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You may have seen our epic Myles shorts review (combined with a review of Olivers Apparel).  I really like many of the items I own from Myles. My go-to workout clothes are the Myles Every Day Shirt (below) and the Myles Every Day Shorts (below). 

One big reason I like the Myles Every Day Short over the Olivers All Over Short is the Khaki Color. While the Olivers Short is a little less “swishy” – it doesn’t come in the Khaki Color, which is my go-to color for the summer. Don’t want to read any more about what we like about Myles? Use our promo code by clicking this link

We also love the Myles Elements Hoodie! It’s what I wear almost every day during the winter. 

It’s made of what Myles calls “Storm Cotton.” It’s super soft like regular cotton but repels water. Pretty cool stuff. The only thing I don’t like about it is the arm cuffs are a little small, you’ve got to push your wrist through it with an Apple Watch on. But it also keeps you warmer because of that!

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More ways to say with Myles Apparel Promo Codes

Want to save even more money with our Myles Apparel Coupons? Then check out this section on the Myles Apparel site.

What is this mysterious section of the Myles Apparel site? It’s the surplus section, where you can save even more than using discount codes or a coupon code.

What kind of great deals await?

They have some killer Myles Apparel deals like Tour Pant for only $58, say whaaat?!?!

What is the Tour Pant?

The Myles Apparel Tour Pant is the only pant we recommend over the ABC Pants (read our ABC Pant Review and our Myles Tour Review). Combine it with our Myles Apparel Discount Codes and you get a great deal on a great pair of pants!

Be sure to keep reviewing the Surplus Section for a wide variety of options even cheaper than the best Myles Apparel coupons we could find.

Questions about our Myles Apparel Promo Code?

Have any questions about using our Myles promo code? Simply ask it in the questions below. Let us know what you think about Myles after using our promo code!

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