Urban Air Membership: How to cancel Urban Air and should you buy an Urban Air Membership 1

Urban Air Membership: How to cancel Urban Air and should you buy an Urban Air Membership

Before you buy an Urban Air Membership, learn the three “hidden” ways to really cancel Urban Air Membership. You might be surprised.

Before we go any further: this isn’t an Urban Air hit piece. We actually really like Urban Air. However, we recently tried to cancel Urban Air Membership and were a bit surprised by what we found.

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Teddy loves Urban Air!

If you’ve got kids, you’ve probably at least heard of Urban Air – the indoor trampoline park that has countless trampolines, bouncing structures, foam pits and even go carts and a “Sky Coaster” (in some locations). In Colorado, it has been a great respite for us during the winter months. Once you step foot into an Urban Air Park (or even the Urban Air Website): you are hit over the head with option for Urban Air Memberships – promising a $1,260 value for only $20.99/month. Should you buy an Urban Air Membership and how do you cancel Urban Air Membership? Read on to find out more.

Should you buy an Urban Air Membership?

This is the first question you should ask yourself. Before COVID-19, this was a much easier question to ask (and make sure to read about how to cancel your Urban Air Membership BEFORE buying a membership, below).

For us, before COVID-19, this was a really easy decision. We pay $7.99/month for the cheapest membership – The Basic Membership – both of our kids are under 5, so we took advantage of their little Toddler’s play time. Each time we went, it was $9.99, so it was a no brainer. They aren’t big enough to go any other time, so paying LESS monthly to go ONE time a month was a no brainer… until COVID hit.

Urban Air Membership: How to cancel Urban Air and should you buy an Urban Air Membership cancel-urban-air-membership-768x1024

Then, Urban Air closed and did the right thing: they paused our membership. However, when they re-opened, they restarted our membership. That’s what led us to look into the next session.

How to Cancel Urban Air Membership

This is where things get tricky. In your membership agreement, which no one ever reads (including us!), you signed up for a full year of Urban Air Membership.

In their membership agreement it says:

“MEMBERSHIP CANCELLATION. YOU MAY NOT CANCEL YOUR MEMBERSHIP DURING THE 12-MONTH INITIAL TERM EXCEPT AS PROVIDED HEREIN. After your 12-month Initial Term, you may cancel your membership at any time online at www.urbanairmembership.com.”

In short, there are 3 reasons (from my non-legal understanding – use at your own risk, I’m not a lawyer!) you can cancel Urban Air Membership:

  1. Death
  2. Disability
  3. You move more than 25 miles away from the location.

Notice what’s not in there? A global pandemic.

We thought it was odd when we called and it led us to a web form, but I’d bet we’re not the only people that have the same request. But it looks like, unless you want to lawyer up, you are stuck paying for the Urban Air Membership until you’ve paid for 12 months. If you signed the agreement, it looks like it’s really difficult to cancel Urban air unless you’ve reached the 12 months or can cancel Urban Air for one of the three reasons listed above.

Urban Air Membership: Why is it like this?

I get it. If I was Urban Air, I’d probably have the same 12 month clause in my agreement, too. You know that if they didn’t – parents (and kids) would use it for Spring Break or Summer Break or Christmas Break and then turn around and cancel it.

We really loved going to Urban Air and I understand that all businesses are struggling now. We felt like it was a relatively clean and safe place to take the kids when they needed to get some energy out. Especially in the winter, you couldn’t beat the indoors (in Colorado!).

We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Urban Air again once you feel its safe for your kids to be in such close proximity to other kids again. It’s a great place, with fair prices and a clean environment.

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