OTAA Men’s Ties Review: Timeless Style, Unbeatable Quality

Mr. We Tried It
This is a very funny business that makes some serious ties (skinny ties, knitted ties, you name the type of tie and they probably sell it in their shop… with speedy delivery). Check out otta brothers ties!

OTAA offers a diverse range of high-quality, sustainable men’s ties with a touch of Aussie humor. Their products, ranging from classic to funky designs, are made from recycled materials and cater to various styles, making them ideal for any occasion.

I had the chance to try out a few of their ties, and I was incredibly impressed with both the look and feel of them. Keep reading to see why OTAA should be your go-to source for men’s ties.

Quick OTAA Ties Review

OTAA is a men’s ties company that offers a wide variety of ties, from the classic black tie to the more unique and funky patterned ties.

I had the opportunity to review OTAA’s ties, and I was impressed by the OTAA brothers ties!

The quality of the ties is excellent – they are made from high-quality materials and they are very well-made. The designs are also great – they are stylish and modern, but still classy and timeless. Overall, I highly recommend OTAA’s ties – they are an excellent value for the money and they are sure to impress!

Meet OTAA (Online Ties Accessories Australia)

It’s easy to see why this company took off on Instagram: some of their ties are literally works of art and perfect for the Instagram canvas.

These would pair incredibly well with the brand new Lenox Dress Shirt. Read our full Lenox Dress Shirt Review for more information on this awesome new dress shirt from Bluffworks (read our full Bluffworks Review, too).

Not just ties

OTAA Brothers makes some other items, besides ties.

OTAA Pocket Squares

OTAA Pocket Square

Get a matching (or contrasting) OTAA Pocket Square for your suit jacket. These are simply beautiful!

Tie Bars

OTAA also makes some sweet Tie Bars! Check them out here. The Tie Bar really ties together the look.

What makes OTAA unique?

OTAA ties are beautiful, classy and sustainable. They also cost a fair price (around $40 – 60). 

OTAA’s designs range from super-out-there to more sophisticated with the goal of making sure their customers feel passionate about design when they wear them! With so many choices OTAs has ever occasion covered you’ll be sure to find your perfect match.

The Fabric

Much like Allbirds, OTAA makes their clothing from recycled water bottles. It’s actually pretty incredible.

OTAA “saves” the water bottles from oceans and landfills and then after “rehabilitation” they are turned into chips and the chips are turned into thread.

I only use quotations because OTAA has a funny page where they talk about the water bottles like they are animals being retrained to go out into the wild.

The brothers are also Australian, so you’ll see some of that Aussie Humor come out on the website as well.

What we tried and why

My wife actually bought me this beautiful red tie for a “Red and Black” Party we are attending.

After searching the internet for other ties, she got quickly frustrated: the designs were all super tacky or super expensive. So, she decided to take a chance and purchase the OTAA Ties.

OTAA Ties Review

She bought the Red Maroon Tie – which is a nice, bright and bold red color – the color you’d want a Ford Mustang to be, if you ever bought one.

It’s got a good width – not too wide, not too skinny and will look great for our Red and Black Party.

I’ll be wearing this with my black xSuit 3.0. Read our full xSuit Review and find out the best performance dress suits.

Who do we recommend OTAA for?

Obviously, any guy that needs a new tie would be silly to miss the funny business going on at OTAA Ties. But these ties would be the absolute best gifts for father’s day or for groomsmen on a wedding day or any other time when your dad wants more than a crappy tie.


OTAA know the value of creating a fun brand. Just look at these photos from me unboxing the ties.

Who wouldn’t love a card that says, “You handsome bastard”?

What else does OTAA Make?

As of the time of publication, OTAA makes and sells all sorts of ties: from classic to skinny to bow ties. They also make pocket squares (matching, obviously), socks, cufflinks and a wide variety of accessories – ranging from Tie Bars to lapel pins and much more.

They also have some really cool gift packs, if you want to gift the special guy in your life something more than a single tie. The gift boxes include all the fun branding and even more.

How long does shipping take?

Given this tie was coming all the way from Australia, I expected this tie to take weeks to get here. In fact, my wife ordered it several months before we actually needed it. The product ships free in 10-15 business days, but if you need it fast – you can get it in 2 – 5 business days for $10 or $19 (depending on the order value).

That’s not too bad at all.

What else should I know about OTAA?

The website is full of all sorts of other helpful topics, like “How to Tie a Tie” and “How to Fold a Pocket Square” in addition to all sorts of gentleman-like advice that you’d expect from an Aussie company.

The thing we like the most is that they are always coming up with new designs and ways to improve their brand – it’s exciting to see what they’ll do next!

OTAA Review: Final Thoughts

OTAA is one of those brands that we saw on Instagram that we had no idea if they could live up to the hype or they’d just be full of it.

The good news is that they are even better than advertised, thanks to the fun packaging – not to mention a simply stunning, beautiful tie.

Ties never seem to get worn out. Ties are a bit like shoes. They go in and out of style, but a well-made tie will last forever. The same can be said for OTAA Ties – these are ties that will last forever and always be stylish.

If you need a new tie or you want to gift someone an incredible, memorable gift – we highly recommend checking out OTAA.

Be sure to rock these ties with a great look. Pair it with one of our best performance suits, our best non-iron shirts, and something fun, like Oliver Cabell Shoes (read our Oliver Cabell Shoe Review and GREATS Shoe Review, too.


What does OTAA stand for?

OTAA stands for “Online Ties Accessories Australia” – not that original, is it?

Are OTAA Ties any good?

We approve of these ties – they are incredibly well-made, high-quality, have many great designs and are a fair price.

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  1. I was extremely impressed, not only with the bow tie I ordered for a Christmas gift, but the packaging and presentation was AWESOME!! Very classy… and delightful. You have gone the extra mile and it shows! Quality unparalleled. Thanks, from the U.S.


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