Pegasus Scooter Review: Time for some ridiculous fun

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pegasus scooter review
Pegasus Electric Scooter Review: You’re going to have a blast!

Pegasus Scooter Review: Time for some ridiculous fun! The Pegasus is priced to be a thrilling, yet inexpensive dual-motor scooter. A fresh look that includes teal swingarm silver, accents, and wide tires, helps it stand out in a sea of boring, non-descript scooters.  

Varla Scooter: Amazingly fun scooters

Seriously, these scooters put others to shame. Super fun and a blast to ride.

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This electric scooter has a battery life good for about 28 miles using one motor (it actually has 2 500W motors, believe it or not). When using dual motors you’re going to get about 18-20 miles of range. If you are always going at the top speed then you will probably get even less.

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Introduction to the Varla Pegasus Electric Scooter

This scooter is ridiculously fun.

The Varla Pegasus Electric Scooter can be described in two words: ridiculously fun.

I’m new to the Scooter game, and I have to be honest – I wasn’t a huge fan of the rental scooters in the market. They seem slow and just not a lot of fun.

Other Experience with Electric Scooters

The Troxus Electric Scooter

We are huge fans of eBikes (see our RadRover 5 Review, RadWagon Review, KBO Breeze Review and more on our YouTube Channel), so it’s a natural progression to the world of eScooters.

The first e-scooter I tested was the Troxus T1 (read our full Troxus Scooter Review) and it’s a fine scooter. A good scooter about on part with the Lime Scooters and Spin Scooters in our city. It’s kinda like the Honda Civic of electric scooters – reliable and gets the job done.

If the Troxus T1 is the Honda Civic, the Pegasus Scooter is a Lamborgini – most of the time you have no need for that kind of power, but it sure is a ton of fun.

Different scooters will get you were you are going, but you’ll have a hard time having more fun.

Let’s dive into the special features that make this scooter so much fun.

Let’s talk about the first thing you’ll notice: speed

As I mentioned in our Troxus Scooter Review – going 15 MPH on a scooter doesn’t seem that fast. It may be because of the lower center of gravity – but it just doesn’t feel as fast going 15 MPH on an eBike (most eBikes are limited at 20 MPH – see more about eBike Classification.

When you first turn on the Varla Pegasus, one motor is turned on by default.

However, you can easily turn on “Max Mode” – which turns on power to both 500w motors. That’s when you can get up to the max speed of about 28 MPH.

How fast did we get the Pegasus?

We were able to get about 29 MPH in testing for this review.

Make sure to use a high-quality helmet, like the XNITO Helmet, due to the speed.

Thumb throttle

Yes, this eScooter goes on a while with the thumb throttle on the right handlebar. No need to push off to get started, it just goes with a flick of the thumb throttle.

Do the dual 500W motors make a difference?


Varla Pegasus has two 500W dual motor design with power output reaching 1600W. It’s one of the Pegasus features that blew my mind when trying it out for the first time.

I’ve never even heard of dual motor scooters before, but this is one of the best scooters I’ve tried (regardless of being a dual-motor scooter or not).

That’s ridiculous. Want to know why?

More Power than an Ebike

This beast of an eBike, the RadRover 5, only has 1 750W Motor. This eScooter has 2 500w motors. That’s 25% more motor for something a lot smaller.

This massive eBike only has 1 750 Watt Motor – the Pegasus has 2 500W motors!

And you can feel it. Going the top speed of 28 MPH standing inches from the ground in an exhilarating feeling. You can’t help but smile. It’s a super fun feeling to be gliding on a scooter, going that fast and feeling 100% in control.

Large LCD you can actually read in direct sunlight

The Pegasus eScooter has a giant, easy-to-read LCD Disaply.

The Pegasus display is an awesome display. Not only is the display large and informative is it also seeable in direct sunlight.

We believe that improved displays should become the standard on electric scooters like in the eBike world, we are truly seeing the future of scooters here.

My only pet peeve (and this isn’t only a problem with the Pegasus): how come no electric bikes have a clock on the LCD Display?!

Let’s talk about the ride quality

Solid, thick tires help stability.

Varla’s solid tires are regarded by many shoppers as the best selling point of the scooter. The big bonus of having solid tires is – you won’t see a flat tire or a leak.

Varla offers a great service and support which you’ll be satisfied with if you contact it. The best feature of the Varla pegasus is a pair of durable tires that will hold a constant touch with the rough roads for a long period of use.

These tires are really wide and sturdy. They are not as good, from an absorption standpoint as pneumatic tires (AKA regular tires), but I would have no idea how to repair the tires myself)

Pair that with a dual-suspension (one in each tire) and you get a really great ride.

I was surprised at how easy it was to ride and feel 100% in control, especially at higher speeds.

Extra brake pads should come standard with electric scooters (and eBikes, too)

Varla Pegasus comes with an 2 additional brake pad pairs, a spare kickstand, spare deck loop and lock.

Disc brakes are a great feature of electric scooters but they can quickly run under the brake pads, especially at higher speeds.

The dual disc brakes add to the riding experience and let you feel more comfortable reaching the top speed – that’s because these dual brakes work! Most electric scooters only have one disc brake, this one has two.

The included chain lock will allow it to get inside some quick coffee shops. There’s also a fabric covering that helps to protect chains from scratching your electric scooter.

Be very wary of using the lock, especially in high crime areas because it can be quickly broken with a bolt cutter. This isn’t the best lock that is included as a bonus, but it’s better than nothing.

High-quality silicone mat

The Varla Pegasus has a super high quality grip mat.

A thick silicone board on the Varla Pegasus is thick with a good pattern providing excellent traction.

The mat is secured to the surface and has an open edge to ensure it is never scratchy around. The only problem with the mat is that if you have to open the deck the mat will need to be removed first to work correctly. It is not the least issue to remove mats from decks.

Built-in kick plate

Kick plates are ideal for planting more weight at the rear tires for increased traction. In most situations, the kick plates are attached to the board but on the Pegasus, the kick plates are embedded in the deck. I love its clean design.

Upgrade lights for safe night riding

Front light really helps with night-time driving!

Most electrical scooters don’t have proper light for safe night riding. Most riders need an additional light if they plan on using a motorcycle at night. Mounting them higher into the handlebars helps eliminate more light to keep people out of danger at night. There are many good options for handlebar lighting options for the Varla Pegasus, but the light on this bike is awesome.

Battery Life: Respectable with the power

Obviously, anything that puts out this much power is going to be a little inefficient. You don’t buy a Lamborgini for its fuel efficiency. This is no different.

This electric scooter has a battery life good for about 28 miles using one motor. When using dual motors, you’re going to get about 18-20 miles of range. If you are always going at the top speed, you will probably get even less.

Self Locking Mechanism = Foldable

Another one of the unique features of the Varla Pegasus is that it folds in half and makes it to be easily storable. In fact, that’s how it is in my garage right now.

It may even make sense to fold the eBike when locking it up – as many people might struggle to figure out how to open it.

As my father-in-law (a former cop) always says, “Criminals are lazy… you don’t need to make whatever you have the hardest to steal, you just need to make it harder than the item (house, bike, scooter, whatever) NEXT to it to steal.”

What we don’t love about the Pegasus

While some have commented on the build quality, we found the build quality to be exceptional. But there are a few things that many riders may consider, too.

We weren’t aware of all the extra features/items in the box

There were some extra parts (like the extra brake pads) that we were very confused about in the box, when it came.

The instructions were OK – not the greatest, but we were able to put together the bike fairly easily.

28 Miles is good, but no option if you run out of juice

Range 28 Miles – going at an average speed – not top speed or off road.

At least with an eBike, you can pedal if you run out of juice.

Sure, you can always push it back to your house, but this isn’t the most convenient option when you’re in the middle of nowhere.

The Price

The Pegasus is about $1,200. For a little more, you can get something like the KBO Breeze or another electric bike that has a bit more utility.

That’s expensive for a scooter, we get it.

But if you want a versatile e-scooter that can literally do almost anything you throw at it – this is the one to check out.

Larger Riders

If you are a larger rider (above 180 pounds or so), you will get diminishing returns from this scooter, just because of physics.

This scooter wasn’t designed to handle a ton of weight at high speeds (it’s technically rated for a max of 280 pounds, with a recommended weight of under 250 pounds.

Pegasus Scooter Review: The final verdict

Fun. Fun. Fun.

The Varla Pegasus scooter will put a smile on your face.
  • $1,200
  • 28 MPH
  • 18 Mile Range
  • Street Legal
  • Perfect for City Commuters
  • Works well on city streets
  • Works well off road
  • Fun for recreational riding, too

The Pegasus is priced to be a thrilling, yet inexpensive dual-motor scooter. A fresh look that includes teal swingarm, silver accents, and wide tires, helps it stand out in a sea of coal-black scooters.

The Pegasus brings a lot of features you would expect from a premium product. The practical long-range performance could be better, but as you probably know by now – no one wants to settle for average or mediocre.

If you have the money and want one of the most versatile scooters on the market today – this is an obvious choice.

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