Ruggable Review – What we wish we knew before spending $ thousands on rugs

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Ruggable Review
Ruggable Review: The washable rug system. Is it worth it?

Ruggable Review: Can a washable rug look good and be washable?! Read on to see our full and honest Ruggable Review.

The Only Rugs In Our Home
Ruggable Washable Rugs

Yes, it's true - there is such a thing as a washable rug... and it looks like a regular rug. People are stunned when they tour our home and we tell them about Ruggable. They are also incredibly affordable.

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Ruggable: At our home in the entry way.

Why we were searching for a new Rug Company

Ok, real talk here… when we moved into our house we didn’t have children. I bought a gorgeous white rug that cost over $1k for the living room and I was obsessed with it. 

Fast forward a couple of months: we had our son and the $1,000 rug looked so rough after a few weeks of having a baby. 

We are clean people, we don’t wear our shoes inside and I make sure to yell at anyone who looks like they might spill. 🙂

This beautiful white rug is beautiful, but it’s not very practical for kids – or anyone that has ever spilled something before.

Still things happen, in fact, my daughter spilled my Venti Pumpkin Spice Latte on my new living room rug last week. Do you know how hard it is to get pumpkin coloring out of a rug? Ha! Enter Ruggable! 

No dirt on this rug!

How Ruggable Started

The founder of Ruggable, Jeneva Bell, invented this washable rug system after her dog had an accident on her rug. She thought, “why can’t we wash our rugs like we can wash our bedding, pillows, and window treatments?”

I’m with Jeneva and I will never buy a traditional rug again! I am going to work towards replacing all of our rugs with Ruggables! I’m tired of dirty rugs filled with pet hair and dirt and ready for a low maintenance rug designed for real life.

What we love about Ruggable

Ruggable Review: What we love the most? It looks like a real rug!
  • They look like traditional rugs!  No one even knows my Ruggable rug is not a traditional rug. I have to show people that is a Ruggable and I frequently do because I think it is so cool!
  • They wash and thus you can live life with pets and children without worrying about the rugs in your house!
  • Ruggable has so many amazing designs! 
  • They stay put on the floor- they don’t peel up or slip and slide and the rug pad is included!
  • The PRICE!!! These rugs are a fraction of the price you pay at West Elm or Pottery Barn for a rug.

Let’s talk about the pad for a second

The pad is interesting to say the very least.

The standard ruggable pad, as seen in my office. The velcro like rug pad helps keep the rug down.

When we first started looking into ruggable, they only offered a standard floor padding.

The purpose of the Rug pad

Ruggable is a two-piece system that is easy to clean.

Ruggable’s removable Rug Cover (the pretty, “designed” part of the rug) is 100% machine-washable, water-resistant and stain-resistant.

It attaches to a nonslip Ruggable Rug Pad using the Cling Effect®; technology (which is basically like velcro).

No, they give you a comfort of options.

The Classic Rug Pad

The Classic Rug Pad is 1/8 of an inch thick and can work under doors or rolling furniture. The Classic pad is perfect for inside or outside use. But it’s best used for areas where you need doors to pass over or to use with rolling furniture like desk chairs.

This rug pad works in even high foot traffic area!

Personally, we use the Classic Pad everywhere. It’s just what works best for our spaces. It also has a cleaner look, in our opinion.

Cushioned Rug Pad

Ruggable offers their new Cushioned Rug Pad, and it’s a game-changer for anyone looking for a softer rug.

Ruggable Reviews sometimes say they are comfortable enough – then get the cushioned padding.

The Rug Pad is designed to be a soft landing for your tired feet, and it’s also compatible with Ruggable’s existing Rug Covers.

This means you can change them up any time. The Cushioned Rug Pad offers extra padding in the spaces that need it most, like kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms.

We just don’t like that they aren’t super un-even. People have complained about their classic pads having lumps, but we haven’t had any problems with it whatsoever.

What we don’t love about Ruggable

  • Honestly, I have thought long and hard about this and the only thing I don’t love is that I just have one Ruggable rug! 
  • You can probably find cheaper rugs at IKEA or Target, but the prices are very fair.
  • It also can take a little longer for the rugs to be shipped. With current supply chain issues, it is taking about 2- 3 weeks to get rugs to your home.

Can you really machine wash Ruggable Rugs?

The answer is simply: yes. Ruggable is a machine washable rug. Really.

However, we’d warn you about applying any heavy-duty stain removers on the rug. Simply machine wash on the delicate cycle with a mild detergent.

Perfect for clothing… or area rugs!

We recommend The Laundress (read our full Laundress Review, too and use our Laundress Promo Code) to clean your Ruggable.

Ruggable recommends cleaning in cold water on a delicate cycle using a mild, non-bleach detergent (like Laundress). One wash and your rug will be as good as new. Our dining room rug has had more than one wash (as you can imagine – a dining room rug sees some spills!).

Can you Vacuum Ruggable Rugs?

Yes, Ruggable Rugs vacuum flawlessly, just like any other low-pile rug. In fact, our Ecovacs Deebot Vacuum (our robot vacuum) has no problem running over the Ruggable Rugs. It would get stuck on higher-pile rugs and has no problem navigating the standard mat.

Ruggable Review: Who is Ruggable product for?

Ruggable review: who is it for? People with dogs and kids!
Ruggable reviews: who is it for? It’s the perfect rug for anyone with pets (or a new puppy)… or kids and doesn’t want to deal with cleaning regular rugs. These area rugs are prefect for any family.

I think anyone with pets or children would particularly love Ruggable, but honestly anyone with a rug could switch it out for a Ruggable. 

I love to entertain at our house, but I like people to feel comfortable and not feel like they have to be overly careful. Ruggable allows you to feel relaxed about entertaining because you don’t need to worry about guests staining thousands of dollars in rugs. It also allows you to not worry about your kids or pets and their messes!

Pottery Barn Rugs vs. Ruggable: How do they compare?

Both Pottery Barn and Ruggable make a beautiful rug. They really do. But, of course, Ruggable is the only machine washable rug of the two.

Just to put into comparison: this Pottery Barn 8 x 10 rug is on sale for $679 (typically $799).

Not nearly as good as a Ruggable Rug – and more expensive! In this Ruggable Review post, we hope to show you that you can get the looks with the functionality on the top layer. Modern and the top layer is all people care about.

It is designed to be easy to clean, but it is not washable. It’s a “regular rug” not like Ruggable’s machine washable rugs.

Compare it to this Ruggable rug:

Ruggable 8 x 10 rug. They even have Jonathan Adler designs today – that’s just the cover – and yes they can be washed, too.

This similar 8 x 10 rug is only $399 with free shipping.

Ruggable Review: What’s included in each rug

When you purchase a Ruggable System you get both the rug and the rug pad.

The Ruggable Rug (top) and the rug pad (the black pad underneath). They connect with Velcro.

The rug is almost like the weight of a towel but it sticks to the rug pad making it nice and thick. When the rug is connected to the rug pad the Ruggable feels and looks the exact same as a traditional rug.  When the rug is dirty you just peel it off the rug pad and throw it in the washing machine!

We’ll post full instructions on How to Wash Ruggable soon.

Ruggable Review: The styles

Ruggable has a surprising amount of styles: ranging from traditional to even Disney and Star Wars-inspired styles. Yes, you read that correctly. See this Star Wars style:

Ruggable Style: They even have interesting Star Wars rugs!

Of course, Ruggable has more traditional and modern styles, too:

We actually used to have a normal rug almost exactly like this, but it wasn’t a Ruggable Rug.

We wish Ruggable was around earlier, because we had a rug almost exactly like this one, but we had to throw it away because it got so stained. 😢

Even traditional designs for the rug cover

They even have very traditional style rugs, like this one below, that look great (if that is your style):

Ruggable Review: Traditional Styles
Ruggable Review: Even more traditional styles.

You can’t go wrong with the Ruggable Styles. The only thing they do NOT have are super shaggy carpets, but those would be impossible to clean. Check out Ruggable Best Sellers to get a great idea of their most popular rugs.

We, personally love Ruggable. As of right now, we have 7 Ruggables in our home – soon to be 8. We’re about to add a new one to our outdoor patio. Be sure to keep an eye on this page and we’ll update you on how the outdoor ruggable works!

The first ruggable we got was in one of the most high traffic areas in the home.

Ruggable Reviews: Ruggable Rug Outdoor

A thinner rug cover for outdoors.

Not only do we love Ruggable inside, we love the Ruggable Out Rugs, why?

Just like the indoor rugs are washable the Ruggable Outdoor Rugs are ALSO washable. Seriously, I would never think about having a carpet outside or a rug outside before Ruggable.

See our Backyard Ideas for more and see our Outer Furniture Review for the beautiful furniture you see on top of the Ruggable Outdoor Rug!

Ruggable Review: The Final Verdict.

Calling all rug owners!!! Surrender your stained, dirty, gross rugs and replace them with Ruggable! I seriously wish I had known about Ruggable 5 years ago because it would have saved me so much money! I can’t wait to replace all of my traditional rugs with Ruggables!

The Only Rugs In Our Home
Ruggable Washable Rugs

Yes, it's true - there is such a thing as a washable rug... and it looks like a regular rug. People are stunned when they tour our home and we tell them about Ruggable. They are also incredibly affordable.

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Are Ruggable Rugs good for pets?

Yes, Ruggable rugs are designed to be pet-friendly! They are made of a machine-washable and dryer-safe fabric, so you can easily clean them if they get dirty. Plus, the non-slip backing helps keep your rug in place even when your pet is running around.

Are Ruggable Rugs good for kids?

Yes, Ruggable rugs are great for kids! They are designed to be washable and easily cleaned, which is perfect for families with children. Plus, the soft fabric is comfortable under their feet and makes playing on the floor more fun.

Can you buy Ruggable in-store?

Unfortunately, at this time Ruggable is only available online through their website. They used to have a retail presence in Lowe’s stores nationwide, but we are no longer carried in their stores.

Do Ruggable Rugs work without the pad?

No, the Ruggable rug does not work without the Ruggable pad. The pads are designed to grip the floor and keep the rugs in place. They also provide cushioning and support. without the pads, your rugs will slip and slide around, and they will not be nearly as comfortable to walk on. Ruggable offers the option to buy without the pad for customers that want to change out the pads fr more designs in their home.

Will and 8 x 10 Ruggable fit in the washing machine?

Yes, an 8 x 10 Ruggable will fit in a standard washing machine. While the size may seem large, the rug cover is actually fairly thin. This makes it easy to wash without taking up too much space in the machine. Plus, Ruggable’s can be washed on any cycle, so you can customize your cleaning to best meet your needs. Just be sure to line dry or tumble dry on low heat to avoid shrinkage.

What is the Ruggable return policy?

If you’re not satisfied with your Ruggable purchase, they want to make it right. Ruggable offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our products. If for any reason you are not completely happy with your purchase, you can return it for a full refund (minus $25).
We’ve found their customer service to be VERY helpful, honestly.

We also love the Ruggable Outdoor Rugs, but also love this IKEA Runnen Decking for Outside, too.