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Everlane Leggings Review: A worthy competitor to the others leggings or a cheap knock-off?

So it is no secret that we are HUGE fans of Everlane! Now it’s time to bring you our newest Everlane scoop: the Everlane Leggings Review.

👍🏻What We Love👎🏻What We Don’t Love
– The price! You can’t beat it.
– The material, it’s great.
– The Colors
– No branding on the leggings
– The sizing, it runs small.
– The waistband

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Everlane Leggings Review: Why now?

If you’ve seen any of our other Everlane Reviews, you will notice that we were missing a huge category in clothing: women’s pants. 

Everlane Leggings Review: The newest in the legging game.

I’m not a huge fan of denim for my lifestyle. With running around after my kids, playing on the floor and daily pilates – denim is just not the most comfortable choice. I pretty much live in leggings (check out this Velvet Lululemon Leggings Review!), so when Everlane came out with the Perform Legging I jumped on the waitlist the second I could and of course I have been impressed with these very affordable, high-quality leggings!

The slogan for the Perform Legging by Everlane is, “Do what you want – in a legging that does it all.” 

Perform Legging Review: Here’s what Everlane says. Is it true?

As I mentioned above, leggings are just so comfortable and versatile for my lifestyle! The Perform Legging is only $58 and comes in four colors: black, lichen, brandy rose and ink grey.  They are made from technical Italian fabric and comprised of 58% recycled nylon and no harmful chemicals. 

Everlane Leggings: All the colors

Perform Leggings Review: What we love

So stretchy…
  • The price is simply amazing. At $58, the Perform Legging is about half what you will pay for similar quality leggings.
  • The colors: the four colors they choose are all great basics.
  • The material: it sucks everything in without being uncomfortable. 
  • The fit: nice high waisted design and comes in two lengths – ankle (perfect for us shorties!) and regular. 
  • Everlane’s commitment to sustainability and using recycled materials without harsh chemicals. 

What we don’t love about The Perform Legging by Everlane

  • The sizing – I would say these run pretty small. I first ordered an XS which is my usual size (I’m a 25 in denim) and they were WAY TOO SMALL. When I bent over they were completely see-through because the fabric was stretched too thin. I exchanged the XS for a small (did you know you can return Everlane items to World Market and get an instant credit to reorder?!?) and they fit way better. 
  • The waistband rolls down – is this a pet peeve for any other legging wearers out there? Drives me crazy!  

Who are the Everlane Leggings for?

Everlane Pricing: It’s about half of the Lululemon Price!

The Perform Legging by Everlane is a great legging alternative to any of the big athleisure brands. It costs about half what most comparable leggings do and is sustainably made. They have a similar fit and feel to the Align Leggings by Lululemon except they get you more compression and have a slightly “slicker” feel. 

How to Style The Perform Legging by Everlane

Everlane Leggings Review: How to Style

How can you not style leggings?  Haha! My daily uniform is usually leggings, a tee-shirt, and a sweater or jacket. The Perform Legging by Everlane fits nicely in the legging rotation!

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Everlane Leggings are more on the casual side of the Casual/Dressy Leggings Scale.

Alternatives to Everlane Perform Leggings

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The Perform Legging by Everlane Review: The Final Verdict.

Everlane Leggins are We Tried It Approved!

Overall, I am loving that Everlane is now in the legging business. I love these leggings and think they are very comparable to others that run twice the price. I would suggest sizing up a size to get your most ideal fit.

Gotta love everything Everlane does – we love Everlane!

Buy these awesome leggings here or:

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