Bed Scrunchie Review: Fix the most annoying thing about your bed

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Bed Scrunchie Review
Don’t you hate this?! We do, too. Read our honest Bed Scrunchie Review to find out the perfect sheet holder – even on a king size bed!

Bed Scrunchie Review: if you’re like me, you HATE making the bed. Even worse, you hate it when it gets messed up. Keep reading our honest Bed Scrunchie Review to fix the worst part of fitted sheets!

Awesome addition to ANY bed
Bed Scrunchie

Hate waking up with a messed-up fitted sheet? Then you NEED a bed Scrunchie. Trust us.

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We might earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

What’s the problem with fitted sheets?

Isn’t it scary when you start to realize you are turning into your parents? One of my mom’s biggest pet peeves is having her fitted sheet come loose from under the mattress. 

bed Scrunchie review
Cue the angels – this is what your bed sheet could look like!

Well for some reason, our fitted sheet always comes loose on Mr. We Tried It’s side of the bed and it drives me crazy! In the middle of the night, how annoying is it to have a loose sheet and wake up on the bare mattress?

It doesn’t even matter if you have awesome sheets, like these Sijo Sheets (read our Sijo Sheets Review) – the problem of loose bed sheets will remain.

Even if it’s a perfectly tailored fitted sheet made exactly for your bed – you will still have this problem.

So when I saw the Bed Scrunchie, I had to give it a whirl! The Bed Scrunchie is a bed tightening solution that holds your mattress pad or fitted sheet (or both!) in place and gives it a beautiful hotel bed look. 

Bed Scrunchie Review: How does Bed Scrunchie work?

Bed Scrunchie Review - step 1
Step 1: attach to your fitted sheet to the bed scrunchie sheet holder

This is where it is so easy to get that same look as hotel sheets. Not only will your sheets look great, but you’ll sleep tight, too.

Here’s how easy it is to fix your bed sheets:

  • Attach the bed scrunchie with the eight clips to the fitted sheet, mattress pad, or both. 
  • Then, place the sheet or mattress pad over the mattress as you normally would. 
  • Lastly, tighten and lock the drawcord by pulling the straps.
  • You don’t even need to lift up the bed. It covers all 360 degrees of the bed.
Step 2: attach the sheet like you normally would, even on adjustable beds.
Then, just tighten it all up to make it smooth – ready for the flat sheet to be added to the fitted bed sheet.

Yes, it’s that easy.

Bed Scrunchie Reivew: What we love

A simple, but brilliant design for a bed scrunchie sheet holder – a true 360 degree bed sheet design.
  • It is so easy to use! Just follow the steps above and voila- you have a perfectly made bed with a perfect bed sheet!
  • Bed Scrunchie does not require you to lift the mattress at all – you can tighten the drawcord from the side of the mattress on the bed sheet.
  • It keeps your bed (and bed sheet) looking fresh and perfectly made until you change your sheets so you don’t have to keep tucking in your fitted sheets every day! 
  • They claim that the Scrunchie will never lose its grip. In fact, it’s held by a parachute-strength bungee cord.
  • It’s also 100% adjustable to get the exact grip you want for your bed sheet. Simply tighten the sheets until they are exactly the way you want them.
  • This product works as advertised. A fresher, crisper feel awaits your sheets until your next wash cycle.

How we use our Bed Scrunchie

Yes – this works on our memory foam mattress – it has super deep pocket sheets, too.

We use this on our adjustable bed (the King Size Gravity Mattress, read our full Gravity Mattress Review and get our Gravity Blanket Discount Code) with Wooflinen Sheets (ready our Wooflinen Review, too).

Since we’ve been using this sheet tightener, we’ve had no problems with our sheets coming off the edges of our bed. We used to have that all the time. Not only do we sleep tight – our bed sheet stays tight, too.

What we don’t love about Bed Scrunchie:

  • Bed Scrunchie does add one more step in the process of making your bed when you change your sheets and this is one of my least favorite chores! However, I loved that I didn’t have to keep remaking the bed by rearranging the fitted sheet, again and again, every day.  Ultimately it did save me time and frustration!

What is Bed Scrunchie for?

  • You can use Bed Scrunchie on your mattress bad or fitted bed sheet to keep it perfectly tucked under your mattress.
  • Bed Scrunchie can tighten and hold a loose mattress pad, mattress topper, or bed topper in place.
  • Bed Scrunchie can also serve as an extender for fitted sheets that are too short.
  • Bed Scrunchie can also be used to convert a flat bed sheet into a fitted bed sheet (yes, you read that correctly about the flat sheet!)
  • Don’t worry, this great product works on all types of beds: from hospital beds to cribs.

What’s included

Check out the heavy-duty gripper clips that come with the Bed Scrunchie that allow for basically a 360 degree bed sheet.

One bed Scrunchie includes the actual Bed Scrunchie and eight fabric clips to secure it in place. The nice thing is you can use the Bed Scrunchie on whatever size bed (and bed sheet) you want!

What about adjustable beds?

Don’t worry – we have an adjustable bed and it works great! This is the Adjustable Frame we bought from Amazon – our bed sheets don’t have a problem staying on at all. Can you say that about your bed sheets?!

What about if your bed sheets loose on the edges? The Bed Scrunchie Sheet Holder holds your bed sheets perfectly. It doesn’t matter what bed sheets or what bed your have (even a bed sheet + memory foam mattresses work – pretty incredible).

Bed Scrunchie Review: The Final Verdict

Awesome addition to ANY bed
Bed Scrunchie

Hate waking up with a messed-up fitted sheet? Then you NEED a bed Scrunchie. Trust us.

Buy Now
We might earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Bed Scrunchie is one of those products you didn’t realize you needed until you have.  It helps hold your sheets in place and makes your bed look fabulous in between sheet washings!

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Can you wash a Bed Scrunchie?

Yes, it is machine washable and dry-able at the low, medium, or high speeds. Be sure to use gentle detergent and a cool rinse cycle for best results with this sheet holder.

How does a bed scrunchie work?

A bed scrunchie works by attaching to your bedding and pulling from the cord. This helps cinch and tighten your sheets. Tightening knots in the bottom sheet make it less likely for the sheet to come undone when you crawl in, therefore avoiding getting tangled up as you rolled around in your sheets or slide out of bed on a sleepless night. This is a 360 Degree Bed Sheet Tightener with super strong bungee cord.

How do I stop my mattress topper from moving?

Place sheets over your mattress topper and use a bed scrunchie on the sheets. This should be sturdy enough to keep your mattress topper from sliding around on the bed by holding it down over the edges of the bed.

You can even get two Bed Scrunchies – one for the topper and one for the fitted sheet if it’s a real problem.

What size bed scrunchie do I need?

This sheet holder is one size fits all. No need to worry about the right size for your top sheets to stay put all night long. Get ready for a great night’s sleep.

This even works on hospital beds and all bed sheets sizes. Pretty incredible!

How do I make a fitted sheet smaller?

You can make a fitted sheet smaller by using a bed scrunchie to make it fit the mattress perfectly. Just attach the bed scrunchie to the sheets and tighten with the straps. It’s that easy!

How can I keep my sheets tight in bed?

Use a bed scrunchie to keep your sheets tight. You attach the scrunchie to the fitted sheet and pull on it until it is as tight as you want. For some people, they will want their sheets very tight. For others, they will not want them so tight that it’s uncomfortable. Either way, you can get your sheets to stay tight on top of the bed.

How do you remove sheets with a Bed Scrunchie?

Removing the Bed Scrunchie is even easier than putting it on, simply do everything in reverse. First, unlock the buckle by pulling down on the black wheel lock. You can now remove your bedsheets one corner at a time as you would onto them with fewer tensions and less effort.

Why do sheets get loose?

Size matters! If your sheet is too small, this will stretch the fabric, which is likely to reduce the product’s quality and increase its likelihood of sliding off the corners. If it’s too big, it can easily come off. The best way to fix this is by using a bed scrunchie.
A bed scrunchie is a tool to help you keep your sheets tight on the mattress. You can also use it as an extender if your sheet is too short, or convert it into a fitted sheet.

How do I make a fitted sheet smaller?

A bed scrunchie is a tool that you can use to make your fitted sheet smaller by attaching it to the fitted sheet and tightening it. You can also use a scrunchie as an extender if your sheet is too short.

How do I make my sheets stay on my bed?

One way to keep your sheets tight is by using a bed scrunchie. A bed scrunchie works in two simple steps: (1) Put the Bed Scrunchie underneath the fitted bottom sheet; then (2) tighten the strap until you’re satisfied with its fit.

What are sheet suspenders?

Sheet suspenders are designed to fasten the fitted sheet firmly and securely to the top of your mattress, which is why it’s a reliable solution for keeping sheets tight in bed. A sheet suspender fits snugly into the corner of your mattress so that the strap can go around the sides before tying it at the other end to attach to the fitted sheet. It also protrudes out on both sides so that it grips onto both pieces of material and keeps them secure.

What is the best sheet suspenders?

The best sheet suspenders we’ve found is the Bed Scrunchie. This set of bed sheet straps features bungee straps that will give you a rock-solid fit for any size mattress. The strap style also means it’s easy to attach to your bed (even if it’s facing a wall), and the wide design means you can have any size sheets fitted securely with no worries of them slipping off. The Bed Scrunchie is also machine washable and dryer safe, so you don’t have to worry about caring for it excessively.

What return policy does Bed Scrunchie have?

They offer a 100-Night Risk-Free return policy to make your online shopping experience enjoyable.If you don’t like it, they will refund your money. Yes – you read that correctly. If you purchased this product and don’t like it – they will return your money. Simply send the patented item back by contacting customer service.

Does the Bed Scrunchie work on memory foam beds?

Yes! It works perfectly on memory foam beds (it even works on my adjustable bed).

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