Best Pura scents: The Ultimate Guide

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Best Pura Scents: The TL;DR

When it comes to rating Pura scents, there’s a lot of information out there. With over 54 Pura scents reviewed, finding the best scent can be a daunting task. Luckily, we’ve done the research and provide our honest Pura Scent Review so that you can pick the best one.

The two standout choices from our testing that come highly recommended are Capri Blue Volcano and NEST Fragrances, both of which are popular in the home fragrance market and are beloved for their unmistakable scents.

Which Pura Scents are the best Pura scents? We’ve tried 20+ Pura Scents to give you our honest Pura Scent Review.

The very best Pura Scents

Our #1 Pick
Pairs well with Volcano
Another favorite
Our #1 Pick
Pairs well with Volcano
Another favorite
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Best Pura Scents: What you need to know

First of all, we absolutely love our Pura. Read our full Pura Review and also, don’t miss our Pura Promo Code. We’ve compared it to other smart diffusers, too. See how it compares to Aera in our Pura vs. Aera Comparison. Want the short version of the story? Pura beats Aera in almost every category.

Pura wins in fragrance selection, set up, ease of use. Aera wins in overall coverage. That’s the too long, didn’t read version. Here are the Best Pura Scents….

Capri Blue is one of the main reasons we first decided to even test out Pura. We’re glad we did! Check out our guide to the best pura scents reviews.

However, the number one category that Pura beats Aera is: THE SCENTS. Why are Pura Scents better? Simple: they are from brands you already know. Brands like Capri Blue (check our best Capri Blue dupes, too), NEST, Homesick, James Harden, Bridgewater Candle Company and many more!

Pura Scents Review: Do they really smell like the candle fragrance?

The Pura Scents line is a high-quality collection of fragrances. Many reviewers have claimed that they smell exactly like the candles do, and this has earned them praise from consumers who’ve used both the candles and the sprays. But does it live up to its promises? Are they really “true to life” replications of their candle scents?

A couple of differences between Pura and a candle:

  1. There is just something romantic about a candle. From using a match to light it, to the twinkle that is projects on the ceiling while the flame dances to the smoke that comes up when you blow it out. A candle is just more romantic. Nothing will replace that.
  2. Candles are more dangerous. Have you ever came home from running errands and a candle is lit when you come home. Yikes! That makes you feel like you could burn the whole house down. But with Pura that just isn’t possible.
  3. You know exactly how much candle scent is left. You can see the wax in the candle. It’s that easy. While Pura does now show you when a scent is “low fragrance,” what does that mean? 1 day? A week? 2 weeks? With a candle you just know.
With a candle, you know how long you have. With Pura, it’s a bit more difficult.

Best Pura Scents review: our top scents, in order

As mentioned, we bought the Pura scents mostly for Capri Blue. However, we like several of the other scents, too. Here are our top Pura Scents, in order, from the scents that we tried!

#1 Best Pura Scent: Capri Blue Volcano

The Best Pura Scent, at least in our opinion!

What Pura Says About Capri Blue:

Volcano is pleasant and inviting, so be sure to use this in your entryway, living room, and kitchen; places where this scent will truly shine. When guests walk into your home and smell this first thing, it will be an instant conversation starter and a great first impression.

Our Capri Blue Pura Scent Review:

This smells exactly like the Capri Blue Candle. The perfect balance of clean, sweet and citrus. Smells like an Anthropologie.

This is our favorite Pura Scent that we use all the time.

A quick aside with Pura Scents: One of the (many) ways that Pura is awesome is that it stores two different slots for scents. While you can put the same scent in both slots, that’s not what we recommend. It’s always a great idea to make sure you have two different types of scents so you smell the scents more often. If you use the same scent, your nose will get used to it.

For example, having Capri Blue Volcano in one slot and Frasier Fir or Capri Blue Havana Blue in the other slot (that’s what we do).

#2 Best Pura Scent: Frasier Fir

What Pura Says about Frasier Fir:

The aromatic snap of Siberian fir, cedarwood and earthy sandalwood combine to create a just-cut forest fragrance that evokes warmth and comfort.

Our Frasier Fir Pura Scent Review:

We love this scent! It’s our favorite winter scent right now. It’s a great, clean and is a nice blend of Fir and Pine.

It smells like a clean, fresh Christmas tree.

#3 Best Pura Scent: Capri Blue Havana Vanilla Scent

What Pura Says about Havana Vanilla

Spice things up with Havana Vanilla! It’s filled with delicious notes of vanilla and a hint of smoky tobacco, bergamot and sandalwood.

Our Havana Vanilla Pura Scent Review:

We were initially concerned about “smoky tobacco” – but it’s really more of a rich vanilla (versus a super sweet vanilla). It’s a nice, rich vanilla scent – almost carmel. Another great compliment to Capri Blue Volcano.

Other Great Pura Scents

A couple of other great Pura Scents that we really liked. I wouldn’t put these in any particular order, but other really good options!

New Tommy Bahama Maui Mango

This new release from Pura is AWESOME! It complements the Capri Blue Volcano. It smells like mangos, blood oranges, and pineapple. It’s great! Buy Maui Mango.

Homesick Hawaii

We really liked Homesick Hawaii

This smelled very similar to Capri Blue Volcano – just a little bit sweeter. If you like Volcano, there’s a good chance you’ll like Hawaii by Homesick. Just a hint of floral in there, too, which isn’t bad – we just don’t like overwhelmingly floral scents. That’s just our opinion.

Votivo Frosted Pine

Votivo is one of our favorite pura scents

Honestly, we’d never heard of Votivo before, but they were kind enough to send us a package with some of their scents. We really like the Frosted Pine Scent.

Any of the Nest Scents

Best Pura Scents - you can't go wrong with NEST Scents
Pura Scent Review: We really like all of the Nest scents

NEST has really simple scents, from Sicilian Orange to Grapefruit. We just like that their scents are super simple and straightforward. You can’t go wrong with any of them.

Best Pura Scent Combinations

The best Pura Scent Combinations are ones that have very contrasting smells – so you can smell the difference. For example, we love to have Frasier Fir paired with Volcano. The Fir smell of Christmas is a great compliment to the sweet citrus of Volcano.

We also mix Volcano with Capri Blue Havana Vanilla a lot, too. The nice vanilla smell is very different than the sweet Citrus smell.

Also, check out our best Pura Fall Scents, too.

Great Pura Seasonal Scents

Besides the typical scents, Pura has some amazing seasonal scents that we really like, too.


Pura doesn’t just have 1 pumpkin pura scent, or two… they have three Pumpkin Scents! If you need your house smelling like a Pumpkin Spice Latte, you’re in luck.

Pura’s White Glided Pumpkin Scent

Pumpkin is undoubtedly the most popular and well-known scent of fall, but this creative adaptation of a classic flavor might emerge as a new fall favorite. The distinct tastes are enhanced by cinnamon, black apple, and beeswax in this fragrance.

Pumpkin Macchiato Pura

It’s not technically a Pumpkin Spice Latte, it’s a Pumpkin Spiced Macchiato. This is a little more on the creamy side with Pumpkin Seeds added to a subtle blend of Coconut Milk and Cardamom to create a sophisticated and well-balanced fragrance.

Heirlūm Pumpkin Scent

With the delectable, delicious scent of a sweet pumpkin treat to snuggle into, you’ll be ready for the holiday season. The fragrance is made up of notes of classic pumpkin, creamy caramel, warm vanilla bean, and spicy cinnamon that will linger all year long in your house.

This Pura Scent is probably the closest to a PSL at your home.

Pura Scents We Do NOT Recommend

Writing about scents is weird. There’s no smell-o-vision… yet. It’s hard to tell what types of things you like and what you don’t based on the description. What does bergamot smell like? I have no idea! Here are some of the fragrances we did NOT like, but you may (we know fragrances are super subjective!)

Homesick NYC

Pura Scent Review: one of the few scents we did not like.

What Pura Says about Homesick NYC

The distinctive scents of spring days in Central Park, fine department stores, and concrete capture the energy of the greatest city on earth.

Our Pura Homesick NYC Scent Review:

This doesn’t smell terrible, it just smells like Febreeze. That’s the best way I can describe it.

If you don’t like floral scents…

If you don’t like Floral Scents, we’d recommend staying away from some of the scents like Bridgewater Candle Company. They were very pleasant but we just don’t like super-floral scents (part of the reason we didn’t like Aera as much).

Pura Scent Review – What are the best scents?

  1. Pura Capri Blue Volcano

    The only officially licensed scent of the real Capri Blue Volcano Candles - only a lot cheaper. Smells just like the real candle, at a fraction of the cost.

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  2. Capri Blue Havana Vanilla Scent

    If you're looking for something to spice up your life, try Havana Vanilla. It's filled with delicious notes of vanilla and hints of smoky tobacco that will make any day better!

    A great compliment Capri Blue Volcano fragrance - just what every person needs in their daily routine

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  3. Frasier Fir Pura Scent

    The earthy smells of cedarwood and sandalwoods mingle with the fresh, crisp scent of fir to create an aroma that is both inviting yet nostalgic at times.

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  4. Maui Mango Scent

    Fresh and fruity, this fragrance will make you feel like you are in an exotic paradise. The mixture of sweet island mango with juicy tangerine is unforgettable!

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  5. Capri Blue Pineapple Flower

    Imagine you're on an island, surrounded by beautiful plants and flowers. You can smell sugar cane as well as plumeria trees with their sweet aroma mixed in between them all!

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    We might earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

As we’ve mentioned, we love Pura and love their scents. The truth is, if you like a candle or reed diffuser scent, like Carpi Blue or Nest – you will love the Pura version of it. It smells EXACTLY like the fragrance and not a cheap duplicate. We promise. It’s not like a cheap perfume like this Gucci knock-off in Amazon:

Pura scents are not like a cheap knockoff – they work directly with the brands to create

Long-story short: that’s why we love Pura the most – it’s affordable and you know exactly what the scents smell like BEFORE you buy them.

Did you like our Best Pura Scents Roundup? Be sure to read our full Pura Review and also use our exclusive Pura Promo Code. Also, check out our Aera Mini Review. Also, don’t miss our guide to making your home smell like your favorite resort or store.

Do you have any questions or comments about our best Pura Scents review? Let us know in the comments below!

What are the best Pura scents 2024?

We love Capri Blue Volcano Pura Scent the most! But Pura has a variety of scents from brands you know, like NEST, Votivo, Homesick, James Harden, Bridgewater Candle Company and some of their own house brands. Read this post to find our favorites (and our least favorite.)

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