Dodow Review: The best, drug-free way to fall asleep in 8 minutes

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Dodow Review

Dodow Review: can a magic blue light be the best sleep aid you’ve ever experienced? Check out our full review of the Dodow if you have problems falling asleep and want a great sleep aid device that will help you fall asleep faster – guaranteed.

Tired of not getting a good night’s sleep?

Trouble falling asleep? See if the Dodow Works.

We have been there, and that is why we were so excited to try the Dodow Sleep Aid. This product has helped us fall asleep without any drugs at all!

Dodow helps you fall asleep by teaching you how to breathe correctly and naturally putting your body to sleep. All you need to do is breathe with the light (projected on your ceiling) and when you are relaxed enough, it turns off. It is a completely drug-free way to get a great night’s sleep!

A great way to fall asleep
Dodow Sleep Device

Want a better way to fall asleep? Check out the Dodow - a simple blue light that can help anyone fall asleep faster!

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We love, love sleep

Gravity Mattress + Gravity Blanket + Dodow = SLEEP!

If smiling is Buddy the Elf’s favorite, then sleeping is our favorite.

You might not know this if you are new around here, but sleep is a serious business at We Tried It.

Having two toddlers, sleep is important and necessary to keep up with our little people and everything else in our busy lives!

We have tried mattresses (read our Gravity Mattress Review), blankets (see our Gravity Weighted Blanket Review and don’t miss our Gravity Blanket Promo Code, too), pillows, and sheets—anything and everything to create the perfect sleeping experience! Also, don’t forget the AMAZING Sijo Home Sheets.

When we first saw Dodow we were immediately intrigued. 

Having read about and done breathing exercises and meditation, we were somewhat familiar with the correlation between breath and relaxation. These principles can be really hard to master, so we were excited to try a product that helped!

How the Dodow Work – A natural Sleep Aid

Reduce Sleep Latency and a lot more!

  1. Place Dodow on your bedside table. 
  2. Tap the touch-sensitive surface of Dodow to begin the process.  You can tap once for an eight-minute cycle and twice for a 20 minute cycle. 
  3. Dodow produces a little blue light on your ceiling and you inhale when the light expands and exhale when the light retracts. 
  4. The exhalation light cycle is longer than the inhalation light cycle in order to make your body feel tired and ultimately help you fall asleep.
  5. At the end of the 8 or 20 minute cycle Dodow switches itself off and you will be in the perfect body state to drift off to sleep. 

This isn’t a super bright blue light. It’s more of a subtle light metronome that helps you fall asleep using super simple breathing techniques to fall asleep faster.

Does The Dodow Work to Help You Sleep Faster?

In our experience, absolutely yes!

Mrs. We Tried It always take quite a while to decompress and fall asleep and Dodow made this process so much quicker.

Mr. We Tried It can fall asleep immediately. If that’s you – then go ahead and close this web page and find something different. This amazing Sleep Aid Device is for anyone that has trouble falling asleep or just general sleep troubles.

The pattern the Dodow helps you breath with.

I only needed the 8-minute cycle and I was ready to roll over and doze off immediately afterward. This was different from other meditations and breathing exercises I have done because the blue light took all of the guesswork out of the exercise.

In other words, I didn’t have to monitor myself and try to remember how many seconds it was for my inhalation and exhalation.

With Dodow it is all about watching the light move along your ceiling so there isn’t any thinking involved – you just have to feel!

I didn’t need to count my breaths or worry about how much longer I had before the meditation was over. As a somewhat seasoned yogi, I think I have more control over my breathing than the average person but Dodow really took the additional mental effort out of the breathing exercise which is ultimately what relaxed me enough to fall right to sleep. For a person who runs a mile a minute in her head even when it is time to relax, this was very nice!

In addition to making me feel much calmer and relaxed, Dodow also made me fall asleep quicker.  I don’t know if that 8-minute cycle would have been enough sleep for someone who takes longer to fall asleep but it was more than enough for me.

What about if I wake up at night?

Don’t let this fool you – our kids are CRAZY sleepers!

This is an EVEN better use of Dodow than using it to wake up in the middle of the night. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve been woken up in the middle of the night by a little one that woke up, or fell out of bed, or simply couldn’t find their pillow.

Simply use the Dodow like you would to initially fall asleep. Just tap it 1 time (like you normally do) and you will be back to dreamland in no time!

This is an easy way to calm down the mind and get back to sleep without having to start an app, tell Alexa to play a meditation, or anything else. 1 little tap and that’s all you need.

What does the Science say about Dodow?

You can read the complete scientific background on Dodow’s website here.  Essentially, Dodow uses Cardiac Coherence in order to manage stress and emotion through breath. 

Cardiac coherence is a technique that helps people manage their stress and emotions.

Fighter jet pilots use it, and the French cardiology federation recognizes it as one of the best techniques for fighting against anxiety.

The best news, it also helps with sleep. Using their scientific research, Dodow is proven to reduce the time it takes to fall asleep, even for people that have NEVER been able to fall asleep easily.

Who is Dodow for?

Dodow can be used by anyone over the age of 6. Dodow is especially helpful for people who take longer to decompress, calm down and ultimately fall asleep.  It’s also for anyone looking for a natural sleep aid for helping people fall asleep quicker.

Dodow can work well for people who experience stress, insomnia, worries, and night awakenings. Personally, I take a long time falling asleep typically because it takes me a while to decompress and calm down with thoughts from the day and thoughts of the next day running through my head. 

Avoid TVs + Phones at night

Of course, staring at a phone or TV right before bed isn’t helpful either. Studies show that the blue light emitted from electronic devices is very stimulating for the brain and makes it harder to fall asleep. It can also affect your circadian rhythm (or “body clock”).

Dodow helps me to stop thinking about all of these things and focus on my breathing and relaxing which ultimately helps me to drift off to sleep. 

I really wish I had Dodow when I was breastfeeding my kids and waking up multiple times during the night with them because going back to sleep was always really challenging. 

The best thing about Dodow to me is that it has the benefits of taking a sleep aid without the potential side effects.  

Overview of features

Dodow is just a small battery-operated device that can be set on your bedside table. It has a blue light that almost looks like a halo that is projected onto your ceiling that you can follow with your breathing cycles.

You inhale when the light expands and exhale when the light retracts. Dodow provides both an 8 or 20 minute light cycle, so you can choose between the two and it automatically turns off when the cycle is done.  You can store Dodow in your bedside table so there are no additional devices in sight when it is not in use. It is a very simple and very effective device. 

Why blue light… isn’t that bad for you?

Don’t worry the adjustable blue light won’t stimulate you like the blue light in TVs and phones.

The color blue was chosen after much testing by the Dodow team, based on the generally accepted perception that blue is calming.

Blue light in high doses can help you wake up by stopping your body from producing melatonin. But Dodow does not work this way. The light signal is very low intensity (less than one lux – super LOW!), so it does not keep you awake the same way a computer or television screen would.

Furthermore, the duration of exposure (between 8 and 20 minutes) is quite short. Dodow has minimal or no impact on the circadian rhythm, ensuring that its effects are almost entirely inconsistent with those of melatonin: falling asleep faster and more easily.

As a result, the halo’s radiance is considerably closer to color than light.

Other uses for Dodow

There are a ton of other uses for Dodow. Of course, they all have to do with sleep (obviously).

Jet Leg

The use of Dodow has been shown to be effective for jet lag or irregular sleep phases. This product is also popular with Air France flight staff, who entered into a partnership with them so they could provide their 50K cabin crew members around the world traveling on international flights an advantage when dealing with long hours at destination airports due changes in time zones during travel.

Elderly and Kids

The simple breathing technique recommended by Dodow is straightforward to perform and should be done gradually and carefully. Dodow is particularly beneficial for individuals who are afraid of the dark (numerous in children and the elderly). Dodow may be utilized from the age of 6.


Dodow helps you to fall asleep and stay asleep, avoiding the use of medication for sleep disorders or psychological problems. Dodow is helpful in preventing anxiety which can be associated with insomnia. Stress and anxiety cause disruptions to your internal body clock, leading to poor quality sleep.

The simple breathing technique recommended by Dodow is straightforward to perform and should be done gradually and carefully.     

Alternatives to Dodow

There are so many products out there for helping you fall asleep.

There are pills, teas, meditations, you name it! Dodow is different because it is very simple and there is no potential for negative side effects. 

I have a very weird allergy where I have an opposite reaction to Benadryl—it actually makes me really hyper and wound up.  I experienced this side effect tons of times before I really understood what was happening.  That is the greatest thing about Dodow, you aren’t putting a substance in your body and hoping you will react a certain way! I’m always looking for natural, drug-free sleep aids.

How we sleep

It’s not just the Dodow Sleep Aid we use to help us falling asleep. The Dodow simply sits on our night stand and uses AAA batteries – and they last forever.

No need to plug anything in to see that pulsating blue light, just use the three AAA batteries for months of helping me fall asleep easier.

The bed set up

We have a Gravity Bed to help get a better sleep every night.

The Gravity Bed keeps me cool and not too hot, which is important for sleep patterns and keeping you in a relaxed state.

No one wants to frequently wake because they are too hot, or too cold. Which brings us to the next way to eliminate sleep disruptions.

Gravity Blanket

The Gravity Blanket is the best gift Mrs. We Tried It ever received. Read our full Gravity Blanket Review for more information on how this helps us get in a deep sleep night after night.

The Gravity Blanket paired with the Gravity Bed = the best way to fall asleep quickly – with or without a dodow device.

White Noise Machine

Mr. We Tried it doesn’t have chronic insomnia or anything like that – but he’s not without his sleep issues. He will wake up without any constant white noise.

When he grew up, he needed a fan every night to fall asleep. That didn’t change as he got older.

He has used things like a sleep mask before but really doesn’t need it. The Dohm White Noise Machine is all he needs to get asleep fast. No need for deep breathing or slow breathing. He just clocks out quickly.

The best sleep sheets

Beyond the Dowdow light metronome, we have the best sleep sheets that help us avoid sleep deprivation.

We use eucalyptus sheets, like the Sijo Sheets (read our full Sijo Review to learn more) that help wick moisture and keep us the perfect temperature. That also helps our nervous system – keeping the perfect temperature!

Have no fear, free sleep trial is here

Dodow Review: try it for yourself!

Does this sound too good to be true? The even better news is that you can try the dodow sleep aid 100% risk free. If the Dodow Sleep Aid doesn’t work for you, you can return the Dodow Sleep Aid for a refund before 100 nights.

Yes, you read that correctly. You have 100 days to return the Dodow Sleep aid, if it doesn’t meet your standards and help your sleep issue.

The customer service is also great, so you don’t have to worry about your dodow sleep aid and your sleep problems. They will take care of you in as many sessions as you need, with multiple nights to test the little small blue light.

Dodow Review: The Final Verdict

A great way to fall asleep
Dodow Sleep Device

Want a better way to fall asleep? Check out the Dodow - a simple blue light that can help anyone fall asleep faster!

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We might earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The Dodow is one of those products that we tried at We Tried It and immediately thought- why didn’t this exist before? The Dodow is a smart, effective and simple way to fall asleep more quickly. The dodow device just works.

We’re not super big on a crazy sleep device, but this little dodow box can get rid of sleep problems in no time by taping into your nervous system and breathing rate.

The Dodow can be used in so many different circumstances- whether you are at home or traveling. The ease of use makes this product truly amazing and life changing.  Most of all, we love that it is a safe and effective way to fall asleep quickly without medication.  We give the Dodow two very sleepy thumbs up and encourage you to give it a try if you have difficulty falling asleep. 

Does the Dodow really work?

Yes, the Dodow really does work. It’s a natural sleep aid that has been scientifically proven to help people fall asleep faster and more peacefully.
The Dodow is a small device that you place on your bedside table. It shines a blue light onto the ceiling that gradually becomes bigger and brighter. As you watch the light, you gradually begin to relax and drift off to sleep. The Dodow’s blue light has been scientifically proven to help people fall asleep faster and more peacefully.

How do you use Dodow?

You simply place the Dodow Device next to your bedside table and then breathe with the blue light. Inhale when the light expands, exhale as it goes out. The light will help you relax and fall asleep quickly.

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