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Lululemon Swim Trunks Review

Lululemon Swim Trunks Review 2
Lululemon Swim Trunks Review: Can the yoga maker deliver high quality swimwear? Read our honest review to find out.

Lululemon Swim Trunks Review: Lululemon ABC Pants Meets Swim Wear

Did you know that Lululemon now makes Swim Trunks? Yes! We’ve been searching for the best pair of swim trunks and came across the many new styles of Lululemon Swim Shorts!

You know our love of Lululemon on this blog – if not, check out our Lululemon ABC Pants Review (also, check out how to get Lululemon Promo Codes and our Lululemon Jeans Review) So, step away from the Tommy Hilfiger swim trunks you’ve had for the past couple of years because Lululemon’s new swim trunks are here!

That’s right, Lululemon who brought the world the wonder of ABC pants has designed a pair of ABC-style swim shorts with all the classic details and comfort that make Lululemon the first word in men’s comfort clothing. Let’s check them out!

Lululemon Swim Shorts Review: The Differences

First thing first, Lululemon has a confusing naming convention for some of their clothes. Their men’s swim clothes are no different. Lululemon carries several varieties of swimsuits: currently, they only have The Current State Board Short and the Channel Swim Short are the main varieties. To make it even more confusing, there are different types of Channel Short, for example.

Here are some of the key differences between the Lululemon Swim Shorts available.

Lululemon Commission Swim ShortLululemon Namaste
on the Beach Shorts
Lululemon Channel Swim Shorts
Length9 Inches8 Inches7 Inches
Pockets?Side and back pockets1 odd pocket on the back/side2 Side, 1 Zipper in back
Mesh Liner?NoYesYes
StyleChino-styleBoard Short StyleAthletic Style

We recommend the Lululemon Commission Swim Short, but we’ll dive into the others, too.

Lululemon Commission Swim Short Review

Lululemon Swim Trunks Review 6
Do these look like swim trunks to you? They are the Lululemon Commission Swim Shorts!

What does Lululemon “Commission” mean?

“Commission” shorts and pants are the name Lululemon gives to their clothes that look more like slacks and chinos than yoga pants. These clothes typically have more vertical pockets and look a little “nicer.” Most of the clothes that Lululemon labels as Commission is in their “OTC” styles. What does Lululemon OTC stand for? Office, Travel, and Commute. Long story short: Commission pants and shorts are designed to look great at work but still functional for play.

Lululemon Commission shorts are multi-functional and lightweight shorts. They come in four different colors, light blue, sand, navy, and black. The fabric is durable, water-repellent, and has the 4-way stretch that we know and love from their ABC pants (even though the fabric is different than the ABC pants – you wouldn’t go swimming in ABC Pants Fabric – they are too thick).

Now the Lululemon website says that these bad boys are designed for the office, commute, or travel. Could you really get away with wearing your swim shorts to the office AND the pool? Well, that’s what our Lululemon swim trunks review aims to find out…

Lululemon Commission Swim Short: The Look

Lululemon Swim Trunks Review 7
Lululemon Commission Swim Shorts can be worn with a button down.

My first thought on opening the Lululemon Commission shorts is that they certainly don’t look like swim trunks, but rather smart, tailored shorts that could easily be worn with a button-down shirt or athletic t-shirt. Equally, you could pair them with a pair of flip-flops, loafers or sneakers depending on your mood!

The fabric looks almost identical to the ABC Pant Fabric.

The details are a bit different – like the elastic waistband.

These shorts also incorporate Lululemon’s hidden pockets, perfect for storing your wallet or phone… just be sure to remove your phone before you jump in the water! It’s worth noting that the pockets are mesh-lined for quick-drying which is good. Nothing worse than a soggy pocket!

Lululemon Swim Trunks Review 8
The Commission Swim Shorts have pocks in the front and back.
Lululemon Swim Trunks Review 9
The back pocket has a zipper. The left front pocket also has a side zipper, good for a key.

They also have a 9″ inseam on the short. This puts them more in line with the Myles Short (or other casual shorts you’d wear). There is a trend toward loud, short swims shorts (I’m looking at you, Chubbies!) and I like a more casual, relaxed-looking short – especially when I’m lugging the 3-year old around.

Lululemon Commission Swim Short: The Fit and Function

These short are very comfortable! I’m a 32/33-inch waist and I opted for the 32-inch waist and they were a perfect fit. The stretchy material and elasticated waistband make them super flexible and they move with the body with no restriction.

You could easily wear them to the office (if they allow such a thing!), run all the way to the pool, and then jump in. What’s more, the material is breathable, making them feel really lightweight, keeping you cool throughout the day.

One thing worth mentioning in our Lululemon swim trunks review is that these shorts don’t have a mesh lining. So if you want that extra layer, then I recommend Mack Wheldon Amphibious Underwear.

Lululemon Commission Swim Short: The Final Verdict

Lululemon has managed to design a fully-functional and versatile pair of swim shorts. You could easily wear these to the office in the morning, the beach in the afternoon, and then dress them up for the evening BBQ or beach bar. Their smart appearance and the fact that they are not super loud when you walk, means that no one will even know you’re wearing swim trunks.

At $88, they might be more than you’d usually pay for a pair of swimmers, but you do get what you pay for. They are long-lasting, stylish, well-crafted, and super high quality. I’ll be wearing these all summer long!

Lululemon Namaste At The Beach Short Review

Lululemon Namaste Shorts
Lululemon Namaste at the Beach: More athletic/board short style.

I also tried out the Namaste at the Beach Short (clever name for the product, if I must say so myself!).

Lululemon Commission Swim Short: The Look

Lululemon Swim Trunks Review 10

The Namaste at the Beach Short comes in a variety of two-tone colors. They aren’t super offensive, but not as calm looking at the Commission Short Swim

They are 1 inch shorter than the Commission Swim Short, coming with an 8″ inseam. They look “sportier” than the other pairs and definitely could not be worn casually – only to the pool or working out.

Lululemon Commission Swim Short: The Fit and Function

I actually liked the way the Lululemon Namaste at the Beach Shorts fit. They were comfortable and come with a built-in mesh liner.

Here’s what I didn’t like the most about the Namaste shorts: the pockets! Or should I say the lack thereof. The Namaste shorts only have one very oddly place pocket:

Lululemon Swim Trunks Review 11

Lululemon Namaste at the Beach Swim Short: The Final Verdict

Overall, the Namaste at the Beach Short is a great, overall beach short if you can get over the fact that it only has 1 pocket! That doesn’t work for me, but if it works for you – you can give this great short a shot.

Lululemon Channel Cross Swim Short Review

Lululemon Swim Trunks Review 12

The last pair of swim shorts that I tried from Lululemon was the Channel Cross Swim Short. I tried the 7″ variety because it was available in solid colors. It had a great, classic look – however, two large strikes against the Channel Cross Shorts.

First, I didn’t like the opening at the bottom of the pant opening.

Lululemon Swim Trunks Review 13
I didn’t care for the opening in the bottom of the shorts – see the slight “cut” at the very bottom. These flats open and allow for even more leg to show.

No real reasoning, but I didn’t care for that little detail. It made the shorts look more athletic than I wanted.

Lululemon Swim Trunks Review 14

Second, was the length. I found out that I prefer my swimsuits to be 9 inches or 8 inches. 7 inches was just a little short for my taste. It showed a little too much super-white guy thigh!!

Lululemon Channel Cross Swim Short: The Final Verdict

Overall, the Lululemon Channel Cross Swim Short is actually a great pair of swim trunks. I simply didn’t care for them as much as the Commission Swim Short.

Lululemon Swim Shorts Review: The bottom line

Overall, we love the Lululemon Commission Swim Shorts.

You can’t go wrong with the Channel Shorts, either – if you can handle the shorter length.

Namaste Swim Shorts are a good option if you want more of a board short style – and can deal with the odd pocket design.

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments below!


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