Ministry of Supply Suit Review: The best travel suit? Or the best suit ever?

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Ministry of Supply Suit Review – Velocity Suit Jacket and Pants

Is it really possible to make a comfortable suit? Is it possible to make a suit that’s lightweight, wrinkle-resistant, stretchy, AND still looks like a real suit? Today give you our honest Ministry of Supply Suit Review: specifically, we’ll dive deep into the Ministry of Supply Velocity Suit Review

The best looking travel suit we’ve tested
Velocity Suit
Comfortable, stylish, wrinkle-resitant and machine washable. What else do you want?!
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What we love + what we don’t

👍🏻What We Love👎🏻What We Don’t Love
– Incredibly Comfortable
– Very soft
– Doesn’t look like technical wear
– Lightweight
– Stretchy!
– Machine Washable
– More expensive, but worth it!
– I don’t dress up enough to wear it more.

A quick forward about Ministry of Supply Suits and We Tried It…

We didn’t create the We Tried It website and YouTube Channel to get rich or become an influencer. It wasn’t to find the cheapest deals. Or cover high fashion. 

We simply were looking for the best products at the right price. We were always trying the “new” thing and our friends would ask for our opinion. We are willing to pay a little more for something that gives more – that could be in features or even in how they give back or have a more sustainable business model.

Today’s brand, Ministry of Supply, fits that mold incredibly. They have incredibly innovative products and are also Climate Neutral. They call it going Zero°.

Ministry of Supply was created in the most unlikely of places – MIT – the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 

Here’s what Ministry Of Supply says about their humble beginnings:

While our peers hacked code, we hacked clothing. Our first prototypes were Frankenstein creations: socks and dress shirts built by sewing fabric from our favorite athletic clothes into business-appropriate attire. Introduced by a professor, we showed up to our first meeting carrying our cobbled-together garments. When we discovered our shared passion, we knew we had something truly special to share.

They made their mark with the Apollo line of dress shirts. These dress shirts were made with the same Phase Change Materials NASA invented to control an astronauts’ body temperature in space.

Ministry of Supply: Apollo Shirt

But can these “nerds” actually make actual clothes that look good?

We have to say 100%: yes.

Mizzen + Main actually makes the best performance shirts (read about it in our Mizzen + Main Review), but Ministry of Supply makes some pretty good ones, too.

Ministry of Supply Suit Review: The looks

Meet the Ministry of Supply Suit, specifically, the Ministry of Supply Velocity Suit.

The Velocity Suit Jacket – YES! It’s not a traditional suit at all.

The worst thing about technical clothing is when it looks like technical clothes – they look like an imitation of the real thing (even though I love you, I’m looking at you lululemon ABC Pants). 

The Ministry of Supply Velocity Suit is beautiful. It’s well made, classic slim style and nothing screams “I’m really technical wear!” That’s exactly what you want from a suit. You never want it to look like you are wearing sweatpants to a wedding (or a funeral).

One thing you can’t tell from the video or photos is how lightweight and soft the suit is. It’s really comfortable. I wouldn’t mistake them for wearing sweat pants but they are very comfortable. I’d say the slacks ARE more comfortable than lululemon ABC pants. And that’s pretty amazing!

Ministry of Supply Suit Review: Dress Pants
The Ministry of Supply Suit Review: The dress pants are incredibly soft and lightweight

Pro tip: always get a suit tailored. You are seeing the suit the way it came from Ministry of Supply here. The pants come long (designed for tailoring but are still finished). And sleeves always need to be tailored to get that finished, clean look. 

Ministry of Supply Suit Review: the features

Besides being a more comfortable suit – what makes this suit so amazing?

The thing that always drives me crazy about suits is: how the heck do you travel with them? I feel like an idiot bringing a garment bag on the plane but have you ever tried to fold a suit jacket? It’s practically impossible. The Ministry of Supply suit is wrinkle-resistant for this very reason!

Ministry of Supply Blazer Review
Have you ever tried to fold a Blazer?

One small difference between Ministry of Supply’s suit is that it may look slightly wrinkled when you try on the suit, but is designed to release wrinkles with your body temperature. Here’s what Ministry of Supply says:

High-poly fiber releases wrinkles in normal body-temperature range, so a few minutes of wear will restore the original wrinkle-free drape.

I stuffed the Ministry of Supply Suit in my backpack for 48 hours, pulled it out, and it wasn’t wrinkled at all. Try doing that with your wool suit.

On top of that, it’s machine washable – you read that right: you can wash your Ministry of Supply Suit in the washing machine. Don’t worry: you can also dry clean if you want. 

MoS Suit Review: We test the claims

Ministry of Supply says their high-tech suiting is designed to outperform classic wool in every situation. We have to agree. In our review, we found the Velocity Suit to be more comfortable, lightweight, stretchy, and machine washable –  all things you can’t say about Wool or Polyester Suits.

I wouldn’t go as far as to say these are athleisure clothes, but they sure don’t feel like dress clothing.

The suit is also incredibly stretchy. This could come in very handy on the dance floor – or just traveling in general. I really enjoyed that the waistband of the pants had a lot of stretch built-in. 

Ministry of Supply Suit Review: The dress pants are nice and stretchy! No constriction of movement here!

I would even say this blazer and pants have more stretch than something like the Lululemon ABC Pant. Those pants are the most comfortable pair that we own – but they don’t look nearly as dressy as the Velocity Suit Pant.

These men’s clothes are designed to be worn. Plain and simple.

They are durable, high quality, high performance and don’t constrict movement at all!

Ministry of supply suit: Velocity or Kinetic?

Ministry of Supply Velocity or Ministry of Supply Kinetic Suit – what’s the difference? Similar, but different dress pants and suit jacket.

I tried out the Velocity Suit from Ministry of Supply. They also have the Ministry of Supply Kinetic Suit. Ministry of Supply has a great comparison between their two variations of the suit.

Both suits have matching dress pants made from identical fabric – with the same incredible stretch and performance.

The way I see it: the Velocity Suit is a bit more formal but I’d venture to say that the Kinetic is a bit more comfortable but also looks a bit more technical. The biggest deal killer to me on the Kinetic Suit was the pockets. I didn’t care for the pocket design and that was a deal killer for me. 

The Kinetic Suit Jacket just looks a little less formal for me. Almost more athletic.

Kinetic vs. Velocity: which one should you pick? Here’s what MoS says on their website:

MoS has a great comparison tool on their website.

The Velocity Suit simply looks more like a suit, but more comfortable and easier to clean. 

Ministry of Supply Suit Review: How to wear

Wear your Velocity Suit just like you would wear any other suit. I love Mizzen + Main Shirts (read our full Mizzen + Main Review – also great travel shirts!) and Cole Haan shoes (don’t miss our Zerogrand Review – also check out the shoe we like more than Cool Haan these days – Amberjack Shoes Review) You will look good but won’t feel like you are crammed into an uncomfortable suit. 

The suits come in a good mix of colors – with nothing too out there.

We shot the photos without a belt to showcase the product better, but we’d recommend wearing with a belt that matches your shoes. 

You can really dress these suits up or down, depending upon the look you are going for, too:

I typically wear the suit with a traditional button-up (typically no tie) and dress shoes. Sometimes, I’ll pair a suit blazer with jeans and a nice button-up shirt which looks fine too!

But for me personally, either because it’s not brave enough or my style just doesn’t work well when wearing t-shirts sneakers along with suits – more power to you if you can pull it off though.

Ministry of Supply Suits: What are they made of?

What are Ministry of Supply Suits made from? An incredibly stretchy 4 way stretch fabric.

Ministry of Supply’s Velocity Suit is made from 61% Polyester, 33% Rayon, 6% Elastane.

This is an interesting mix for a couple of different reasons. But it’s all designed to give you the best performance, more traditional styling and a look free of wrinkles.

First of all, Elastane is basically generic Spandex. Rayon is a manufactured fiber made from natural sources (like wood) that are regenerated as cellulose fiber. The many types and grades of rayon can imitate the feel and texture of natural fibers such as silk, wool, cotton, and linen. That’s exactly what Ministry of Supply was going for here: they were trying to manufacture something more closely resemble Wool. 

Velocity Suit Review: What else should I know?

Overall, the Velocity suit is amazing.

We would call the Ministry of Supply Velocity Suit is a great value. The truth about suits (even traditional more formal suits) is: you can spend as much (or as little) on a suit as you want. You really can.

Want the perfect fit? See a tailor to get the exact fit you are looking for – both in the Blazer and the pant.

The key to making a suit look expensive is making sure that it fits well. No matter what time of fit you want (slim, baggy, whatever!), a tailor is super important to making your dress clothes look better. I was a little concerned a random tailor wouldn’t be able to work on such high performance fabric, but there was no issue at all.

Also, Wool Suits look more expensive (at least to me) than ones that are Polyester. Wool Suits are also warmer (Wool runs pretty hot at least on my body!).

How to Save $$ on The Suit

The Ministry of Supply Velocity Blazer is $495 and the Ministry of Supply Velocity Dress Pants are $185

The Ministry of Supply Kinetic Suit is slightly cheaper: The Kinetic Blazer is $325 and the Kinetic dress pants are $145.

We’d recommend the Ministry of Supply Velocity Suit over the Kinetic Suit. And you can save $75 when you buy both the blazer and pants at the same time.

They are expensive, but they are incredibly high quality, too.

Ministry of Supply Blazer Review: Can I just get the blazer?

Ministry of Supply Blazer: Can I get just the Blazer

Depending upon the occasion, I’ll wear jeans, a nice button-up and a Blazer.

Could you do that with the Ministry of Supply Blazer? Of course! In fact, I think this is the way that I will wear the blazer most often: with jeans instead of dress pants.

The Fit of MoS Suits

I was pleasantly surprised at how the Velocity Blazer and Velocity Slacks fit right from the get-go. The pants were a slim, but not-too-slim fit that was just right.

I know it’s hard to not buy a suit from a store, but you can buy the Ministry of Supply Suits online, have them shipped to your door. They have great free shipping and return policy, too:

We are committed to providing you with the absolute best products, from how they fit to how they perform. We offer returns and exchanges on any order within 30 days, and returns for store credit within the first 100 days. Previous Generation, Capsule, Gift Cards and As-Is items are Final Sale.

Ministry of Supply Suit Review: The Final Verdict

The best looking travel suit we’ve tested
Velocity Suit
Comfortable, stylish, wrinkle-resitant and machine washable. What else do you want?!
Buy Now
We might earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

As we mentioned at the beginning, the Ministry of Supply Suit is the exact reason we created We Tried It. We are always searching for new products that do more and are worth your hard-earned dollar.

We are happy to give the Ministry of Supply Suit the We Tried It Seal of Approval.

The Ministry of Supply Velocity Suit improves on the classic wool suit in every way: it’s more comfortable, lightweight, wrinkle resistant, and machine washable – all while still looking like a great wool suit.

You can get the Ministry of Supply Velocity Suit directly from Ministry of Supply here.

Do you have any questions or comments about our Ministry of Supply Suit Review, particularly our Ministry of Supply Velocity Suit Review? Let us know in the comments below!

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