Ripple Barista Milk Review – The best foaming plant-based milk?

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Ripple Barista Milk: Can plant-based milk REALLY look this foamy?

If you are a fan of our website, you know we love the Nespresso Barista. Mrs. We Tried It doesn’t love “real” cows milk (she tries to stay away from dairy). But she loves the taste of real milk, especially in her lattes and hot chocolates, so she decided to find the best plant-based milk for lattes and other espresso drinks. She wanted to find the best-foaming plant-based milk.

Why does plant-based milk usually not work in espresso drinks?

Plant-Based Milk: Why is the real stuff so good?

That’s a great question. We won’t pretend to be chemists, but it all comes down to the fat content of the milk. According to the science behind milk frothing, there are three main reasons most plant-based milks fall flat:

  1. Fat: Most plant-based milk has very low fat content.
  2. Lactose: Cold milk doesn’t taste sweet. However, when the milk is heated, lactose dissolves more easily, giving it a sweeter taste.
  3. Proteins in milk: milk proteins simply help the milk froth.

It’s easy to look at the list and see why it’s so hard to create a great plant-based milk for frothing. Plant-based milk doesn’t have much fat, lactose or milk proteins. However, we’ve tested Ripple’s Barista Milk and it does a pretty awesome job!

What is Ripple Barista Milk?

Ripple Milk is simply pea-based milk. It features RIPPTEIN (their proprietary Pea Protein) and Sun Flower Oil (where the fat comes from). Ripple says the Sun Flower Oil, “gives Ripple its rich texture and velvety smoothness.”

Ripple Milk: Actually pea-based.

You can by regular Ripple Milk, however, we recommend their Barista milk for the best froth. In fact, we tried the regular Ripple Milk and discovered it doesn’t froth nearly as well as the Ripple Barista Milk.

All you need to know is that Ripple Barista Milk is about as close to real, full-fat milk as you will find. We’ve tried all different kinds, brands and types of plant-based milk to fun the perfect substitute and it’s easily Ripple Barista Milk.

Ripple Barista Milk Review: We love it!

What’s the nutritional information for Ripple Barista Milk?

As you can see above, there is some fat in Ripple Barista Milk (remember: fat is not bad for you). Fat also helps with the awesome foam in Ripple Barista Milk.

However, there is a little bit of sugar in Barista Ripple Milk (about 5 grams), that isn’t terrible but part of what gives this awesome milk the flavor!

Does Ripple Barista Milk Reall Foam Like Real Milk?

You tell me:

Ripple Barista Milk Review: YES – this is Vegan Milk that foams!

That is Ripple Barista Style Milk. Yes. Vegan Milk can foam! This was using the “Latte Art” Setting on our Nespresso Barista (full Nespresso Barista Review) To put that into comparison, here is what Silk Almond Milk looks like when you foam it:

Silk Almond Milk: Does not foam at all!

We used the same Nespresso Barista setting for the Silk Almond Milk. Find more Nespresso Barista Recipies. You’ll hard-pressed to find another non-dairy milk that foams like the Ripple Barista Style Milk. It’s pretty amazing!

Where do you buy Ripple Barista Milk?

We first found Ripple Barista Milk at Target, using Shipt of course (read our full Ship Review).

However, the local Target stopped carrying Ripple Barista Milk after A remodel a couple of months ago. We search long and far to find another source for the Ripple Barista Milk and couldn’t find it. But we were searching on Amazon the other day and saw that Ripple Barista Milk is now available on Amazon. It comes in a box of 6 and is $29.99 (at the time of writing).

That may seem like a lot but that works out to be less than $5 a container (Ripple Barista Milk comes in a box-like container). Each box has 32 ounces. If you only use 4 ounces for your lattes, that’s 8 servings in one box. That’s less than $0.63 a serving for the milk! That’s not bad at all.

Here’s where we’ve found the best deal on Ripple Barista Milk.

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  1. Hi! I 1,000% agree with everything in this article and I’ve been a loyal Ripple Barista box milk fan for a year. It seems to be completely discontinued. Any recommendations for your second favorite to substitute? I tried Sproud barista box but it does not even begin to compare to Ripple. Thanks!


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