Troxus Electric Scooter Review: Half the price of an E-Bike

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troxus electric scooter review
Meet the Troxus T1 Electric Scooter

The Troxus T1 Electric Scooter is a lightweight, affordable, and fun way to go about your daily life. It’s half the price of an ebike – but has many of the same features!

This means that you can save money on transportation while still living your best life. With a battery range of up to 40 miles per charge and speeds up to 15 mph, this scooter is perfect for getting around town or commuting to work in style.

Troxus Electric Scooter Review – $550

An affordable, simple, well-designed scooter
  • 15 MPH Top Speed
  • Unique Dual Battery Design
  • 30-40 Mile Range
  • Only $550

We love other electric toys – see our RadRover 5 Review, our KBO Breeze Review and our Himiway Review.

Simply put: we can’t recommend the Troxus T1 Scooter after further review. We do like the Pegasus Scooter and you can also save some money on Rad Power Bikes with our Rad Power Bikes Discounts.

Video Troxus T1 Scooter Review

Troxus Electric Scooter: The basics

You may have been electric scooters like Lime and Spin all over your town that you can rent by the minute. But those minutes add up – and they can be tough to find.

The Troxus T1 is a great alternative to rental scooters.

So, what about purchasing your own electric scooter?

If you know anything about electric scooters, you know they are fun to ride, easy to operate and can be a great way to get around town.

The Troxus T1 could be a great scooter for exploring the city with or commuting to work or school, without breaking a sweat.

It reaches 15 MPH pretty quickly and has a range of 30-40 miles (depending on weight, usage, etc).

Troxus Electric Scooter: The T1 Features

The Troxus T1 has a couple of extra features beyond the basic scooter. Let’s dive in.

Dual Battery Design

The defining feature of the Troxus Electric Scooter is the dual battery design. Both batteries are hidden (one in the handlebars and one in the base). The battery in the handlebar can be removed within one second for easy charging anywhere – with the included battery charger.

Easily Foldable

The scooter is easily foldable for storage. In fact, as I’m writing this right now, it’s folded in our garage to save space.

Front and Rear Lights

The Troxus T1 also has integrated front and rear lights to make nighttime riding even easier.

The light on the front isn’t SUPER DUPER bright, but bright enough to use in the evening.

Hidden Kickstand

Need to prop up your scooter? There’s a hidden kickstand on the left side. Just pop it out and it stands on its own.

Cruise Control

I’m not sure how helpful this feature actually is, but if you hold down the throttle for 5 seconds, it will beep and go into cruise control – keeping you going at the same speed without pushing the throttle.

I didn’t realize this was a feature at first, so I was super confused as to why the scooter kept going after I let go of the throttle.

Don’t worry, it’s easy to stop it – just tap the brakes and it stops.

Three Different Modes

Want to slow it down or speed it up?

Double-click the power button to easily switch between ECO mode, Standard mode (D) and Sport mode (S).

Slightly waterpoof

While I wouldn’t recommend riding this into a hurricane, it is IP54 rated. What does that mean?

It’s rated for “Occasional off-roading; wet ground, mist/fog – Light, infrequent rain”

So – if you get caught in some showers, it won’t be a problem.

Who is the Troxus Scooter Designed for?

The Troxus Electric Scooter is perfect for the person that needs to commute in the city – that could be to school or to work.

The scooter is incredibly easy to operate – with only 1 button, a throttle, and a brake. That’s literally it.

If you want something dead simple, this scooter is for you.

It’s also great for the city – especially paved roads.

It would also be great if you need to use a scooter a lot. The Lime and Spin scooters are great when you need them – but what if you use one every single day? Even a 10-minute scooter ride could cost about $4 – ($1 to unlock and then $0.30 per minute) – and that’s just one way.

It doesn’t take much to add up to the price of a Troxus Scooter.

On top of that, sometimes these rental scooters can be hard to find.

Right now, the closest Spin scooter is a 15-minute walk away (and in kind of a shady place, too). I would never do that.

I wouldn’t go get this scooter, no way.

Who is the Troxus Scooter not designed for?

The Troxus scooter is not designed for anyone that can’t ride this scooter on paved roads all the time.

The scooter is a little bumpy on rough terrain and you’ll feel the bumps. As long as you’re in the city – it will be fine – but don’t even try to take this scooter offroading.

It’s not as fun as some of the other electric toys we’ve tested (like the RadRover 5 or KBO Breeze), but this is all about getting the job done and getting you from A to B with no frills, no chills and no surprises.

Sometimes that’s all you need.

15 MPH Top Speed

I usually don’t highlight this sort of thing, but the odd thing about going 15 MPH on a scooter is that it doesn’t feel as fast as going 15 MPH on an electric bike. And I have no idea why.

I guess the scooter’s low-profile makes it feel like you’re going a little slower.

That said, this is plenty fast for getting around on paved roads.

It’s an odd thing – but it’s not just with this electric scooter, it’s with every electric scooter. Maybe because you’re so close to the ground?

For some reason – an electric bike feels faster, even at the same speed.

Troxus Scooter Review – The Final Verdict

Troxus Electric Scooter Review – $550

Perfect for the person who wants to own a scooter
  • 15 MPH Top Speed
  • Unique Dual Battery Design
  • 30-40 Mile Range
  • Only $550

If you need a scooter to get around town with no drama, the Troxus is the one for you. It’s not flashy or super fast but it gets the job done and will save you money in the long run with its affordable price tag.

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