Vvolt Sirius Review: A Simple, Elegant eBike for Bicycle Purists

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Vvolt Sirius Review: We’ve had the chance to test out a lot of different ebikes here at We Tried It, but the Vvolt Sirius ebike is unique in its simplicity.

This mid-drive, single speed ebike is perfect for bicycle purists who want a little extra help getting around, without losing the connection you can have with a wonderfully well-made bike. The Sirius is elegant and easy to use, making it perfect for anyone who wants an eco-friendly way to get around town!

A great ebike for bike purists
Vvolt Sirius eBike

This ebike is simple, reliable and ride like a "true" high-quality bicycle. If you think most eBikes are a bit out of control and prefer an elegant option - check out the Sirius from Vvolt.

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Meet the Vvolt Sirius eBike

The Sirius ebike, is well, a serious eBike. Vvolt calls the Sirius eBike a trusted companion.

That’s because reliability is key when you’re venturing beyond where other vehicles can take you.

With plenty of torque and an internal transmission protected from the hazards of the trail, the Sirius is ready to search out new places or help you reach your favorite destinations with greater ease.

The super-basics

The integrated battery in this e bike.

The Sirius ebike has a 250 watt motor that’s powered by a 375wh battery. That might not sound like much compared to some of the other ebikes on the market, but trust us, this thing can move!

The single speed gearing means that there are no shifters or cables to get in your way, and the mid-drive motor provides plenty of power for climbing hills.

But one of the things that you’ll notice first is what the Sirius doesn’t have: gears (more on that in just a second) or even a throttle.

Typical Specs on other items:

  • 20 – 40 Mile Range – average battery capacity on all the electric bikes we’ve tested (also typical of mileage limitations on other electric bikes).
  • Available in Small/Medium Sizes and Large/Extra Large Sizes
  • Also available in White, Green and Slate
  • Lightweight Alloy Frame: About 55 Pounds, depending upon size
  • Front and rear rechargeable lights
  • Onboard Computer
  • Integrated Battery
  • Front Suspension Fork
  • Pedal Assist Level – from 1 – 5 (1 being the lowest, 5 being the highest for a steep hill)

But lets dive deep into what makes the Vvolt Sirius super different: the mid drive motor, the Gates CDX Belt Drive and the Enviolo TR Rear Hub.

Mid-Drive Motor And Other Unique Features

At first glance, you might think this bike has a rear hub motor (because of the Enivolo hub, more in a second on that). However, the Sirius is equipped with a MPF Mid Drive Motor.

How Powerful is the motor?

This mid drive motor provides 250w of power (500w of peak power) to the belt drive.

What does this mean for you, the rider?

It means you’ll have no problem climbing hills, and you won’t even feel like you’re working that hard.

Plus, the motor is positioned low and center on the frame. This provides superior balance and weight distribution for a more comfortable ride.

Why did Vvolt choose a mid-drive motor?

I actually asked them this question directly, and they responded quickly!

The Sirius Mid Drive Motor has More torque: most mid drives produce 60-100nm of max torque, compared to the 30-50nm common on hub drives (although, we’ve tested som rear hub motors with more torque, see our RadRover 6 Review for more information).

The higher torque makes the eBikes quicker off the line, and able to climb more effectively for the rated motor power. Combined with the gear reduction offered by the drivetrain, this is how mid-drive motors with 250w nominal power can outperform hub motors with 500-750w power. 

It’s also worth mentioning that most mid-drives are rated at 250w nominal power to conform with EU regulations, and lots of them can put out peak power in the 500+w range. For example, the Vvolt Sirius delivers something like 550w peak power to accompany the 80nm max torque.

Vvolt’s Sirius mid-drive motor is one of the most responsive on the market, thanks to its combination of torque, cadence and speed sensors. What this means for riders is that the motor feels “natural” in its response to input, making it feel like you have superpowered legs.

Vvolt’s response time is particularly impressive, with some riders likening it to “riding on a cloud.” Whether you’re looking for a boost up a hill or just want to enjoy a leisurely ride with less effort, Vvolt’s Sirius mid-drive can really make a difference.

Vvolt’s Sirius system is different than most hub motors on the market in that it delivers responsive power delivery, essentially not running as hard as a hub motor and making for more motor longevity. This is over the span of tens of thousands of miles, but in tandem with Vvolt’s generally higher quality builds, it makes their products built to last in a way that most hub drives can’t touch. With Vvolt, you’re getting a product that’s built to last, delivering responsive power that will keep you going for miles and miles.

What is a belt drive?

A belt drive bicycle has a strong nylon belt instead of a bike chain. The belt drives the rear wheel and is paired with tough stainless steel cogs and alloy chainrings. This results in a clean, long-lasting, and low-maintenance drive system – with no rear derailleur or need to shift gears at all. I

OK, but tell you more? Deal!

Belt drives are an essential piece of technology that we owe much of to the development of cars and motorbikes. A belt drive is a one-piece toothed belt that makes use of internal gearing, allowing many moving parts to be protected. This shifting mechanism for bikes can result in them being more durable and quieter than a conventional chain.

Belt Drive bicycles are becoming increasingly popular due to their many advantages over traditional chain-driven bikes. Belt drives are much cleaner and quieter than chains, and they require very little maintenance. Belt drives are also much stronger and more durable than chains, making them ideal for use in high-performance applications such as auto racing engines. In addition, belt drives are much lighter than chains, making them ideal for use in lightweight bicycles.

The only downside to belt drives is that they are more expensive than chain drives and it makes shifting a bit more complicated.

Gates CDX Belt Drive

Specifically the Vvolt Sirius has a Gates CDX Belt Drive. What’s that?

The Gates CDX belt drive is worry-free, meaning it’s practically maintenance free. No need to lube or adjust this drivetrain! The Gates Carbon belt is designed to last for years with little to no stretch. You can say goodbye to dropped chains and grease stains on your pants leg.

What about gears? The belt drive is a classic, “no actual gears” design. So what did Vvolt do instead?

The Enviolo Rear hub

If you have a single belt drive, a common method for allowing multiple gears on a bike is with an internally-geared hub. This system has the benefit that it is usually lower maintenance and there is less chance of something being damaged in an accident. Durability is usually very good.

Vvolt has chosen a highly-refined solution for the Sirius eBike; a unique, internally geared hub from Enviolo (to make matters even more confusing, the bike is branded as NuVinci but they recently changed their name). This is an internal geared hub in the rear wheel of the bike.

Why is this a big deal?

That means no more shifting or gears to mess with. A 100% stepless shifting experience – simply by using the twist shifter.

In fact, instead of gears, the Sirius eBike uses this little guy to show what “gear” you should be in.

Going up a hill? Make the guy look like he’s going up a hill to drop to a lower, easier gear. Want to be able to go even faster? The make the little guy look like he’s on a flat surface.

Make the little guy look like he’s going up hill to shift to an easier gear. Petty cool, huh?!

It’s that easy.

Other features and specs

While the eBike has some super unique features we’ve only seen on the Vvolt Sirius eBike, we’ve found some other great features that you only find on some select electric bikes.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

First of all, it’s important to know: what are hydraulic disc brakes?

What are Hydraulic Brakes?

Hydraulic disc brakes are a type of brake that uses a sealed fluid system to transfer the braking force from the brake lever to the caliper. This force is then transferred to pistons inside the brake caliper (ceramic brake pads) which push the brake pads into the disc rotor – thus slowing the rotation of the rotor and the wheel with the ceramic brake pads hitting the disc rotor.

Hydraulics provide a superior level of performance and efficiency due to their lack of mechanical cables that are prone to wear, especially if they’re exposed to the elements.

Hydraulic disc brakes also offer more stopping power than other types of brakes, making them ideal for use in mountain biking and downhill racing. In addition, hydraulic disc brakes are easier to maintain and adjust than other types of brakes, making them a popular choice among cyclists.

Why don’t more bikes have Hydraulic Disc Brakes? Good question!

  • They are more expensive
  • They’re more difficult to maintain if they need servicing (even though they are more dependable).
  • Also, they can be hard to transport – can you imagine that you get a box for your electric bike and the hydraulic brake fluid is everywhere? That would SUCK!

Now that you know a bit more about the Vvolt Sirius eBike, let’s take a look at some of its other features and specs.

Finally, the Sirius eBike comes with a unique internally

Front Suspension

Not unique to the Sirius electric bike is the air sprung suspension fork.

The Vvolt Sirius electric bike has a suspension fork that offers 100mm of travel. This will help you ride over bumps and keep the bike more stable over bumps and uneven paths. The air spring can be adjusted to your weight and riding style with the on-board controls.

The suspension fork is a great addition to any electric bike, but it’s especially appreciated on the Sirius eBike. You can definitely take this e bike anywhere you’d use a regular mountain bike.

Things we didn’t care for: but (potentially not deal killers)

A fairly simple trip computer, but also, no throttle.

Nothing here is a deal killer, per se, but something for you to be aware of when shopping for an electric bicycle.

No throttle

Most eBikes these days come with a throttle. See our Snapcycle S1 Review and Rad Power Bikes Review to learn more about some bikes with a throttle.

What is a throttle?

A throttle is exactly what you expect it to be – a way to propel the electric bike without pedaling at all.

Many mid-drive electric bikes do no have a throttle, simple because they are designed around pedal assist only.

The Vvolt Sirius eBike is a mid-drive electric bike, so it does not have a throttle.

This may or may not be a deal breaker for you – but just something to keep in mind!

How hard is it to ride?

As I said in our video review – it’s not hard, but not easy…

I found this electric bike to be more of a workout than other electric bicycles I’ve tested.

That’s OK! Honestly, if you don’t need or want a throttle, then this bike may be for you.

Another comment from our video Vvolt Sirius Review.

The torque sensor in this electric bike is honestly great – it’s like the torque sensor isn’t even there. Some folks have described having this powerful mid drive motor in a high gear is like sailing with super legs.

Most other ebikes have cadence sensors which feel more like a push. In contrast torque sensing pedal assist makes it feel like you your legs are more powerful.

In other words, it’s the smoothest pedal assist option there is.

Warp Core Upgrade

In the unit we tested, we had the warp core upgrade. What’s the warp core upgrade?

It unlocks the controller to assist up to 28 MPH. Frankly, I wouldn’t want to have less power on this bike. This is a must-have, in our book. Read more about different eBike Classifications.

No rear rack included

The rear rack is also not included in this eBike. We wish they were included, but also understand that no everyone needs a rear rack and it’s a way to save money. This is one of our must-have, best ebike accessories we recommend to any new ebike owner.

However, if you use our link right now to buy the Vvolt Sirius eBike, they are offering $300 in free accessories. So you can get a rear rack (and more) for free! Or, as I like to say, “at no additional charge.”

Who the Vvolt Sirius Electric Bike is best for

vvolt sirius review

If you’re the type of person who takes their biking seriously, then the Sirius electric bike is dream e bike for you.

It has all the high-quality parts you need to make your ride as smooth as possible, without any of the flashy extras that can take away from the experience. Plus, it’s easy to order and comes with free shipping – so what are you waiting for? Order your Sirius eBike today!

Who the Vvolt Sirius eBike is not for

Of course, I’d like to say that every eBike is perfect for every single person, but that’s simply not true at all.

Who is the Vvolt Sirius Electric not for? It’s not for someone what wants more of an electric experience like many of the other electric bikes we’ve reviewed offered. If you look at other electric bikes on the trail with the desire to go just as fast, just as effortlessly, then this bike is not for you.

The Vvolt isn’t for you if you want an ebike that sticks out and makes a statement.

If you want a bike that goes super fast at the flick of the wrist or thumb throttle: the Sirius is not for you (check our something like our RadRover 6 Plus Review).

In other words, if you are a bike purist that hates to even think of the phrase “electric bike,” then this bike is actually probably for you.

The Vvolt Sirius has all the great aspects of a “regular bicycle” with just a little added push – in the most literal way.

Want another, great-looking eBike? Then check out our Velotric Review.

The bottom line:

A great ebike for bike purists
Vvolt Sirius eBike

This ebike is simple, reliable and ride like a "true" high-quality bicycle. If you think most eBikes are a bit out of control and prefer an elegant option - check out the Sirius from Vvolt.

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The Vvolt Sirius eBike is a great choice for serious cyclists who are looking for an electric bike that will add to their experience. The biggest selling point is that it is a super-high quality eBike that delivers a very pure riding experience – for new and experienced riders.

It’s easy to order and comes with free shipping, so what are you waiting for? Order your Sirius eBike today! Thanks for reading!If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments below!

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  1. I am interested in the Sirius bike but have some questions, such as sizing. I have a 31” inseam and it looks like it would be a S/M, but I need to be sure that the distance from the seat to the handle bars is sufficient. I also want a larger battery; does the bike come with headlights and taillights? I see that you have a price of $2799, plus a $300 credit; is shipping included?


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