Gravity Blanket Discount Code: Get a heavier blanket – not a lighter wallet

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We love Gravity Blankets (read our full Gravity Weighted Blankets Review) and even love the Gravity Mattress (Read our Gravity Mattress Review). But you know what we also love? Saving money on high-quality products! Keep reading to use our Gravity Blanket Discount Code and the best deals available on Gravity products right now.

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Gravity Weighted Blanket On Sale

A great discount on a product that rarely goes on sale!

What is a Gravity Weighted Blanket?

Gravity Blanket Discount Code
Gravity Blanket Discount Code – these blankets rarely go on sale.

The Gravity Weighted Blanket uses the power of deep pressure stimulation to simulate the feeling of being held or hugged, increasing serotonin and melatonin, and decreasing cortisol.

The Gravity Weighted Blankets are designed to envelop the person using them, giving us that feeling of being held in someone’s arms – think a big hug!

It provides pressure that helps soothe the nervous system, regulates sleep cycles, and reduces stress. These beautiful blankets are not just for sleeping better at night …but they can be used as part of a daytime nap time, or for relaxation while watching TV. 

Weighted Blankets were first used by people with anxiety – but you can use these beautiful blankets to fall asleep quickly, sleep deeper, and stay asleep longer.

In Gravity’s study, 72% of participants reported deeper, more restful sleep and 76% reported falling asleep faster when using the Gravity Blanket.

Ready to save? use our Gravity Blanket Discount Code

Gravity has a couple of sales and promotions going on! For most of them, you don’t even need a Gravity Promo Code or Gravity Blanket Coupon – just use our links. We’ll update this page frequently with the very best deals, Gravity Blanket Promo Codes and Gravity Blanket Discounts Code we find!

Save on Gravity Blankets Now

Save big bucks and get a great deal – no promo code or coupons required.

Right now, Gravity is having a huge sale – 20% off almost everything.

Current items in the sale (once again, no Gravity Blanket Coupon needed, just use our links)”

  • Gravity Cooling Weighted Blanket: The Gravity Blanket You Love, Redesigned for Sweat-Free Slumber
  • Duvet Covers for you Gravity Blankers
  • The Signature Gravity Blanket: The World’s Most Popular Weighted Blanket and Weighted Comforter, With Premium Micro-Fleece Duvet Cover
  • The Gravity Fleece Weighted Robe – amazing
  • Gravity Bamboo Sheets – to pair with the Gravity Mattress
  • The Gravity Mattress is even on sale (don’t miss our full Gravity Mattress Review, too).
  • All of that and a lot more!

Don’t waste your time looking for a Gravity Blanket Promo Code – just use our link here and save. This is, honestly, the best discount that we’ve seen in a long time on the best Gravity Blanket Products available.

Want to save even more?

Gravity is also having a huge Clearance, too. Once again, no promo codes or discount codes are needed, simply use our link to save!

Free Shipping, too!

These great Gravity Blanket items also offer free shipping – once again no coupons or promo codes are needed at all. Even better!

Gravity Blankets are, obviously, heavy – but they ship pretty quickly, too. Don’t miss one of these great deals.

Have any issues with using our Gravity Blanket Discounts? Let us know in the comments below!

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