KBO Breeze Step-Thru Review – A step up from the original?

KBO Breeze Step Through eBike Review: We’ve given you our honest review of the KBO Breeze eBike, but what about the Step-Thru model? Is the KBO Step-Thru any good? Take a deep dive into our honest KBO Breeze Step-Thu Review to find out! KBO Breeze Review: Meet commuter bike, packed with features at a budget …

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RadWagon 4 Review: The Ultimate Minivan of Electric Bikes (in the best way possible)

RadWagon 4 Review: The Rad Power Bikes RadWagon is a next-level hauler designed for those who are loading up to go somewhere, whether that’s taking the kids on a trip across town or a weekend visit to the hardware store or farmer’s market. With Radwagon 4 you can carry everything from groceries and children with …

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RadRover 6 Plus Electric Bike Preview: Can the best-selling eBike get even better?

RadRover 6 Plus Preview: The brand new RadRover 6 Plus Rad Power Bike is the next generation of the flagship fat tire model. The electric bike has an all-new geared hub motor that makes it easier to climb hills, high-performance hydraulic brakes for improved stopping power, and semi-integrated battery packs to give the RadRover 6 …

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5 reasons why the FreeForce Beach Cruiser electric bike is awesome for women

Women, have you been looking for the perfect electric bike, but overwhelmed by the choices? Well, look no further than the FreeForce Beach Cruiser Electric Bike. This beautiful and sleek bike is not only a joy to ride but it’s incredibly simple (in the best way possible). In this article, we cover 5 reasons why …

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Himiway Escape Review: More moped… or more mountain bike?

Himiway Escape Review: The Himiway Escape is called a “moped style electric bike.” But what is it REALLY? Keep reading our honest review to find out more. The bike weighs almost 100 pounds and features a suspension on both the front and back wheels for offroading. It also has tons of power so you don’t have …

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KBO Hurricane Review: Is the 36-pound electric bike any good?

KBO Hurricane Review: The KBO Hurricane electric bike is a light and stealthy electric that leads with its weight. At 36 pounds, it’s less than half the weight of other models – but does this make for an inferior product? We take a closer look in our honest review of the electric bicycle below. We …

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KBO Breeze Review: The “budget” eBike put to the test

KBO Breeze eBike Review: While you can’t call a $1,400 eBike a “budget” electric bike – it is less expensive and comes with some options that typically cost more on other electric brands. But is the KBO Breeze any good? Take a deep dive into our honest KBO Breeze Review to find out! We love …

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