Duer Promo Code

Duer Discount Code – $25 Coupon Code – Updated April 2019

We recently tried Duer Jeans and we love them! Check out our full Duer Jean Review. We also have an awesome Duer discount code to get $25 off your next order. It’s your chance to get a great Duer Discount on their awesome products.

Duer Discount Code - $25 Coupon Code - Updated April 2019 l2x110_1
Looking for a Duer Promo Code or Duer Discount Code? We’ve got one a great coupon code for you!

What is Duer? They take everything you love about Jeans and make them even better:

  • They use what is called L2X™ Performance Denim. What the heck does that mean? Their jeans are 30% lighter and stronger than regular denim.
  • The pants are also super stretchy (5x more stretchy than regular denim)
  • They have COOLMAX™ to be moisture wicking.
  • In short, they are just really comfortable! 

We’ll post our review as soon as it’s done, but wanted to get the Duer promo code in your hands ASAP. Don’t worry – Duer also has women’s items, too!

Use our Duer Promo Code now by clicking this link