Rothy's Promo Code

Rothy’s Promo Code

We just posted our full Rothy’s Review, but we first posted this page to make sure you could easily find a promo code for Rothy’s. To get $20 off your order, simply use our Rothy’s Shoes Promo Code by clicking this link.

Rothys Promo Code

If you aren’t aware of the brand, Rothy’s is reinventing the way you look at women’s footwear. Not only are their product comfortable, but they are also sustainable! Don’t miss our full review of Rothy’s.  If you don’t have time – here are some of the great reasons we love Rothy’s and why you probably want a Rothy’s Coupon Code:

  • Rothy’s are super comfortable! They have a minimalist design but still, are super comfortable. 
  • Rothy’s Flats get all of the attention, but we also loved Rothy’s Sneakers. They have great, simple style and are also comfortable.
  • You can wash Rothy’s!!!! That is a game changer with two little ones around the house. You can spot clean your Rothy’s shoes when you get a little spot, but when it’s time to really clean them, you can toss them in the washer.
  • Rothy’s are made from recycled water bottles…yes, really. How can that be comfortable? I have no idea, but they are!
rothys promo code
Rothy’s Promo Code: Use it on Rothy’s Sneakers!

Make sure to use our Rothys Promo Code to get $20 off your order and read our full Rothy’s Review.

How do you use our Rothy’s Promo Code?

There actually isn’t a Rothys promo code, just use this link. Rothy’s is a little different than most promo or discount codes. You’ll see the discount in your cart.

If you have any problems at all with our Promo Code for Rothy’s, just let us know in the comments below. We hope you like shoes as much as we did!

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