Lululemon "Jeans" are Here: Lululemon Tech Canvas Review 1

Lululemon “Jeans” are Here: Lululemon Tech Canvas Review

Hold onto your Pants Boys… Lululemon “Jeans” are Here!

Lululemon "Jeans" are Here: Lululemon Tech Canvas Review lululemon-tech-canvas-1-1024x768
Lululemon Tech Canvas Review: Are they really jean alternatives?

Lululemon Tech Canvas Pants (MSRP $128) are the latest in men’s comfort fashion from the brains that brought us ABC Pants. If you aren’t yet aware of the wonder that is ABC pants, (where have you been? read our full ABC Pants Review) then, let me give you a quick recap. ABC pants (anti-ball-crushing pants, FYI) are a Lululemon pants alternative which put them on the men’s fashion map.

Now, these technical textile geniuses have decided to take jeans alternatives to a whole new level with the Lululemon Tech Canvas pants, designed to look and function exactly like jeans.

ABC pants that LOOK like jeans? Hmm. I admit it, I was a tad skeptical. But intrigued. Could Lululemon jeans be the missing link in my life? I had to give these bad boys a try.

Lululemon "Jeans" are Here: Lululemon Tech Canvas Review lululemon-tech-canvas-back-pants-1024x768

Want to know how they fared? Well, read on for my Lululemon Tech Canvas Review…

Lululemon Tech Canvas: The Look

Ok, so they kinda look like jeans. They do have the same timeless 5-pocket detail that makes jeans so functional, but they still have a slight look of yoga pants about them at the same time. They also have the typical Lululemon ABC Pant seam on the back of the leg, which for me, is a dead giveaway that these are not your run-of-the-mill jeans.

Lululemon "Jeans" are Here: Lululemon Tech Canvas Review lululemon-tech-canvas-hem-line-1024x768
Lululemon Tech Canvas Review: The infamous seam behind the knees can be found on these pants, too.

They almost look like real jeans. Like, so, so close. If you don’t look closely, you wouldn’t notice. But on if you look at them for more than half a second, they look like a pair of jeans mixed with Yoga pants. They are just unstructured enough to be a giveaway that these aren’t real jeans. You can’t pair the Lululemon Tech Canvas Pants with a dress shirt, but they’d look great with a nice t-shirt, henley and Allbirds Shoes (read our full Allbirds review).

Lululemon Tech Canvas: The Fit ‘n Feel

While the other Lululemon jeans alternatives are mostly made from polyester, the Lululemon Tech Canvas are a cotton-blend fabric with elastane (better known as Spandex – the brand name) to give them that nice high-stretch, flexible feel perfect for moving around.

They are slim fit but certainly nowhere near the ‘skinny jeans’ look! Basically, Lululemon Tech Canvas ABC pants are super stretchy and probably the most comfortable out of all the Lululemon ABC Pants.

Lululemon Tech Canvas: The Verdict

So, in summing up my Lululemon Tech Canvas ABC Pant Review, I will say that they KINDA look like jeans, but they aren’t quite there. They still look a little sporty, and you wouldn’t pair these with a button down shirt and dress shoes (like Zerogrand). They will look awesome with a Buck Mason T-Shirt or a Mizzen+Main Henley T-Shirt. But leave the dress shirts out of it.

Lululemon "Jeans" are Here: Lululemon Tech Canvas Review LM5609S_1971_2
Even Lululemon doesn’t try and pair the Tech Canvas Pants on their website with anything fancy. (This is not me) Polos are about as dressy as the Tech Canvas ABC Pants get.

My search for the perfect jean alternative continues (read our full Mega Pants Review) but that said, the Lululemon Tech Canvas pants are definitely the most comfortable pair of pants I’ve ever worn (that aren’t sweat pants). The Lululemon Tech Canvas ABC Pants are perfect if you are ok with being casual (think polos and t-shirts) and don’t need to pair the pants with a dress shirt.

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