Bombas Sock Review - Did they finally make the perfect sock? 1

Bombas Sock Review – Did they finally make the perfect sock?

Bombas Sock Review: You may have seen the cute Bombas Bee or seen Bombas on Shark Tank and wondered, “Are these socks any good?” We give you our full and honest review of a ton of different Bombas Socks!

Bombas: The best socks for people who hate socks

Bombas Sock Review - Did they finally make the perfect sock? 2

What you need to know: A great pair of socks

  • Super Soft
  • A Wide Variety of Colors/Styles
  • Great, social mission
  • High-quality socks that last
  • Incredible customer service

We dive into the Bombas No Show Socks, Bombas Performance Running Socks, Bombas Merino Wool Socks and many more!

bombas socks review - we test all of these pairs!
Bombas Socks Review: Are the premium socks worth it?

Full Transparency: Bombas gave us these amazing socks, and this blog post has affiliate links so I’ll receive some compensation if you purchase from our links. But we would never give you anything less than 100% honesty about how we feel about them, even for all the free socks in the world. 

What if you hate socks?

We have a confession to make: we typically hate socks and don’t usually wear them. You may be saying, “how is that even possible? Don’t your feet stink all of time?”

Well, when you wear Allbirds – they really don’t make your feet stick! Read our full honest Allbirds Review to learn more.

Also, check out our Giesswein Review and Suavs Shoe Review of other great shoes you can wear without socks.

But when we had the chance to review Bombas Socks – we jumped on it (no pun intended). After all, we still wear socks sometimes!

👍🏻What We Love👎🏻What We Don’t Love
– Fun colors and super comfortable.
– Supports a great cause – donating over 34 million socks!
– Comfortable and a variety of sizes.
– Super soft.
– Tons of styles.
– Great customer service.
– Can be a little on the expensive side.

Bombas Socks Review: Why Bombas?

Bombas Sock Review - Did they finally make the perfect sock? 3
The Bombas Bee

A pair of socks that do good? These ones do!

Bombas has donated over 48 million pairs of socks – mostly to people in homeless shelters. They believe that all people deserve clean socks no matter their circumstances – and we love that mission. They say that new clothes at homeless shelters has reached an all-time high and they are doing their best to give a pair of Bombas to a homeless shelter for every pair of Bombas purchased.

So it sounds like a great company, but what about their socks? Read on to find out what Bombas Socks we tried and what we loved.

Bombas Sock Review - Did they finally make the perfect sock? 4
We love Bombas Mission!

You can read more about our social good products we review (not just sustainable but also products that just do good for others).

What Bombas Socks We Tried

We got the chance to try a lot of different socks! Here’s the full list:

  • Men’s Cushioned No Show Socks
  • Men’s Merino Wool Calf Socks
  • Women’s Lightweight No Shows
  • Women’s Merino Wool Originals Calf Socks
  • Women’s Originals Ankle Socks
  • Women’s Performance Running Ankle Socks
  • Women’s Space Dye Ankle Socks

What we love about bombas socks

Bombas Sock Review - Did they finally make the perfect sock? 5
Bombas Socks Review: So Dreamy!

Besides the mission of Bombas, there are so many great things about Bombas Socks.

  • Bombas has so many different color and style options! They have something for everyone including men, women and even kids. They also have packs that fit into our incredibly minimal color wardrobe and packs that take us out of our comfort zone with fun and happy colors.
  • The comfort of Bombas is amazing! These are very plush high-quality socks.  The ankle socks have nice tabs that cover the back of your ankle and the socks all feel very luxurious.  
  • The Bombas no show socks blew us away. Typically no show socks have a “sock thread count” (not a real thing but you get the idea) of 50, these have a “sock thread count” of 1000. The material is soft, luxurious and best of all they actually stay on your foot! They also just feel like normal socks – some no show socks feel thinner than normal socks.
  • The merino wool socks are soft. How is this possible? Living in Colorado we have quite the collection of wool socks and none of them are soft. They are all scratchy and uncomfortable but you know desperate times and all that. Bombas wool socks are actually so comfortable. They are our new go-to boot socks (and Chukka Socks), for sure!

The best part of Bombas: The happiness guarantee

Bombas Sock Review - Did they finally make the perfect sock? 6

Sure, you might want to spend a little bit less on socks – we get it. The price can be a bit high for a pair of socks. That’s where the Bombas happiness guarantee comes in. Here’s what they say:

The Happiness Guarantee ensures that we will do what it takes for you to be satisfied with your Bombas, whatever it takes. If your socks don’t fit, we’ll help you return or exchange. If your shirt develops a hole, we’ll replace it. Dog chewed up your socks, we’ll replace them.

We’ve actually put the Bombas to the test: my wife ordered some bombas gripper socks and they were too small – but she had worn them several times. Guess what? We simply emailed their customer support and they arranged for an exchange – months after purchase.

We love companies that have a great customer service policy.

Not only has Bombas created a great sock, but they’ve also created a great company!

What we don’t love about Bombas socks

Bombas Sock Review - Did they finally make the perfect sock? 7
What don’t we love about Bombas? Well, feet are always a little gross. 😂
  • The price is a little high for socks, but we feel like this is one of those things that you get what you pay for. The quality will make them last a long time, they will probably be your favorite socks in your drawer and you are also giving someone in need a pair for every pair you buy. 

Honeycomb Arch Support System – What’s the big idea?

Here’s what bombas says about the honeycomb arch system:

Our Honeycomb Support System cradles the arch of your foot, like a firm but comfortable hug around your midfoot.

In short, what this does is help the sock stay on in the middle of your foot a little better. This has never been a problem for me, but it’s all good!

Bombas Merino Wool Socks

Merino Wool is almost magic. It’s breathable, lightweight, moisture-wicking, and odor resistant. Oh yea, and they are incredibly soft. We’ve done a full review of the Best Wool Socks and we found Bombas to be a tie with Myles Apparel’s Socks.

How they compare to other Merino Socks

Bombas socks are a little thicker – which is totally fine – and a lot softer.

Bombas Sock Review - Did they finally make the perfect sock? 8

If you need a warmer, softer pair of wool socks, look no further than the Bombas Merino Socks. You simply can’t go wrong.

Bombas No Show Sock Review – Deep Dive

No-show socks are tough.

We’ve tried “No Show” socks from a variety of different companies, from cheap-o Fruit of the Loom to more expensive versions like Mack Weldon. No Show Socks are simply tough – they either end up being too aggressively no show and end up slipping down your foot or too aggressive on comfort and you see the sock.

Bombas Sock Review - Did they finally make the perfect sock? 9
Bombas No Show Review: The difference is the quality and the grip.

We think that Bombas hit the perfect balance here. The socks are the perfect thickness AND they have the grip “print” (I’m not sure what it’s called) to make sure they stay on your foot.

After wearing them for a while in a pair of shoes, the moment of truth came: would they still be on my foot?

Bombas Sock Review - Did they finally make the perfect sock? 10

Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner!! These still fit perfectly on the foot, even after wearing shoes for a couple of hours.

Bombas Gripper Socks Review: Perfect for Pilates!

Bombas Sock Review - Did they finally make the perfect sock? 11
If you do pilates, you need a pair of the Bombas Gripper Ankle Sock.

After the initial review of Bombasm, we had to try more new socks! Mrs. We Tried It recently took up pilates and you need a great pair of gripper socks to master all of the Pilates Universe.

Luckily Bombas makes a great pair of gripper socks that are perfect for pilates: The Gripper Ankle Sock. These Gripper Socks look like regular socks you put on your feet, but have little grippers on the bottom that help stop you from slipping and slidding.

These socks would also be great if you have slippery hardwood floors and walk around barefoot!

These socks are made from Extra-Long Staple Cotton. This Cotton is soft, durable, and smooth against your skin and hold up well after washing.

Do yourselves a favor and get a 4-pack of gripper socks if you do pilates, you won’t regret it!

Special Edition Bombas Socks

Bombas will occasionally make some special edition socks, like their partnership with Sesame Street. They have some subtle, and not so subtle, designs that play homage to your favorite Sesame Street Characters, like Elmo:

Bombas Sock Review - Did they finally make the perfect sock? 12
Bombas Sock Review - Did they finally make the perfect sock? 13
Bombas Sock Review - Did they finally make the perfect sock? 14

We love that Bombas always is coming out with unique colors – but not straying away from the basics. As you’ve seen on our blog, the styles we chose are typically not very loud. The same is true for what we put on our feet.

Who are Bombas for?

As we mentioned above, Bombas has something for everyone. 

They have socks for women, men and kids. They have all different styles and lots of different colors. We think everyone will find something they like. In fact, we were looking over their website while writing this review and noticed they have socks with grippers and said “We need those for the trampoline park!” Who doesn’t want to jump in style?

Bombas Socks Review: The Final Verdict.

Bombas Sock Review - Did they finally make the perfect sock? 15
Bombas: We Tried It Approved!

Bombas Sock Review

  • Comfort
  • Style
  • Value


Even though Bombas can be more expensive than other socks, they stand behind their product 100%. If anything goes wrong with them, they’ll fix it. That’s why we recommend Bombas socks.

These socks are the ( like what we did there?). Haha, ok… sock jokes are all bad. In all seriousness, we are absolutely loving every pair of socks that we tried from Bombas. The high-quality material, thoughtful design, endless options and powerful mission statement get Bombas Socks the coveted We Tried It Seal of Approval.

Explore all of the great Bombas Styles. Use this link and code BOMBAS20 to save 20% or use our Bombas Promo Code.


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