Birdies Review – The stylish slipper that looks like a flat?

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Birdies Shoes: Are they a stylish flat that secretly a slipper? Check out our Birdies Shoes Review and Birdies Flats Review to find out more!

Birdies Slippers: Birdies says they are “The stylish flat that’s secretly a slipper.” Is that true? Read more in our honest Birdies Review. We’ll review Birdies and several styles they have to offer from the Birdies flats to the Birdies Herdon – their take on the “smoking slipper.”

Birdies Review: What are Birdies?

Birdies Review
Birdies Review: Stylish and comfortable? Read on.

Birdies is a San Francisco-based footwear startup founded by former Facebook and Ross Stores (yes, that Ross) executives, Bianca Gates and Marisa Sharkey. The dream team duo have designed a shoe that masquerades as a slipper, or is that the other way around?

Their unique selling point is that they have created a shoe that combines the comfort of slippers, the support of sneakers, and the style of a high-fashion shoe. With all of those promises and royal fans such as Meghan Markle, it was about time I tried Birdies slippers!

Some of the key features

These slippers are more than just a standard designer flat. These shoes were designed for comfort and versatility. What is all of this stuff in the shoes?

First of all, the base is some super comfortable memory foam. Think your mattress on your feet – that’s amazing, right?

Then you can add some layers in for shock absorption and more cushioning. But my personal favorite is the quilted top. That’s awesome and feels perfect on your feet.

Not only do you get all this walking-on-cloud comfort, but you get support and durability, too.

I almost forgot to mention, at the bottom of every shoe is a rubber sole. That means these aren’t just slippers – every pair of Birdies is perfect for running to the store or dropping off the kids. Only you know if you are wearing a shoe… or a slipper.

Birdies Review: Meet the different styles

Since our original review, they flat that’s secretly a slipper has expanded to other styles: The Goldfinch The Swan, The Vesper, The Swift, The Falcon, The Cardinal, The Roadrunner, The Phoebe, The Dove and the The Robin.

Get a theme here?

Why are they called Birdies?

If you’re wondering about the brand name, you’ll soon realize why: all Birdies slippers are named after our feathered friends. You have the Heron, the Sparrow, the Chickadee, the Raven, and well, you get the picture!

What we Reviewed

We’ve tried three pairs of Birdies, officially:

The Birdies Songbird Pom

In black (no longer available in black, but available in other colors.

The Birdies Starling Review

In a seasonal color that is no longer around but still available in some other cute colors.

The Birdies Heron Review

In classic black, like so many of my shoes in my closet!

Heron vs. Starling Styles

Birdies heron vs starling

The Birdies Starling and the Birdies Heron are two distinct styles of flat shoes offered by Birdies. The Starling is a classic smoking slipper, updated with an elevated look that’s perfect for everyday wear. It comes in velvet, suede and calf hair and features a rounded toe and classic, loafer-style upper that fits true to size and looks great with a variety of bottoms.

The Heron was inspired by the shoes worn for generations by Venetian gondoliers. It’s crafted with velvet or suede in timeless colors, has a pointed almond toe and v-shaped upper that gives the legs a longer appearance. This style works well with skirts and dresses.

The Differences

When comparing these two styles of shoes from Birdies, there are some distinct differences.

Starting with the design aspect, The Starling shoe is more of a casual flat while The Heron shoe offers a more sophisticated silhouette which can be dressed up or down depending on one’s preference. Additionally, the Starling shoe has a rounded toe while the Heron shoe features an almond shaped pointy toe which creates a sharper look.

Another difference between these two styles is their materials; whereas The Starling offers velvet, suede, and calf hair options, The Heron only comes in velvet or suede materials offering less flexibility regarding styling choices. Lastly, since The Starling offers a classic loafer-style upper, it looks great with jeans, trousers, lounge pants or joggers whereas The Heron’s v-shaped upper makes it best suited for skirts or dresses giving it the leg-elongating effect everyone desires for formal occasions

In conclusion, both styles of Birdies shoes offer something unique to their individual customers based on their preferences: whether you prefer something casual yet stylish like The Starling or something more classic like The Heron there is no shortage of options when choosing between these two silhouettes from Birdies Shoes.

What you need to know about the Birdie Slippers

All Birdie slippers are crafted from luxurious materials such as velvet, calf-hair, and suede. They have memory foam insoles and are lined with quilted satin.

Birdies Slipper Review
Birdies Slipper Review: the quilted satin.

To be honest, I have a very high bar for loafers/flats (see our full loafer roundup – but also check out my Rothy’s Review or Allbirds Review).

As you can see, I take my loafers seriously!

Let’s see how these slip-on Birdies slippers faired on my feet…

Birdies Review: The Fit and Feel

First thing I noticed was how comfortable they felt, straight out of the box. No need to wear them in or give them time to stretch to my feet. The Songbird Pom and Starling and Heron were good to go from the first fit. I also ordered my usual size (7.5) and they were a perfect fit – so I would say that Birdies sizing is pretty true to size.

Another bonus: they come in half sizes!

Do Birdies Stretch?

Some people say to size up or down a half a size, but for me, the shoes fit perfectly and true to size. If you get your pair of Birdies and they are just a little snug, have no fear: Birides do stretch to your feet just a little bit.

I wouldn’t say it’s a super-human power, but they do stretch slightly over time if they are just a little snug.

I have to admit, they really do feel like slippers, but slippers with structure and support. The inside quilted material is super soft and comfortable.

Birdies Slippers: The Look

Birdies Review: Floral
Mr. We Tried It didn’t like these shoes, but what does he know?!

First up, my favorite pair out of the two is definitely the Birdies Starling loafers. With their funky floral pattern, they look super cute.

The Soles

It’s easy to overlook something like the soles of shoes like this, but I really loved how the rubber soles were able to give this more versatility.

This allowed the shoe to function as a lot more than just a slipper and more like a real flat!

What does my husband think of them?

Mr. We Tried It didn’t quite agree with me here… he likened them to my grandmother’s couch! But, what does he know?!

I loved the little details, such as the cute tags with the emblem on the heels and I can see how they would go with lots of different outfits.

What I didn’t love about the slippers

I did like the Birdies Song Bird mules too, but I was a little disappointed with the pom-poms as one was rather squished from the packaging.

It annoyed me that they weren’t symmetrical. The Song Bird pair did look a little more like slippers than shoes. That said, they are still cute and would definitely work well in jazzing up a pair of leggings and an oversized sweater.

Birdies Review: Pom Poms
It really bothers me how much the pom-poms are uneven.

Birdies Flats: What’s the verdict?

While the Song Bird definitely looks more like a slipper – the Hernon and Starling are definitive flats. The incredible arch support, high-density foam, memory foam, all combined with some incredible black velvet seriously makes gives this one of the best flats review I can imagine?

What else do you want?

✅ Stylish? Check!

✅ Velvet? Check!

✅ More velvet? Check!

✅ Memory foam? Check!

✅ Rubber sole? Check!

That’s just what makes us love to give you reviews like Birdies. They are so incredible comfortable and look great too.

Rothys vs. Birdies: The ultimate question

You have to admit, this is the Birdies Blackbird compared to a Rothy’s Flat:

The Birdies Blackbird Washable Flat.
The Rothy’s flat

Since Birdies has come out with their new line, The Blackbird washable flat, some obvious comparisons to Rothy’s come into play. We’ll post our full review of the Birdies vs. Rothy’s comparison shortly, but in the meantime, check out our Rothy’s Review.

It’s a super obvious comparison. Both Rothy’s and Birdies are:

  • Flats
  • Washable
  • Made from a similar material
  • About the same price ($120 for Birdies – check out our Birdies Promo Code, $125 for Rothys – save more with our Rothy’s Promo Code)
  • Look similar

We can’t wait to bring you our full comparison as they compare to Rothy’s but we will do that very shortly!

Birdies Review: The Price

Birdies slippers range from $95- $140 which, for slippers is a little steep, but for shoes that feel like slippers but feel like flats, that’s a lot more reasonable! They are just the right blend of classic and fashion. They can be matched with so many outfits and for different occasions. You will get plenty of wear out of them, so I do think the price tag is worth it.

Birdies PositivesBirdies Negatives
They are super comfortable!Some styles look like slippers.
Some styles look more professional and polished.The price can be a little steep for a pair of “slippers.”
Great customer service! They fixed the pom-pom issues quickly.The pom-poms were a little squished on one of my pairs.
Great blend of comfort and fashion.

Birdies Review: The Stylish Flat that’s Secretly A Slipper? Or even more?

I think Megan Markle is certainly onto something here. The Birdies slippers are a little treat for your feet. They are cute, stylish, and super comfortable. I do love my secret slippers and, if my pom-pom ‘foofs’ back to life, I’ll be even happier!

I really recommend Birdies for anyone looking for a comfortable, fun addition to their wardrobe.

If you are ready to buy Birdies, get them directly from the source here.

Also, see Birdies features in our ultimate Loafer Review.

Also, be sure to check out our new Birdies Heron Review.

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