect Jean?

The “perfect” jean is subjective. Jeans tend to be one of the most personal items most men own. We’re picky. We find a pair and we stick with them. So can the Perfect Jean live up to the name? Read our honest Perfect Jean Review (AKA Perfect Jean NYC Review).

👍🏻What We Love👎🏻What We Don’t Love
– Super soft.
– Incredibly flexible.
– Simple washes.
– Minimal branding.
– The epic price!
– Runs a little large (size down)
– No gusset

Perfect Jeans Review: what’s the big idea?

The Perfect Jeans claim to offer extremely high-quality Jean – that normally cost $200+ at a much cheaper price ($80 – but use our perfect Jeans promo code – WETRIEDIT 25 to save more!).

Perfect Jean Review: The Price

They also claim that their Jeans are incredibly soft, super stretchy and durable.

The Perfect Jean NYC also says to F#%K YOUR KHAKIS – which is plastered all over the website and packaging.

Perfect Jean Review: Is the perfect jean - THE perfect Jean? 2

Let’s dive into our review to see if the Perfect Jean stands up to the claims.

Perfect Jean Review: The look

Unless you are buying super expensive jeans, like Sevens back in the day, I really hate it when you can look at the pockets on a pair of jeans and tell exactly what brand of jeans they are.

That’s one of the great things about the Perfect Jean: they look expensive, but you can’t tell what brand they are. There is a very subtle logo on the back-right pocket. It’s not very noticeable on the darker blue color of jeans.

Perfect Jean Review: Is the perfect jean - THE perfect Jean? 3
The branding on the back of the Perfect Jean is barley noticable!

As the old saying goes, “You don’t need a sign on the Effiel tower.”

Perfect Jeans come in 4 basic washes. And I really like how simple they are:

  • Black (they call it Bandit): The classic-looking black dyed jean. No “whiskering” on the front – just solid black color.
  • Dark Blue (they call it Knight): This is the wash color I tested out. I like jeans that are darker, but not too dark. This is a good compromise. There is some subtle whiskering in the front and some intentional fading on the knees. Nothing is out too far out there and is pretty subtle (and that’s a good thing).
  • Medium Blue (they call it Admiral): Just a slightly less dark version of Dark Blue/Knight – the pictures online just make it look like it’s a slightly more faded blue.
  • Light Indigo (they call it Joker): These are closer to the more classic, acid-wash light denim colors. It definitely takes a certain kind of person to pull these off and it’s not me!

Perfect Jean Review: The fit

Men (and women) are super particular about how jeans fit, I get it – and I am, too. Here’s the biggest tip I can give you with the Perfect Jean: SIZE DOWN. ⬇️ Because the Perfect jean material is so incredibly stretchy, you probably won’t wear the exact size that you typically wear. I typically wear a size 32 waist and size 30 inseam (I know, I’ve got short legs).

In The Perfect Jean, I originally got the same size (32 x 30) and the size 32 was WAAY too big. Because of the stretch, I sized down to the size 30 waist and they fit great. These are the size 32 waist: you can see how much stretch there really is:

Perfect Jean Review: Is the perfect jean - THE perfect Jean? 4
I first got the Perfect Jean in my usual size, 32 and they were way too big!

Don’t worry: you won’t feel like you’re being compressed when wearing something that stretches, that is not the way the Perfect Jean makes you feel. I don’t know how to explain it, but it doesn’t feel like the waist is constricting you, it just gets larger to fit you better.

As with most clothes with a lot of stretch, they CAN loose their stretch over time. The Perfect Jean website even says so:

Like all premium denim, our jean will increase about ½ a size through wearing and then return to original form when washed. Try to wash COLD and dry on LOW heat.

So, it’s even more important to size down with the perfect jean.

I tried the Slim version, not the skinny version (Perfect Jean says the skinny jeans are “for skinny legged dudes who like em tight. If you think you’ve got skinny legs and like showing them off you’ll enjoy our skinny.”

No one has ever accused me of having little legs and I have to say, even the slim version conforms to the leg fairly snug. The stretch makes it ok, but very slightly on the snug side.

Perfect Jean Review: The stretch and comfort

I only gave one word for these in the comfort department: wow.

Perfect Jean Review: Is the perfect jean - THE perfect Jean? 5
Perfect Jean Review: The Stretch!

When you put the jeans on, they are instantly soft and the stretch is amazing! Doing a couple of air squats immediately proves just how stretchy the jeans are.

Perfect Jean Review: Is the perfect jean - THE perfect Jean? 6
Air Squat Test = 👍🏻

“Pure” denim is 100% cotton, which the Perfect Jean not. That’s actually preferable to me!

The Perfect Jeans are made of: 64.5% Cotton; 30% Polyester; 3.5% Viscose; 2% Spandex

You may have not heard of Vicose before, but it’s basically an artificial silk. The cotton plus combo is what makes the Perfect Jeans, well, more perfect. I’m not a denim purist, I’m a comfort purist!

The most similar brand you can compare the Perfect Jean to are Duer Jeans (read our full Duer Review). Duer Jeans are made of 70% Cotton, 28% Coolmax® All Season Polyester, 2% LYCRA® Spandex.

Perfect Jean Review: Do they bleed before washing?

This is actually a huge deal for me. I once went to the doctor’s office for a random allergic reaction I had to some detergent. I also was wearing a new pair of jeans that did bleed. The doctor freaked out that I had a rare Raynaud’s disease because my hands were blue! I quickly realized that it was because I was wearing brand new jeans that DID BLEED before you washed them. I still was nervous wearing light-colored shoes with those jeans.

Perfect Jean Review: Is the perfect jean - THE perfect Jean? 7
The Perfect Jean does NOT Bleed. Wahoo!!!

However, I’m proud to report that Perfect Jean DOES NOT BLEED when you wear them. I even tested it out with white tissue paper to make sure.

Perfect Jean Review: Durability

The perfect Jean is incredibly well made. I’ve only had them for a couple of weeks but had no problems.

The one thing I do wish the Perfect Jean had was a gusset (read more about what is a gusset). It helps the jeans last longer and better stretch.

Perfect Jean Review: The final verdict

I haven’t touched on the most impressive part of the Jeans: the price! They retail for only $80. You can save even more by using our perfect jean promo code WETRIED25. With the promo code, it makes the price only $60, and you simply can’t beat it.

These jeans, honestly hold their own against jeans that are more than twice the price (I’m looking at you, Duer – be sure to also check out our Duer Review). They also have great customer service and helped get my sizing right. Just make sure to size down at least 1, if not 2 sizes on your waist and you won’t regret it.

Perfect Jean Review: Is the perfect jean - THE perfect Jean? 8

The jeans are simply comfortable, look great, don’t bleed and best of all: are only $60 with our promo code WETRIEDIT25!

Have any questions or comments about our Perfect Jean Review? Let us know in the comments below!


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