KBO eBikes Black Friday Promo – Save big $$

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KBO eBikes Black Friday: Looking to save some big bucks on KBO eBikes on Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Then check out this great deal on these amazing KBO eBikes.

We love KBO eBikes. Read our full KBO Breeze Review and our KBO Breeze Step Thru Review.

What’s the deal?

KBO eBike Black Friday and KBO Cyber Monday Sale

The deal is pretty simple: if you hurry, you can save $150 on any of the KBO eBikes for a limited time. After time runs out, you can still save $100.

However, you can save even more! If you want to buy two eBikes, you can save a massive $300! Yes, you read that correctly.

eBikes in Stock

The best news is that the KBO Breeze and KBO Breeze Step Thru is in stock now. Even better, they ship in 1-3 days after you order.

You can also pre-order the new KBO Ranger, too at this awesome Black Friday price!

Meet the KBO Breeze

  • Removable 48V, 16Ah lithium-ion battery with Samsung cells that meets your 55 mile commute.
  • The Shimano 7-speed gear shifter is made for your enjoyment and allows you to change gears as needed for riding over varied terrain.
  • The 500 watt brushless geared hub motor will let you sail through the city blocks and hills with ease!
  • For commuting, you’ll need an aluminum full fender and rear rack, which give you a more comfortable ride. Those are both included (and are both on our best eBike Accessories)

The KBO Breeze Step Thru

Newly redesigned to be even more awesome, this is a great eBike.

The KBO Breeze Step Thru is a great ebike designed for various riders. Riders with certain mobility issues or not very tall heights tend to be more comfortable on bikes with step-thru frames.

The KBO Breeze Step Thru is durable and comfortable, boasting an in-frame battery system, Shimano 7-speed shifter, and 500w brushless geared hub motor that will allow you to ride freely through the city blocks and hills just like the breeze.

Pre-Release: the KBO Ranger

Get ready for an exciting ride with the newest electric cargo bike on the market. This sleek and reliable bicycle is capable of transporting heavy items, delivering items, or carrying passengers up to 60 miles per charge!

The lithium-ion battery pack has enough power to go up to 60 miles. With Shimano 7 speed gears built into your handlebars; changing speeds will never be difficult while tackling any terrain – no matter how steep hills.

This powerful machine’s low center of gravity ensures stability at all times over rough terrains which also makes riding more enjoyable due to increased safety.

Preorder now

Questions about the KBO eBikes Black Friday promo?

Remember, KBO eBikes is only giving out the $150 savings for the first handful of people. Make sure to get an early start on the special Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale to make sure that you get the very best deal!

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