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We just posted our full Mack Weldon Review over 4 years ago! How is that possible? Want our exclusive Mack Weldon Promo Code or Mack Weldon Coupon Code? Well, it’s super easy!

To get $20 off your order, simply use our Mack Weldon Promo Code by clicking this link. That’s it. No actual Mack Weldon Promo code or Coupon is needed, you’ll automatically get $20 off by clicking the link. That’s it.

Mack Weldon Promo Code
One of the items we love from Mack Weldon: the Hoodie!

If you aren’t aware of the brand, Mack Weldon is reinventing men’s basics: underwear, socks, shorts, pants, polos, and sweatshirts. Don’t miss our full review of Mack Weldon

We love these Mack Weldon Boxer Briefs – even better with our Mack Weldon Coupon Code.

If you don’t have time – here are the products we’ve tested with a quick grade:

  • The Vesper Polo – Our favorite Mack Weldon product. Awesome (Mr. We Tried It is wearing one as he types this!)
  • The Mack Weldon Hoodie – another great product. It looks slightly nicer than the average hoodie and is WAAAAY softer.
  • Mack Weldon Socks – Great if you get the right kind!
  • Mack Weldon Pull Over – We didn’t like this one a whole lot as it added extra bulk to the front of the sweater.
  • The Mack Weldon Ace Short – Had very odd branding on the front of the pants.
  • Mack Weldon Underwear – Another great choice! In fact, this is our go-to underwear now! We really love them.

Make sure to use our Mack Weldon Coupon Code to get $20 off your order and read our full Mack Weldon Review.

How do you use our Mack Weldon Promo Code?

There actually isn’t a promo code, just use this link. Mack Weldon is a little different than most promo or discount codes. You’ll see the discount in your cart.

If you have any problems at all with our Promo Code for Mack Weldon, just let us know in the comments below. We hope you like their products as much as we did! They are slowly replacing the staples in Mr. We Tried It’s Wardrobe.

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