Cirkul Review: What’s So Different About the Cirkul Bottle?

Our Cirkul Review: How good is the Cirkul bottle?

Cirkul Review: Cirkul is a water bottle with a twist. The Cirkul Water Bottle design will help you drink more water and stay hydrated. Check out this review of the Cirkul, it might be just what you need to get healthy and drink more water overall.

I’ve got a Diet Coke Addiction, so I’m always looking for new options to help me drink healthier drinks – and stay hydrated.

Now available at Walmart!
The Cirkul Bottle
  • Great flavors
  • Variety of flavors
  • Easy to use
  • Keeps water bottle clean
  • Have to “suck” to get the water out
  • Some flavors are hit or miss
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What we’ll cover in this review

In this review, we’ll cover:

  1. What is Cirkul?
  2. Why is Cirkul Different?
  3. How much does Cirkul cost and cirkul accessories.
  4. Is the Cirkul worth it?
  5. Cirkul refills

You might be just like me and hate to drink plain water.

The water bottle is more than just a water bottle!

It’s boring and you can only stand it for so long before getting burnt out on the taste (or lack thereof). But Cirkul has a unique way to jazz up your glass of H20 — basically, it turns your water bottle in time into something more than just a glass of plain water.

What is Cirkul?

Meet The Cirkul Solution for Building Healthy H2O Habits: Your Guide to Drinking Clean, Delicious Water

I don’t know why I’m trying so many water bottles these days (see our LARQ Water Bottle Review), but I want you to meet the Cirkul water bottle.

Crikul or Cirkul? It’s the Cirkul

You may say, “Well, this just looks like a normal water bottle.”

You’d be partially correct. The water bottle itself is there’s nothing fancy, but the actual fancy part is all in the cap.

And it’s not even the whole cap. It’s this part of the cap right here:

One of the magical flavor cartridges. How does a cirkul cartridge work? Keep reading!

This part is the flavor pack (aka flavor cartridges). Cirkul calls this a “Sip.” They have multiple different flavors and styles of Sips: ranging from LifeSips (Flavor + B Vitamins), FitSips (Flavors + Electrolytes), GoSips (Flavor + Caffeine), PureSips (Unsweetened Flavor – think something like La Croix), TeaSips (Tea Flavor + Caffeine) and BrewSips (Coffee Flavor + Caffeine).

In short, the “sips” are what turned the plain water into flavored water.

Sample calories, carbs, etc from one of the flavor cartridges.

All of the “Sips” are Zero Calories and the sweetened ones are sweetened with Sucralose, AKA Splenda or Stevia.

No Flavors in the Water – The secret behind what makes Cirkul Awesome

Have you ever put Mio in a water bottle only to make the water bottle gross after a couple of days of use? Well, that’s where Cirkul is awesome.

The Cirkul’s design is one way: which is great for keeping the water bottle clean, but not so great for drinking.

The water in the water bottle stays clean. The Flavor in the Sips are one way – meaning the flavor goes through the Sip to your mouth, but not in the water at all. This keeps the water bottle much cleaner than using something like Mio.

In fact, if you just drink out of the water bottle, not the Sip, it will just be water.

How Cirkul Works

This Cirkul (not “circle water bottle” or “crickle water bottle,” comes with a comfort grip lid.

Using Cirkul is super easy:

  1. Simply fill your Cirkul Bottle with plain water
  2. Select what Sip you want
  3. Put it in the lid
  4. Adjust the flavor level to the flavor intensity level you want (0 – 9)

It’s that easy.

Best Cirkul Flavors: What we think of the different flavor cartridges

Looking for the best cirkul flavors? This is one of them full of delicious flavor.

Everyone’s going to be a bit different. If you’re switching from drinking water to Cirkul, start with the flavor setting on 1 or 2. If you’re switching from soda, you may need to bump up the flavor dial (literally).

I typically keep the flavor dial set at about 3 or 4, depending upon the flavor. You can adjust the flavor dial to any number from 0 (displayed as an “X”) to a 9 on the flavor dial.

How high should you set the flavor dial for flavor intensity?

Putting the flavor level too high tastes terrible, in my opinion. It’s just too much flavor for my tastes.

But keeping it at a level 3 or 4 intensity is good to keep drinking water and stay hydrated.

We liked all of the flavors we tried. We didn’t test any of the coffee flavor sips, since we thought that would be odd.

We tried mostly the LifeSips (simply vitamins + flavor) and FitSips (flavor + electrolytes for the times we needed to be more hydrated).

My favorite flavors were the fruit flavors: Peach Mango and Strawberry Kiwi.

Peach flavor is our favorite! We like this over the peach tea – but if you like peach tea, then check it out! Another good one is fruit punch.

Cirkul Review: What we didn’t love

The biggest thing we didn’t like about the Cirkle Water Bottle is just how you really have to “sip” the water out.

It doesn’t come out on its own (probably due to the one-way flavor design), but you really have to suck on the water out of the Cirkul lid to get the water out.

I tend to prefer drinking water as quickly as I can, so, this actually slowed me down a bit. The tradeoff is that the water bottle stays clean, which is worth it for me.

It’s also a little noisy when you drink from the Cirkul Water Bottle. Not a huge deal killer: but I have to put Zoom on mute when I drink Cirkul and on a video call.

Cirkul + Sodastream: do they mix?

Sodastream + Cirkul: do they mix?

The other thing is pretty small. I do use a Sodastream from time to time (yes, I put my Mio right in the bottle) because I do like sparkling water.

Cirkul says that it can be used with sparkling water, there’s nothing wrong with it, however, sometimes this caused overflowing in my Cirkul lid when using it. Not a huge deal, but something to consider.

How long does each Cirkul flavor cartridge last?

Each Cirkul flavor cartridge, AKA “sip,” lasts about 6 full water bottles or 132 ounces. I found that to be pretty accurate – got about 7 or 8 when I put the flavor intensity to a level 3.

Cirkul: How much does it cost?

You can even get iced coffee flavor cartridges for your plan, or regular cirkul flavors like strawberry watermelon and mixed berry. Everything about the cirkul price.

Like so many things this day, it all comes down to money, right? Cirkul will try and get you on a subscription – which may be a way to help you drink more water.

If you’re paying for something, you may be more likely to use it (and stay hydrated), right?

First of all, you can get started for free (just pay shipping) by using our special link here.

If you don’t want to start small, you can buy 16 cartridges for $49 (they’ll include a water bottle and everything you need to get started).

It costs about 50 cents for each water bottle fill up. You can buy more cartridges and get them cheaper. You can also put it on a lower flavor setting to save even more

The Subscription Model

The company does offer a subscription model to help you get stocked. Some people hate this, some love it. I get it.

The plans range from 8 cartridges for $27 to 32 cartridges for $82 a month – 32 cartridges is a lot!

Do you have to buy a subscription?

No, you don’t. However, on the smallest plan (8 Sips for $27), the cartridges are $3.375/piece. You can buy individual cartridges for $3.75/piece.

You save about 40 cents by getting a subscription, but I understand not wanting to get a subscription either.

We haven’t had to alter our subscription yet, but you can simply email Cirkul’s good customer service people and they will set you up!

Where can you buy Cirkul?

The Cirkul Bottle and Flavor Cartridges, available at Walmart now. The Walmart version features two flavor cartridges with the bottle and several delicious flavors.

Previously, you could only buy Cirkul directly on their website.

However, now Cirkul is available at Walmart.

At Walmart, the Cirkul cartridges are 1 cent – yes, you read that correctly, 1 cent cheaper than on Cirkul’s website.

However, Walmart does have a pretty great Cirkul bundle available, too.

Cirkul Bottle + 2 Flavor Cartridges (Fruit Punch and Mixed Berry).

For $19.98, you get a Cirkul bottle and two cartridges, which is a pretty good value!

Cirkul Amazon: Also an option

drink cirkul amazon – available on Amazon, too!

You can also get Drink Cirkul on Amazon, too, now.

Cirkul vs. Mio – Which one is cheaper?

Cirkul Review: cheaper than mio?

This is a little more difficult, since there are so many variables (what flavor intensity level do you use, how much do you pay for each flavor cartridge and how much Mio do you REALLY use?).

But looking at the numbers provided by both Mio and Cirkul, here’s what I was able to deduce:

Mio is about $0.35 cents per 22 ounces.

Cirkul is about $.50 cents per 22 ounces.

Once again you can save some money by buying more cartridges, using less Mio or a lower flavor setting.

The stainless steel black cirkul bottle looks great! Inside? Strawberry lemonade! Our Cirkul water bottle review? We love it!

Air Up vs Cirkul

Air Up is a hydration system that flavors water through scent alone. It uses patented scent-release technology to infuse flavor into your water without any added sugar or calories. The flavor cartridges are easy to switch out, so you can enjoy a variety of flavors throughout the day.

As I mentioned, Cirkul is a refillable water bottle with a flavor cartridge inside. It offers up to 12 different flavors, including fruit-inspired tastes like strawberry and blueberry. Unlike Air Up, Cirkul uses natural sweeteners and electrolytes to enhance the flavor of your water. You simply can’t get electrolytes from smelling the water.

Both Air Up and Cirkul offer an enjoyable way to stay hydrated throughout the day. If you’re looking for something with more intense flavor or electrolytes (or caffeine), then Cirkul might be the better option for you. However, if you want something with fewer calories and no added sugar, then Air Up could be the right choice. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which one best suits your needs!

Meet the new Cirkul Flavors

The new best cirkul flavors? Maybe! Zero Calories and full of flavor make all of them worth trying. Many are made with natural fruit extracts.

Cirkul recently came out with a bunch of new flavors that we’ll provide our honest review of. These include more focused brands, like Flyte, focused on providing electrolytes. They also introduced Squeeze Lemonade, their lemonade brand.

We’ll let you know if any of these become one of our best cirkul flavors, surpassing our favorites like strawberry watermelon and mixed berry.

Cirkul Fitsip vs Lifesip

Cirkul’s names are a bit confusing, we get it.

On of the most confusing is cirkul fitsip vs lifesip.

Lifslip – a good overall flavor line

Think of Lifesip as the basic flavor or Cirkul. It’s got some B-Vitamins, but is designed for easy drinking

Fitsip – Flavor + Electrolytes

Fitsip is more like a light Gatorade. It’s got a slightly “salty” taste that is actually the electrolytes. Enjoy Fitsip flavors after working out or just when you need some extra hydration.

Is Cirkul Worth it? The final verdict in our Cirkul Bottle Review

The Cirkul water bottle is a great way to encourage yourself to drink more water. I love that the flavors are good and it’s easy to carry around.

Now available at Walmart!
The Cirkul Bottle
  • Great flavors
  • Variety of flavors
  • Easy to use
  • Keeps water bottle clean
  • Have to “suck” to get the water out
  • Some flavors are hit or miss
Buy Now
We might earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

It’s always surprising that people will pay $5 for a frappuccino, which is terrible for you, but won’t spend the same amount for water that is much healthier.

And if you’re not convinced yet, we have our very own discount code!

Use our special link to save even more on your first order. Want something else we love? Get our Pura Promo Code. Also, be sure to check out the mixed berry flavor. We like that one, too!

Wait a second, what about the Cirkul Lawsuit?

It looks like Cirkul is involved in a couple of different lawsuits. Lawsuits like this are all really tough, to be honest with you. However, doing some more research on, I can find that many of the issues step from slow shipping times.

That’s we still recommend using Walmart to buy Cirkul. You can’t find the cirkul water bottle on Amazon, but WalMart is super reliable.


How to store cirkul cartridges?

Just leave them in the package and they should store for months, if not years.

What are the best cirkul flavors 2022?

I personally love the Peach Mango flavor. Other cirkul lifesip water flavor cartridge reviews have other opinions, but Peach Mango is my favorite!

Is Cirkul Keto?

Yes! The Cirkul Bottles flavors are keto-friendly, with no sugar or carbs.

Is Cirkul bad for you?

Cirkul is not bad for you. We’ve been using Cirkul for years without any issues.

We have seen some cirkul water bottle complaints, with the emphasis on some of the other ingredients in the water. Pure water is always best, but this is a good second-choice – way better than sugary drinks!

Does kroger sell cirkul cartridges?

Yes, Kroger does sell Cirkul Cartridges now!

What are the benefits of cirkul water bottle?

The Cirkul Water Bottle is a revolutionary way to stay hydrated and enjoy your water. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Get creative with your water – customize the flavor of your water with 8+ brands and different formulas
  • Enjoy zero calories, all-natural flavors, and no added sugar
  • Infuse your water with detox benefits
  • Durable and drop proof design
  • Choose from over 40 flavored waters
  • Eco-friendly and reusable bottle
What are some good cirkul alternative options?

Mio is the best, and cheapest option. But the best option is one that forces you to drink water! The cirkul sips or something different!

How to refill a cirkul cartridge?

Sadly, you can’t refill a cirkul cartridge. It’s even in the cirkul directions.

Does cirkul work?

Of course, when you follow the directions!


  1. I just purchased the Cirkul Water Bottle and” sips” for my daughter and I. We love it. I only have one complaint, my daughter is legally blind and she can not see the number settings on the cap. it is white on white and this is very upsetting for her because she wants to be independent and do it herself. Hopefully something could be done differently with this not only for the visually impaired but for all.

  2. My circul is leaking when I tip up to drink. It just started this after a few weeks of use. My dtr. Could not make it stop dripping when turned up. Any suggestions? JM

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