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What is LeanRite?

Leanrite review: being used as a perching stool

As we discussed in our LeanRite Review, LeanRite is a revolutionary hybrid chair, stool, and standing desk that offers a range of adjustable positions designed to optimize your posture while you work.

Finding an ergonomic chair for your standing desk is incredibly important, especially if you plan to work at it for hours. Luckily, LeanRite offers the perfect combination of comfort and functionality that makes it one of the best chairs we’ve tested.

What makes it so special?

What makes LeanRite so special? LeanRite is a hybrid between a standing chair, stool, and leaning seat, making it a truly unique option compared to other stand-up desk chairs on the market.

This ergonomic seating system offers an impressive range of posture-supporting positions, from leaning (or “perching”) to sitting and standing. LeanRite also features an anti-fatigue mat that provides extra comfort and stability to your feet.

LeanRite also comes with adjustable height settings that allow you to find your perfect position in just seconds. The solid base also encourages proper posture that, decreases fatigue, and helps prevent common musculoskeletal issues like back pain. 

Is LeanRite Worth it?

LeanRite Promo Code

In short, yes. As we discussed in the review, we think it’s crazy that people skimp on products they use for 8+ hours a day (like a mattress).

We also love our Jarvis Fully Desk (read our full Jarvis Desk Review), for the same reason: we spend a ton of time at our desk.

Why would you skimp on something you spend 8 hours a day on?

If you spend 8+ hours at work, why wouldn’t you spend money to get the best standing desk chair possible?

The LeanRite is also built incredibly well. I was impressed with how well-built this standing desk chair was.

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Our #1 Pick for Standing Desks
LeanRite Elite

While more expensive than the other options, this LeanRite is PERFECT for anyone with a standing desk. Unless you're Superman and can stand all day without a break, you need this standing desk companion.

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We might earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

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