Olivers District Polo Review: Does the world need another polo shirt?

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Does the world really need another Polo Shirt? Read on for our full and honest Olivers District Polo Shirt Review. Better yet, ready to buy the District Polo now? Here’s where we’ve found the best price.

👍🏻What We Love👎🏻What We Don’t Love
– A great, well-fitting polo that goes with the Olivers line incredibly well.
– Space where you need it, stretch where you want it.
– The price ($98) – but Olivers stands by their products, too.
– Pique fabric attracts dog hair easily.

Olivers District Polo Review: We test the claims

Olivers says the Capital Polo takes a staple to the next level.


In short, they are right – the District Polo has all the great looks of a “normal” polo without the “sheen” of 100% polyester polos.

Olivers District Polo Review: What we love

So, what do we love about The Olivers District Polo? The first thing is: it doesn’t look like a “performance” polo. It actually looks like a “real” cotton polo shirt.

Olivers District Polo Review

The shirt is 64% cotton and 36% Polyester. It actually looks like it is 100% cotton but the technical capabilities of this shirt come from (mostly) the Polyester combination.

Olivers District Polo Review: The technical capabilities comes from the polyester.

Now to the casual observer, they don’t look any different than your normal cotton polo. But if you dive a little bit deeper, I’ll show you a couple of differences.

Olivers District Polo Review: What we don’t like

We like almost everything about the District Polo – except for the price. The District Polo retails for $88, which is very expensive for a polo shirt. We get it, but as we’ve mentioned before, Olivers really stands behind their products – which really like!

See the circle?

The only other thing we don’t like about the Olivers District Polo is not actually a complaint about the District Polo – but about any material that is made from Pique cotton. This weave tends to attract Dog head (and any other kind of hair) pretty easily.

Our Everlane Pique Performance Polos (read the Everlane Polo Review) and any other Pique fabric we’ve ever owned has the same problem. You can get hair off by using a lint brush or lint roller fairly easily, but it’s still a problem we don’t have with Mizzen + Main polos for example.

District Polo: Is it noisy?

As we talked about with in the Olivers Capital Short Review, the Capital Short can be a bit on the noisy side. However, the District Polo is not noisy at all.

How did the Olivers District Polo fit?

In polo shirts, I typically wear a size Medium. I wear a size Medium in District Polo, too.

The sleeves are cut at the perfect length over the biceps. A little smaller than normal, but the stretch is perfect if you have larger biceps. I also really like how the shirt is cut in general. The sleeves aren’t too baggy or long. The length is perfect and there isn’t a whole lot of extra space in the stomach region. If you need it, the stretch is there to make it still look appealing.

Olivers Polo Shirt Review: The Quality

One of the best things that we want to talk about with the Olivers, ing general, is the quality. Olivers our stands behind all of their clothes. They have a free 365-day repair and replace policy on every single product that they offer. I’d love to see more brands stand behind their products this way.

What else should I know about the District Polo Shirt?

The District Polo comes in a wide-variety of colors, not too bright – all fairly complimentary of their other clothes

The other colors of the Olivers District Polo are pretty neutral.

The Polo runs $88 and Olivers rarely has a sale. The polo isn’t available in any of the Olivers budles at the time of this writing.

How to style the Olivers District Polo?

What can you wear the Olivers District Polo with? The Capital Shorts goes really well at the Olivers District Polo Shirt. It’s actually what I’m wearing here in the Captial Short Review and the Olivers District Polo Review.

Read our full Olivers Capital Shorts Review.

Olivers District Polo vs. Other polo shirts

We’ll be posting a full Polo roundup review here shortly. But the Olivers District Polo is near the top of that list.

Olivers District Polo: The final verdict

The Olivers District Polo is the perfect summertime, warm weather polo. It looks like a cotton polo but has all the great features that you’d like to see in a performance polo.

You also have to love any company with a great return policy AND stands by their product for a full year! That’s incredible.

Do you have any questions or comments about the District Polo? Please leave it in the comments below!

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