Himiway C1 eBike Review: Our 7-Year-Old Tests out his 1st e-Bike

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Himiway C1 Review, our first kid’s electric bike review: Join us on Teddy’s exhilarating journey from shaky starts to confident cruising with his new pedal-free e-bike!

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Himiway C1 - Kids eBike
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The Himiway C1 Kids Electric Bike is a top-tier choice for children aged 4 to 12, offering a thrilling and safe riding experience. With a pedal-less design, robust motor, and stylish appearance, it provides a sense of excitement and adventure. The bike’s safety features, battery capacity, and versatility make it an ideal choice for young riders.

Why we got this bike

Our 7-year-old loves the idea of riding a bike, more than actually likes riding a bike. It’s tough. I get it.

We tried everything to get him into riding bikes, from Balance Bikes to Training Wheels, you name it. He never really got the balance bike down pat, like most kids do, but he still wanted to ride electric bikes – especially after we’ve reviewed so many electric bikes over the years.

Enter the C1. We were a bit nervous, not going to lie, but we gave our son this bike for Christmas.

The super short review: he loves it, and we love it. Keep on reading to find out more.

A Kid’s Electric Bike: Our 7-year-olds Dream Come True

The Himiway C1 is an electric bike designed specifically for kids, offering a unique blend of adventure, health, and freedom. With its advanced features and focus on safety, the Himiway C1 is a perfect gift for children, inspiring them to explore, stay active, and enjoy the outdoors.

Himiway C1: Key Features

Miles per Charge: The Himiway C1 offers a range of 45-50 miles per charge, ensuring long-lasting fun without frequent recharging.
Payload Capacity: With a capacity of 165 lbs, the C1 can accommodate most kids while remaining lightweight at only 32 pounds.
Battery: Equipped with a 360 Wh Samsung/LG battery, ensuring reliable and long-lasting power for extended adventures.
Geared Hub Motor: The 350W rear motor provides efficient and powerful performance for a smooth riding experience.
Speed Modes: The C1 offers 3 speed modes (7/13/15 mph) suitable for different terrains and age groups, prioritizing children’s safety.
Top Speed: Goes up to 15 MPH
Tires and Brakes: The 16×3″ Kenda fat tires and hydraulic & electronic brake system ensure stability and reliable stopping power.

The Himiway C1 Kids Electric Bike is a game-changer, offering endless fun and adventure for children aged 4 to 12. Designed to resemble a moped or a scooter, this electric bike is sure to ignite your child’s sense of thrill and exploration.

Unleashing the Power of the Himiway C1

The Himiway C1 is not your ordinary bike. It is equipped with a powerful 350W motor, providing exhilarating speeds of up to 15 mph.

Teddy, our 7-year-old tester, described it as having “Tesla Tech” because of its ability to accelerate smoothly and effortlessly. Although he might not be entirely correct about the Tesla connection, there’s no denying the excitement this bike brings.

Safety First: A Parent’s Peace of Mind

As parents, our top priority is always the safety of our children.

With the Himiway C1, we can rest easy knowing that our little ones are protected.

Braking System

Safety is a top priority with the C1, as it features a hydraulic braking system, offering reliable stopping power and responsiveness, ensuring that our children can ride confidently, knowing they have reliable brakes to keep them safe.

Thumb Throttle Control

The C1 includes a thumb throttle control to prevent accidental engagement, reducing the likelihood of accidents and providing an additional layer of safety for children.

Controlled Speed Levels

The Himiway C1 offers three speed settings (7 MPH, 13 MPH, or 15 MPH), making it perfect for kids of all skill levels.

While the speed adjustment can be challenging for uncoordinated kid fingers, an adult can easily change it, and it’s not prone to accidental pressing. Teddy, our son, has been enjoying learning the basics and keeping to the slowest speed over the past month, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience.

In conclusion, the Himiway C1 prioritizes safety with its advanced braking system, thumb throttle control, and controlled speed levels, offering parents the peace of mind they need when their children are out enjoying their adventures.

Riding in Style: The Design of the Himiway C1

The Himiway C1 is not only a high-performance electric bike but also a stylish one. With a choice of five vibrant colors—cyan, bluish gray, white, coral, and black—your child can ride in style and express their unique personality.

The moto-style seat, BMX-style handlebars with a pad, and a bell add to the overall cool factor of the bike. It’s guaranteed to turn heads wherever your child goes.

Also, it comes a really cool rubber ducky horn. Who doesn’t love that?

Powering Up: Battery and Range

One of the standout features of the Himiway C1 is its impressive battery life. Equipped with a large 36V 10Ah battery, the C1 can provide up to 50 miles of riding on a single charge.

This means your child can enjoy hours of non-stop fun and adventure without worrying about running out of power. Charging the battery is a breeze, and it typically takes around 6 hours for a full charge.

A Smooth and Stable Ride: Performance on Any Terrain

The Himiway C1 is designed to deliver a smooth and stable ride, no matter the terrain.

The wide 16″ by 3″ street tires provide excellent traction and stability on various surfaces, including pavement and dirt roads.

Teddy, our 7-year-old tester, confidently navigated different terrains with ease, thanks to the C1’s sturdy frame and balanced design.

Easy Assembly and Portability: Ready to Roll in No Time

We know how important it is to get your kids on their new Himiway C1 as soon as possible. In fact, it comes about 95% assembled. That’s why we were thrilled to find the bike incredibly easy to assemble.

The instructions were clear and straightforward, only taking about 15 mins for Teddy to hit the road. The C1’s lightweight design (only 32 lbs) makes it easy to carry and transport. Whether you’re heading to the park or going on a family camping trip, the C1 is ready to roll.

The Himiway C1 Through Teddy’s Eyes: An Adventure of a Lifetime

Now, let’s hear from Teddy, our 7-year-old adventurer, about his experience with the Himiway C1.

“I give the Himiway C1 2,000 thumbs up. It’s got super cool Tesla Tech and I love not having to pedal. It makes me feel like I can ride forever! It’s a blast! You should try it!”

Teddy’s enthusiasm and sense of adventure were evident as he rode the C1. His confidence grew with each ride, and we could see how much he enjoyed the freedom and excitement it provided. The C1 allowed him to explore the world around him, fostering a love for outdoor activities and a sense of independence.

Comparing the Himiway C1 and SUPER73-K1D Electric Bikes for Kids

When considering the Himiway C1 and the SUPER73-K1D electric bikes for kids, it’s essential to weigh their features and specifications to determine which one best suits your child’s needs.

Himiway C1

Price: $799

Key Features

  • Motor & Battery: The C1 features a 350W geared hub motor, a 360Wh Samsung/LG battery, and offers a range of 45-50 miles per charge.
  • Speed Settings: It offers three speed modes (7/13/15 mph), ensuring a safe riding experience for kids of different ages and skill levels.
  • Safety & Design: With a focus on safety, it comes with a hydraulic and electronic brake system, an aerospace-grade aluminum frame, and an ergonomic seat cushion design.
  • Family Bonding: The C1 is designed to promote family time and active engagement, making it an ideal choice for parents looking to engage in more active activities with their kids.


Price: $995

Key Features

  • Motor & Battery: The K1D is equipped with a 750W peak hub motor, a 92.8Wh (32V, 2.9Ah) battery, and offers a range of 90-120 minutes per charge.
  • Speed Settings: It offers three speed modes (7/13/15 mph), catering to young riders aged 4-8 years old.
  • Safety & Design: The K1D features regenerative braking, an aluminum frame, and puncture-resistant tires, focusing on safe riding and self-assurance for young riders.


  • Price: The Himiway C1 is priced at $799, providing a more affordable option compared to the $995 price tag of the SUPER73-K1D.
  • Battery Life & Range: The C1 offers a longer battery life and range compared to the K1D, providing extended riding opportunities for kids.
  • Safety Features: Both bikes prioritize safety with their braking systems and speed modes, ensuring a secure riding experience for young riders.
  • Motor: The SUPER73-K1D features a massive 750W Motor, which is just overkill for our kid. But would be great for a younger teen.

While both the Himiway C1 and SUPER73-K1D offer compelling features and safety measures, the Himiway C1 stands out as a more affordable option with a longer battery life and range. Therefore, for parents seeking a cost-effective and feature-rich electric bike for their kids, the Himiway C1 is a highly recommended choice

Himiway C1 Review: Final Thoughts

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Himiway C1 - Kids eBike
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In conclusion, the Himiway C1 Kids Electric Bike is the perfect gift for children who crave fun, adventure, and the thrill of riding. It combines style, safety, and performance to create an unforgettable experience for your little ones. As parents, we can’t recommend it enough.

Teddy and I both agree that the Himiway C1 deserves the WeTried.It stamp of approval. So go ahead, spoil your child with the Himiway C1, and watch them embark on countless exciting adventures.

Disclaimer: This review is based on our personal experience and opinions. We received the Himiway C1 for testing purposes, but all thoughts and views expressed are our own.

What age group is the Himiway C1 Kids Electric Bike designed for?

The Himiway C1 Kids Electric Bike is designed for children aged 4 to 12, offering boundless fun and adventure for young riders. We’d recommend about 7+, based on our experience.

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