What do you wear under board shorts? 1

What do you wear under board shorts?

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You’ve got some sweet board shorts and noticed, “These don’t have any mesh lining!!!” Now you’re thinking: What do you wear under board shorts without mesh lining? What about: what do you wear under swim trunks that don’t have any mesh lining?

What do you wear under board shorts?
What do you wear under board shorts: the age-old question.

We answer that age-old question with several different options. Read on to learn what to wear under board shorts and to find out what you’ve been dying to know, but are afraid to ask: what do people really wear under board shorts?

Many popular, modern swim trunks (read about them in our Lululemon Swim Trunks Review) don’t have built-in underwear or mesh lining. So what do you do? Watch or read on to find out.

What to wear under board shorts: Your options

There’s not just one option of what to wear under boardshorts, we’ve got a couple for you!

Your First Option: Free as a bird

What do you wear under board shorts? 2
What to wear under board short: the first option is really easy.

You may be thinking to yourself, “Can I wear nothing under my board shorts?” The answer is YES, you can wear nothing under your board shorts – you can be as free as a bird.

The only issue is that this can leave little to the imagination if you know what I mean. 😉Also, playing with kids, I like to put another layer inbetween the world and my business. 🍆

Most surfers do go commando with their boardshorts. But, let’s be real. How many people wearing board shorts are really surfing? Most of them are used around community pools and BBQs.

What to wear under your board shorts: the worst (and 2nd option)

What do you wear under board shorts? 3

The second option isn’t a good one: just wearing regular boxers under your board shorts. People do it – but one thing is true: Cotton and Swimming Does Not Mix. Don’t wear regular cotton boxers with board shorts. I promise that you’ll regret it.

What do you wear under board shorts? 4
Can you wear regular cotton boxers under board shorts? Sure! However, we don’t recommend it.

Cotton doesn’t dry very fast. It can leave you wet and – even worse – chaffed from all the wetness. You get the picture. We don’t need to go any further.

Just don’t do it.

The best option: What to wear under board shorts

The best option to wear under board shorts: Amphibious Underwear
The best option to wear under board shorts: Amphibious Underwear!

This may be surprising – but there is actually underwear designed to be worn under boardshorts. This is the best option of what to wear under boardshorts or swim trunks without a mesh liner.

The best option, in my humble opinion, is the Mack Weldon Amphibious Underwear (you may have noticed we really like Mack Weldon – read our full Mack Weldon Review). This underwear is designed to be worn under your swim shorts and a great option. They retail for $28 and are so comfortable that you won’t even notice them.

As of publication time, Mack Weldon is out of the amphibious underwear, so I went searching for another option. The good news is that I found a pair and they are even cheaper!

A quick warning on searching for “Swim Trunk Underwear” on Amazon. You’ll find a lot of things you probably are not searching for:

What do you wear under board shorts? 5
NOT what I was looking for!

After many, many uncomfortable minutes on Amazon, I found the solution: DryDudz!

DryDudz: best underwear to wear under swim trunks and board shorts

What do you wear under board shorts? 6

What are DryDudz? They compression underwear designed to wear underneath your board shorts. A couple of quick highlights about DryDudz:

  • They are made of both polyester and Lycra (Lycra = Stretch!)
  • You can Machine Wash or Hand Wash. It’s best to air dry or dry on low heat – I personally air dry.
  • DryDudz now features the new Ecoinn (Eco-friendly + Innovation) Dry-Thru Technology: Wicking only means air flow, the DryDudz compression shorts wick AND provide moisture control.
  • It’s both a performance compression short AND swim liner.
  • They are designed to be worn with Dry Dudz Hydro-Tech Walker boardshorts (sold separately but retail for about $25).
  • Enjoy Anti-chafing, Irritation-free comfort during any fitness activity.
  • This 4-way stretch short is a perfect baselayer for all outer garments – does not have to be used for only under your boardshorts or swim trunks!
What do you wear under board shorts? 7

Don’t just take our word for it. Look what other’s are saying on Amazon about DryDudz:

CHRIS: I wear DryDudz under my wetsuit: mainly to get in and out more quickly without dealing with a towel to cover myself (and worry about being naked!) You can’t really wear swim trunks under a wetsuit – it’s too tight… DryDudz works and fits perfectly. It dries so quickly that it is optional whether or not to use it as underwear when you are done. Only thing is, I wish I got DryDudz in all black. What the heck… I’ll just buy a second one.

MIKE: These are great. My bathing suit doesn’t have a liner or mesh. These fit and feel great under the bathing suit. I bought 2 and ended up buying 2 more. I wear O’Neil bathing suits – they dry really quick and having the DryDudz underneath also dry quick great purchase!

What to wear under swim shorts without mesh: the final verdict.

There are a lot of options, ranging from nothing to underwear designed specifically to be worn under swim trunks and board shorts. The great news is that without a built-in liner, the choice is up to you! And you can go free bird one day and wear Amphibious Underwear or DryDudz the next day.

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to let us know!

*Reviews edited for clarity and uniqueness.


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