Velotric Packer 1 Review: A eBike Family Affair

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Velotric Packer 1 Review
We love Velotric electric bikes. As you’ll see in our Velotric Packer 1 Review, this one is no exception.
Our new favorite cargo bike
Velotric Packer 1 E-Bike

The Packer 1 is a new player in the cargo eBike scene. We simply love it.

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Packer 1 Pros:

  • High Payload Capacity: Can carry up to 440 lbs, making it ideal for hauling cargo or even an extra passenger.
  • Speed and Range: Goes up to 20 mph and can be unlocked to reach 25 mph, with a max range of 52 miles.
  • Safety Features: Comes with hydraulic suspension and disc brakes, along with multiple safety certifications.
  • Smart Tech: Integrated with Apple Find My™ technology and features a 3.5″ LCD display with USB charging.
  • Customization: Offers a wide range of accessories for both comfort and utility.
  • Kid-Approved: Passed the discerning taste test of a four-year-old.

Packer 1 Cons:

  • Low Ground Clearance: May not be suitable for off-road or uneven terrain.
  • Gearing: Some riders find it “too easy” to pedal, which could be a downside for those looking for a workout.
  • Accessory Costs: While customization is a plus, the cost of additional accessories can add up.

Velotric Packer 1 Review: A Family Ride Like No Other

Picture this: a sunny afternoon, the wind in your hair, and the open road ahead. Sounds like the perfect setting for a bike ride, doesn’t it? But wait, we’re not talking about just any bike ride; we’re talking about an eBike experience that’s a family affair.

Meet the Velotric Packer 1, an eBike that promises to change how you think about cycling. And to make this review a smidgen more interesting, I’ve got my four-year-old co-pilot, Scarlett, riding shotgun. Why? Because let’s face it, if a bike can win over a preschooler, it’s already halfway to winning the rest of us over.

So, buckle up—or should I say, strap on your helmets—as we take the Velotric Packer 1 for a spin and answer the burning question: Is this eBike worth your hard-earned cash? Spoiler alert: It’s not just about the bike; it’s about the memories you’ll make while riding it. Let’s dive in (and watch our Youtube Review, too).

Overview: Velotric Packer 1 eBike – The Heavy-Duty Hauler

Velotric Packer 1 Review: Great!

The Velotric Packer 1 is a cargo eBike designed to be your go-to for all your hauling needs. Priced at $1,899 (down from its regular price of $1,999), this eBike is all about versatility and power. It comes in two colors: Indigo Gray and Sky Blue, and offers a bundle deal that includes a seat pad, safety balustrade, footrest, and front basket for $2,159.

Key Features

Payload and Speed

  • Payload Capacity: 440 lbs
  • Rear Cargo Carry Capacity: 176 lbs
  • Top Speed: 20 mph (can be unlocked to 25 mph)
  • Max Range: 52 miles

Motor and Battery

  • Motor: 750W peak, 1200W rated
  • Battery: 48V 14.4Ah with LG cells

Safety and Comfort

  • Hydraulic suspension with 80 mm of travel
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • IPX6 rated, ISO4210 compliant, UL 2271 recognized, and UL 2849 certified

Smart Features

  • Apple Find My™ integration for easy tracking
  • 3.5″ LCD display with USB charging


  • A wide range of accessories to make the bike your own, from seat pads to storage options.

Why Velotric? The Brand That Checks All the Boxes

So you’re in the market for an eBike, and you’re drowning in options. Brands are throwing jargon at you like “lithium-ion batteries,” “payload capacity,” and “hydraulic disc brakes.” It’s enough to make your head spin. But let’s pump the brakes for a second and talk about why Velotric should be at the top of your list.

Quality Meets Affordability

Looking for a great deal? In our Velotric Packer 1 Review, we’ll help you decide.

First off, let’s talk money. The Velotric Packer 1 comes in at $1,899, down from its regular price of $1,999. Now, I know what you’re thinking: “That’s still a pretty penny!” True, but consider what you’re getting for that price—a heavy-duty cargo eBike that can haul everything but the kitchen sink.

Safety First, Always

You wouldn’t drive a car without seatbelts, so why ride an eBike that skimps on safety? The Packer 1 is IPX6 rated, ISO4210 compliant, UL 2271 recognized, and UL 2849 certified. If that sounds like alphabet soup to you, just know this: it means the bike has passed a bunch of tests that make sure it’s as safe as a vault.

Customization Galore

Let’s face it, we all like to add a personal touch to our rides. Whether it’s a fuzzy dice hanging from the rearview mirror of your car or a custom paint job on your skateboard, individuality matters. Velotric gets that.

Why Velotric?

So, why Velotric? Because it’s the eBike that doesn’t make you choose between quality, safety, smart features, and customization. It gives you all of it, wrapped up in one sleek package. And honestly, what more could you ask for?

Key Features: The Nuts and Bolts of the Velotric Packer 1

Alright, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. You’ve heard the sales pitch, but what exactly are you getting when you invest in a Velotric Packer 1? Spoiler: It’s a lot more than just a set of wheels.

Payload and Speed: The Heavy Lifters

Ever tried to carry groceries, a toddler, and the family dog all at once? Yeah, me neither. But with the Packer 1, you could.

This eBike boasts a whopping 440 lbs payload capacity. That’s like carrying a baby elephant… okay, maybe not, but you get the point. And if you’re worried about speed, don’t be. This baby can go up to 20 mph and can be unlocked to hit 25 mph. So, whether you’re late for a meeting or just racing the neighbor’s kid, you’re covered.

Motor and Battery: The Heart and Soul

The Packer 1 is powered by a 750W peak, 1200W rated motor. In layman’s terms, that’s a lot of juice. And speaking of juice, the battery is a 48V 14.4Ah with LG cells. What does that mean? It means you can ride up to 52 miles without having to recharge. That’s like going from Manhattan to the Hamptons without breaking a sweat.

Safety and Comfort: Your Personal Bodyguards

Safety isn’t just a buzzword for Velotric; it’s a commitment. The bike comes with hydraulic suspension offering 80 mm of travel, ensuring a smooth ride even on bumpy roads. And let’s not forget the hydraulic disc brakes, which are basically the eBike equivalent of an emergency parachute—reliable and quick to act.

Smart Features: Because It’s 2023, People!

In an age where even your fridge can connect to the internet, why should your eBike be any different? The Packer 1 comes with Apple Find My™ integration, allowing you to track your bike’s location at all times. Lost your bike at a festival? No problem. Can’t remember where you parked at the mall? Sorted. It’s like having a “Find My iPhone” but for your bike.

Customization: Make It Yours

Last but not least, let’s talk about making this bike truly yours. Velotric offers a plethora of accessories, from seat pads to front baskets. Want to turn your eBike into a mobile storage unit? You can. Prefer to make it a comfy ride for the kiddos? Done. The possibilities are as endless as a summer day.

So there you have it—the key features that make the Velotric Packer 1 more than just another eBike. It’s a lifestyle choice, a statement, and most importantly, a reliable companion for all your adventures.

Apple Find My™: Never Lose Your Bike Again

Remember the days when you’d forget where you parked your bike and spend what felt like hours wandering around, clicking your bike lock in hopes of hearing it beep? Those days are over. The Packer 1 comes with built-in Apple Find My™ technology.

Just add your eBike to your list of devices in the Find My app, and voila! You can now track your bike’s location in real-time. It’s like having a personal bike detective, minus the trench coat and magnifying glass.

LCD Display: Your Bike’s Control Center

The Packer 1 features a 3.5″ LCD display that’s not just for show. This is your bike’s control center, giving you all the info you need at a glance. From speed and battery level to assist settings, it’s all there. And the cherry on top? It comes with a USB charging port, so you can keep your devices juiced up while you ride. Because let’s face it, a ride without tunes is like a pizza without cheese—just not the same.

USB Charging: Power Up On the Go

Speaking of keeping your devices charged, the Packer 1’s LCD display comes with a USB port for external devices. Whether it’s your phone that needs a quick battery boost or a portable speaker to keep the party going, you’re covered. It’s like having a portable power bank that also happens to be an eBike.

The Downsides: No Bike is Perfect, But This One’s Close

Alright, let’s take off the rose-colored glasses for a moment. As much as we’d love to believe the Velotric Packer 1 is the eBike equivalent of a unicorn—magical and flawless—it’s not. Every bike has its downsides, and it’s only fair we talk about them. So, what are the chinks in the Packer 1’s armor?

Ground Clearance: Watch Out for Those Bumps

One of the first things you might notice is that the Packer 1 sits a bit low. While this isn’t a deal-breaker for city streets and smooth bike paths, it could be a hiccup if you’re planning to take this bad boy off-road or over uneven terrain. It’s not exactly a mountain goat, if you catch my drift.

Gearing: Sometimes It’s Just “Too Easy”

Another point to consider is the gearing. Some riders have mentioned that it sometimes feels “too easy” to pedal. While that might sound like a weird complaint (since when is life being too easy a problem, right?), it could mean you’re not getting the workout you might want from a bike ride. But hey, it’s an eBike, not a gym membership.

Accessory Costs: The Extras Add Up

Lastly, let’s talk about the add-ons. Sure, the Packer 1 offers a ton of customization options, but those extras aren’t free. If you’re looking to deck out your bike with all the bells and whistles, be prepared for the price tag to climb. It’s like going to a fancy restaurant and realizing the side dishes cost extra.

The Takeaway

So, are these deal-breakers? Not by a long shot. Every product has its quirks, and what might be a downside for one person could be a non-issue for another. The key is to weigh these points against all the fantastic features the Packer 1 offers. And when you do that, it’s clear that the pros far outweigh the cons.

In the grand scheme of things, these downsides are more like minor speed bumps on an otherwise smooth road. So, if you can live with a few imperfections, the Velotric Packer 1 might just be the eBike of your dreams.

Accessories Galore: Pimp Your Ride, Velotric Style

So you’ve got your Velotric Packer 1, and you’re loving it. But maybe you’re thinking, “How can I make this already awesome eBike even better?” Well, my friend, you’re in luck. Velotric offers a smorgasbord of accessories that can turn your Packer 1 into the Swiss Army knife of eBikes. Let’s dive into the goodies.

For the Kiddos: Safety and Comfort

Got little ones you want to take along for the ride? Velotric has you covered with child safety balustrades and seat pads. These aren’t just chunks of foam; they’re designed for maximum comfort and safety. It’s like turning the back of your eBike into a mini-luxury sedan for your kids.

For the Gearheads: Storage Solutions

If you’re the type who never leaves home without a backpack full of “just-in-case” items, Velotric’s range of storage options is for you. From front baskets to rear baskets, you can turn your Packer 1 into a cargo-hauling machine. It’s like having a pickup truck on two wheels.

For the Safety-Conscious: Helmets and More

Let’s not forget about the most important accessory of all: safety gear. Velotric offers a range of helmets to keep that noggin protected. And these aren’t your run-of-the-mill helmets; they’re Lumos MIPS helmets, designed for maximum impact protection. It’s like having an airbag for your head.

Want to check out some other helmets? Check our Thousand Helmet Review and our XNITO Review.

The Bottom Line

Accessories can make or break an eBike experience, and Velotric knows this. That’s why they offer a wide range of add-ons to suit every need and lifestyle. Whether you’re a parent, an adventurer, or just someone who loves to have all the latest gadgets, there’s something for you in Velotric’s accessory lineup.

So go ahead, pimp your ride and make the Velotric Packer 1 truly yours. After all, life’s too short for a one-size-fits-all eBike.

Comparisons: The Velotric Packer 1 vs. The World

So you’re almost sold on the Velotric Packer 1, but you’re a savvy shopper. You want to know how it stacks up against the competition. Fair enough! Let’s put this eBike in the ring with some of its rivals and see who comes out on top.

Aventon Abound vs. Velotric Packer 1

The Similarities

Both bikes come with hydraulic brakes and similar motors, making them strong contenders in the performance department.

The Differences

Where the Packer 1 shines is in its configurability and aesthetics. While the Aventon Abound is no slouch, the Packer 1 offers more options for customization and, let’s be honest, it just looks cooler.

Read our Aventon Abound Review and our Aventon eBikes Review.

Rad Wagon 4 vs. Velotric Packer 1

The Similarities

Both bikes are designed for cargo-hauling and come with a range of accessories to make your ride as convenient as possible.

The Differences

The Packer 1 takes the cake when it comes to size and design. It’s more compact, making it easier to navigate through city streets, and its sleek design is more eye-catching.

Read our RadWagon 4 Review and Rad Power Bikes Review.

The Verdict

While each of these bikes has its merits, the Velotric Packer 1 holds its own and then some. Whether it’s the range of customization options, the built-in tech features, or just the sheer cool factor, the Packer 1 is a strong contender in the eBike market.

So, if you’re on the fence about which eBike to choose, consider this: The Velotric Packer 1 doesn’t just meet the standard features you’d expect from a high-quality eBike; it exceeds them. And in a world where settling for “good enough” is all too common, isn’t it nice to know there’s an option that aims for exceptional?

Kid’s Perspective: Through the Eyes of a Four-Year-Old

Let’s switch gears for a moment and get a fresh perspective on the Velotric Packer 1. And who better to give us that perspective than a four-year-old? That’s right, my daughter Scarlett took a ride on this eBike, and she’s got some thoughts to share.

The Good: “It’s Fast!”

In the words of Scarlett, this bike is “fast!” And let’s be honest, if a four-year-old notices the speed, you know it’s got some zip. It’s like riding a roller coaster but without the long lines and overpriced snacks.

The Not-So-Good: “I Like the Other Color Better”

While Scarlett enjoyed the ride, she did have one critique: she prefers the color of the Aventon Abound. Kids have their priorities, and apparently, color ranks high on the list. It’s like choosing a lollipop—flavor is important, but color is a deal-breaker.

The 4-year-old’s Verdict: “It’s My Second Favorite!”

When asked to rank the Velotric Packer 1, Scarlett declared it her “second favorite” bike. Considering the number of bikes she’s been on, that’s high praise. It’s like being the runner-up in a kiddie version of “America’s Got Talent.”

Parent’s Takeaway

Our new favorite cargo bike
Velotric Packer 1 E-Bike

The Packer 1 is a new player in the cargo eBike scene. We simply love it.

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If you’re a parent, you know that kids are the ultimate litmus test for, well, pretty much everything. If it passes the kid test, it’s usually a winner. And the Velotric Packer 1 passed with flying colors—well, almost. It might not have been Scarlett’s top pick for color, but it won her over in every other way.

So there you have it. The Velotric Packer 1 is kid-tested and parent-approved. And if it can win over a discerning four-year-old, it’s got a pretty good shot at winning you over too.

Also, check out our Velotric Promo Code, too, and save even more.


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