Everlane Performance Chino Review 1

Everlane Performance Chino Review

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Everlane Performance Chinos Review
Everlane Performance Chinos: How do they stack up?

Before we jump into our Everlane Performance Chinos Review, let’s look at what Everlane has to say about their performance Chinos:

Performance chinos: Great in theory, but most are too crinkly, too tech-y, and too expensive. So we made a pair with all the technical-pant features—they’re sweat-wicking, quick-drying, and have 4-way stretch—plus an authentic chino look designed for everyday wear.

Did Everlane break the cycle? Were they able make their performance Chinos less crinkly, less techy and less expensive? Let’s dive into our full Everlane Performance Chino Review.

👍🏻What We Love👎🏻What We Don’t Love
– The price! At $68 these are very reasonable.
– The material, it’s great.
– The Colors
– Looks more like Chinos than technical pants.
– Not as comfortable as less technical pants, like Lululemon ABc Pants

The hunt for the perfect jeans alternative continues and next on the testing table is the Everlane Performance Chinos. Now, if you’ve been paying attention to our Mega Pants Review, then the idea of “technical” chinos is nothing new. But what you might find surprising is a pair of pants which manages to strike a balance between comfort, style, AND cost: the Everlane Performance Chinos.

The Performance Chinos are also part of Everlane’s Uniform Collection for men. What’s the uniform collection? It is 12 classic men’s styles that come with…wait for it… a 365 day guarantee. Yes, you read that correctly. In a world of cheap clothes, Everlane backs up their clothes for a FULL YEAR!

What is Everlane?

Everlane Performance Chino Review 2
Everlane: One of our favorite brands!

First up, who are we talking about here? What is Everlane? They are a San Francisco-based clothing brand for both men and women. They are focused on providing classic quality over fashion fads and trends. This is evident in their clean and simple designs. See our top 15 Women’s Everlane Styles for some of their most classic styles for women.

What makes them stand out from the crowd is something they have branded, “Radical Transparency.” They are open and honest about their manufacturing costs, use ethical factories and how they source high-quality materials. For example, Everlane shares that the performance Chinos are made at this factory in China. We like them already!

Everlane Performance Chinos Review – Technical Details

Everlane Performance Chino Review 3
Everlane Performance Chinos, they look like normal chinos.

Everlane’s Performance Chinos are made from 94% cotton, but the magic ingredient is the 6% elastane which gives them 4-way stretch for added comfort. The fabric is about the same thickness as regular chinos, but a little thicker than the other jeans alternatives in the Mega Jean Alternative Review. There is slightly less stretch than the other pants we tried, but the stretch is still good and makes for extra comfort when you are moving around.

Add in the sweat-wicking and quick-dry technology and they are the perfect pair of pants for staying cool (and looking good) in warmer months. You could easily and comfortably wear the Everlane Performance Chinos from Spring right through to Fall. However, I’d be leery of wearing in 100+ degree weather.

The Look – Everlane Performance Chinos Review

Everlane Performance Chino Review 4

The danger with athletic fit chinos is that the end up looking like a pair of skinny running pants (Or even yoga pants) or wrinkled beyond belief. But not the Everlane performance chinos! I was super impressed at how great and classic they look—just like tailored chinos. You could definitely pair these up with a button-down shirt and dress shoes for smart-casual occasions.

Fit and Feel: How do the Everlane Performance Chinos Feel?

So, they certainly look like regular chinos, but do you really want them to ‘feel’ like regular chinos?

Everlane Performance Chino Review 5
Everlane Performance Chinos: they look like regular chinos.

Luckily, the Everlane Performance Chinos are much more comfortable! Whether you want to sit, walk, run, or do squats lunges (ok, that may be a stretch), you can while wearing the performance chinos from Everlane. The 4-way stretch means they move the way you move while maintaining their fit and form. Also, they feel a good weight– not too light, not too heavy. Just right!

Everlane Performance Chinos – The price

At only $68 a pop, the Everlane Performance Chinos are half the price of the Lululemon ABC Tech Canvas! You might be thinking, “ah, but surely you get what you pay for?”

Well, here’s thing… Everlane have managed the impossible: a great jean alternative with athletic fit chinos that are comfortable, well-made with quality materials, AND affordable.

Pros and Cons for Everlane Performance Chinos

Looks great!A little on the “thick” side
The price is great.Not as wrinkle resistant as other brands
Classic looks that will stand the test of time.Not as stretchy as other jean alternative.
Doesn’t look too techy. Looks like traditional chinos but feels more comfortable!

How did the Performance Chinos… perform?

All in all, the Everlane Performance Chinos are a great pair of pants! They are smart enough to wear to any place you’d normally wear regular tailored chinos, but they are much more comfortable. They are well-made and they certainly offer great value for money. Give them a try!

We love almost everything Everlane creates and this is no exception.


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