threadUP Review: Is it worth sending in your clothes?

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threadUP Review: Is it worth it?

threadUP is a neat idea. They say they are the best way to clean out your closet. It’s essentially an online consignment and thrift shop. But is it worth your time?

We sent 23 items – ranging from Perry Ellis to Buck Mason to Nike to Penguin to Champion – to see how much money we could make using threadUP.

threadUP Review: some of the clothes we sent.

Now, granted, we weren’t really doing it for the money. We didn’t expect to get a lot of money from it. But what we actually got surprised us.

How do you send clothes to threadUP?

Sending your clothes into threadUP is really easy. The website calls it “upcycling,” and it’s pretty easy:

They now have two options: one to earn cash or store credit or another to donate to another charity. That’s pretty cool.

It’s important to note that threadUP says on their website that they are very picking in what clothes they accept and what they don’t. We read that very clearly and sent in nice clothes (and some not so great ones, just because it didn’t hurt to send in additional clothes).

We sent in our threadUP kit and it was received February 6th, 2019. On March 7th we got the email alerting us how much it was all worth. This is where the shock factor came in.

How much can you make with threadUP?

As I mentioned, we didn’t expect to make a lot. I would have been happy with $20 – $50. But you can imagine my surprise when I got the email notifying me how much I made from my clothes on threadUP.

That’s a big fat NOTHING. Nada. Zilch. Zero. 0.

Not a dime. Let’s zoom in to make sure:

Whoa, that’s still correct. I got paid nothing at all.

That’s incredible. I can’t believe it.

Here’s the thing: we really wanted to like threadUP. The idea was great: less clothes get thrown away and you can make a buck or two. But the execution was terrible.

I went around the internets to find what others made. Here are some of the quick other payouts I found:

Looks like the same song, different verse. It’s tough to get paid on threadUP.

Is threadUP worth it?

We have to say it’s not. Because we don’t recommend sending your clothes to threadUP, we can’t recommend buying clothes there, either.

If you do try thredUP, best of luck to you.

threadUP alternatives – what else can you try?

The good news is that there are a lot of other websites like Poshmark, Ebay or Facebook Marketplace.

Have a different result or any questions? Please let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Thanks for giving alternative shopping suggestions. I’ve bought a lot, A LOT, of clothing from ThredUP. I was very happy with my purchases until I read your review.


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